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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I live in Washington state and Romney's religion was a factor here.
The data shows that if Republicans had turned out in the same numbers in 2012 as they did in 2010 Romney would be President now.

I know many who are pleased to call themselves Christians and conservative but refused to vote for Romney because he "was not Christian" in their eyes.

Woods Cross, UT

Romney lost because America is changing and the Republicans have not figured out how to cope.

There will be an LDS POTUS one day. But SHE will be a Democrat.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

I think it cost him. There are enough evangelicals in key states such as Florida, Ohio, Iowa, etc that a percentage of them deciding to sit the election out could swing the results the other way.

South Jordan, UT

Too many people were dependent on government handouts and not wanting to lose all their 'freebies", voter fraud, divided Republican party, biased media for BHO...and many other things accounted for Romney to lose the election. I don't think religion played that big a factor. Romney was an excellent candidate and would have made an excellent President. He was and is very well qualified for the job.

Look at the mess we have been in ever since with all the corruption, scandals, cover-ups, lies,and the racial tension we presently face. Could we have done better? Yes!

Phoenix, AZ


America is no joke. It is one of the wolds all time greatest nations and it is the good citizens who serve the nation that maker her what she is.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Heavens no!

Mitt Romney's mouth cost him the election.

Sandy, UT

Indirectly. A true Christian would never allow the obscenely corrupt federal government to do what it's doing, i.e. take money, by force, from one class of individuals struggling to pay their bills and give it to the special interest class, namely AIG, Solyndra, GM, PBS, and hundreds more in line with their hands out. In that sense, yes, Mitt Romney's faith, or basic knowledge of right and wrong, cost him the election, as he vowed to cut off this horrible, unjust redistribution of wealth from poor to rich.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

His religion didn't help on some fronts but it wasn't the reason he lost. First, it is hard to to unseat a President running for reelection. The electoral map now favors the Democrats drastically. Republican strongholds of the past such as Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Florida, and Virginia have gone Blue in the past TWO elections. Bottom line, the Republicans have little room for error and Romney made some errors. But he also in some ways ran a strong campaign, much stronger in some sense than McCain in 2008. But if evangelicals sat on the fence because he was Mormon, well that's their problem. But America is a much diverse place and this diversity isn't favoring the Republicans which is still a party strong with White Males but no other ethnic group at this particular point.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Is this another shot at the old persecution complex? The one that allows too many to be able to wallow in disappointment while weeping "They hate us 'cause we're Mormons! WAAHHH!"

Anyway, Mitt WAS elected as president - of the once (and future?) Confederate States of America. Can I get a rebel yell, y'all?

Buena Park, CA

"Is the fact that Mitt Romney is an active, practicing Mormon the reason he lost the 2012 presidential election to Barack Obama?"

NO. Remember that the presidential candidate Romney before Mitt also was an active, practicing Mormon -- a stake president -- and won huge chunks of Democratic votes in Michigan. Harry Reid is "an active, practicing Mormon" and the voters didn't have the same adversion to him. We have many active, practicing Mormons here in Socal, especially in Los Angeles, who support Pres. Obama.

Mitt Romney lost the election in spite of being a Mormon because he left openings that Pres. Obama's campaign exploited well and because, in the end, Pres. Obama's local polls in critical neighborhoods were more accurate, letting him close better than Bro. Romney.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

Lackluster turnout among the Republicans in the 2012 elections might be indicative of an "anti-Mormon" sentiment of some people. I have non-Mormon family members who are deeply conservative, but refused to vote for Romney because of his religion and simply remained home on election day, so there is some anecdotal evidence of this playing a factor. Lackluster conservative turnout won't impact Romney's winning of Bible Belt states, but in more contentious races in the Midwest, it could make a world of difference and most likely did.

I do agree with the comments though that Romney's "out-of touch" persona was very damaging. In today's world of conservative politics, it seems that burning bridges with the voters you need to get elected is all the rage. Politicians used to run to the center, but now they are running to their fringe base voters and that rarely works out. I blame Tea Party politics for some of the blame of Romney's loss. Personally, I don't think he is as conservative as he came off, but pretending to be something else made him seem phony and plastic--like he wasn't comfortable in his own skin.

Henderson, NV

The media spun misinformation about Romney in the exact same way they spun misinformation about George Zimmerman.


If I can count correctly, the 2012 presidential election was 8 months ago. Life has gone on and moved ahead. Why are we seeing yet another article about why Romney lost the election? I can tell you why he lost--he got fewer votes than the winner. Whether his religion had something to do with that is anybody's guess. It probably varies from state to state. Still and all, Romney lost. Obama won. That's what we've got for the next 3 1/2 years. No amount of hand wringing, analyzing, or rehashing of the campaign is going to change that. The DN needs to find something new to report on. This is getting really old.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

LDS voters can talk all day about how its church helps Mitt Romney, but the simple fact they is that there are only a few million of them here in the USA.

That does not count registered Democrats, Independents, Tea Party members, and others who would not vote for him on that basis.

That fails to acknowledge other LDS members who simply disagree with Romney's stances on a variety of issues--such as his economics, enhanced interrogation techniques, Romneycare, immigration, gay marriage, and abortion, among other issues.

I add that anyone who voted for Romney merely because he was LDS needs to stop and evaluate that reasoning.

LDS Republicans really should wake up to the fact that there are only about one million (perhaps a generous estimate) LDS faithful, most concentrated in places like Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and California, who would vote for him.

While I acknowledge that one million votes can be the difference in an election, the results were not even close.

I am sure Romney is a good and honorable man, but Romney ultimately failed because he would not allow people to see how good he was.

The reason Romney lost was the reason Obama won.

Springville, UT

Romney won the states where his religion is a major factor. His religion ultimately was not relevant. The martyr syndrome never ends.

But please, stop the obsession with Romney in this paper. Enough already!

Jemez Springs, NM

All such barriers will fall, in time.

Gaithersburg, MD

As a completely non-religious person and a Yankee to boot, I don't believe Romney being LDS had much at all with his loss. The only people wrapped around the axle about Romney being a Mormon were the white evangelicals in the South and they certainly were not going to vote for Obama. They either stayed home or voted for Romney.

Romney's problems were many-fold. The GOP itself jumped the rails some time back and the fiasco that was the GOP primaries turned off many of the voters. Romney had to swing so far to the right to get the nomination that it was difficult for him to get back to the center for the general election. The GOP's message was incoherent, extremely right-wing in a centrist country, and turned off large segments of society. It was all a text-book case of how not to run a campaign. And, little has changed. I see no effort by the GOP to turn around their losses. First thing to do if you are in a hole? Stop digging. They don't "get it" and they are not going to "get it," apparently.

Samaria, ID

But according to his own wife, since he was no longer a bishop or stake president he was considered "a nobody" in the eyes of the members of his own church. Who wants to vote for a nobody?

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

As unfamiliar as Mormonism is to many, he is a Christian, and that likely had less to do with his losing than his cheating at the first debate when he was caught on camera puling notes (NOT allowed) from his pocket, then hiding them in his sleeve after.
Nobody likes a cheat.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Dude in $5000 Brioni suits, the phoniest smile on Earth, getting $200 haircuts can't connect with real people.

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