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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I do not think that Mitt Romney being Mormon had much to do with his losing the election. I think that it had to do a lot more with people wanting more government and more programs. While it is an obvious fact that the media likes to bash on Mormons at times, most educated people do not really put much into such stories. President Obama won the election because too many people wanted to maintain the status quo and not relinquish their lifestyle of getting free stiff from the government.

Woods Cross, UT

Vald, probably true. But I do wonder how many did not vote for him because of his religion and would that had put him on top.

Cedar City, UT

I am certain Mitt's loss cannot be attributed to being a member of the Church.

It turns off the working American to hear of car elevators! His multiple mansions are beyond our comprehension. His 47% comment just buried his candidacy a little deeper.

He lost because he is "out of touch" with those of us in the middle and working class of society. I didn't vote for him, even though I am very conservative. I try to be compassionate, too. And I didn't see that quality in Mitt's vision of America or in his words.

Massive amounts of money, close relationships with high-powered executives, a clean-cut fatherly figure and a perfect family photo could not overcome the distance he put between himself and us.

Religion played no factor, because he did not speak religious values.

Arizona Reader
Gilbert, AZ

I think it played factor, but he won most of the Bible Belt, which would traditionally be the people who are not supportive of Mormons. I think he missed some key moments, had plenty of gaffs and question marks, and the media simply wouldn't let anything negative stick to Obama. Had any other president done what Obama had done (Benghazi comes to mind) they would have been politically killed for it. However, I still think those voting blue were worried about Bush again, not realizing Obama has far surpassed Bush in awfulness.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Did Romney's religion cost him the Presidency?


He was up in just about every poll right before the election and the exit polls showed that there were a lot of white evangelicals that stayed home the night of the election.

Had the libera, America-hating mainstream media reported truthfully on Romney he could have overcome any religious bias but since the media largely (purposely) misrepresented Romney at every turn, it is VERY possible that media's portrayal of Romney's religion cost him the race.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

He made a closer race of it against Obama than McCain did four years earlier. If Santorum or Gingrich had been the nominee, Obama likely would have won by a lopsided margin. I think religion was far down the list of reasons Mitt couldn't pull out the win.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

It didn't help.

Ogden, UT

Romney's religion wasn't much of a factor at all. People got through the smoke and mirrors Romney tried to throw up to obscure what he really is, and they (thankfully) found him severely lacking. He wasn't able to etch-a-sketch away the truth about himself. As bad as Obama is, Romney would have been infinitely worse. People found out the truth about Romney, and sent him packing. Thank God.

American Fork, UT

He never once told anyone it was none of their business. So he had to be willing to win by it...or lose.

ute alumni
paradise, UT

More takers than makers voted

Grand Rapids, MI

It had little to do with religion. Romney ran too far to the left. For example, instead of stating "Why didn't Obama call me?" when talking about ObamaCare/RomneyCare, he should have said "It was something I had to do as governor of Massachusetts, to deal with local issues and a liberal legislature, and it will be terrible on the national level." He should have championed the Fair Tax. He ran not to lose, instead of running to win. He ran as if he was simply happy to be nominated (see Dole, McCain). I ran afraid of the "out of touch" comments by people like LDS, when he's far more in touch (met a payroll) than Obama (never met a payroll).

orem, ut

Dear LDS,

Money had nothing to do with it. If money was the issue, Obama would not have won. Only morons think that the Obaminations are not in the 1%. I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, and I voted for him. Regardless of how much money he has. The Uninformed Voter Block voted him in, because he offered free government programs to all. The problem is, the government is out of money, and eventually, after we lose 2 more stars on the credit rating, the government will have no money to give the 50% of Americans leeching off of the system, and then mass hunger, and rioting will occur. Is there a need for government help, absolutely. Does 50% of the country need to be on it? NO.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Romney's religion did not directly cause his loss.

However, the way the Democrats, and their allies in the media repeatedly mischaracterized the LDS faith, and repeatedly lied about Romney's wealth, neglecting to mention his charitable acts certainly cost him a lot of votes.

Thus, the MEDIA cost Romney the election, because of the way they misled the "low information voters" about Romney and the LDS faith.

Phoenix, AZ

Could it be Romney lost because he is not presidential material.

Luke Nelson
West Valley City, UT

If Romney's not presidential material then Obama's not even mayorial material.

I voted for Romney and I wish he had won, but that was eight months ago. I've moved on. At this point we should be worried about what's happening now.

Provo, UT

Romney's religion helped him far more than it hurt him. In 2008 his biggest fundraising was in the Mormon corridor and his strong showing in '08 led to his being the front-runner in 2012.

The amount of people who voted against Romney/stayed home because of his religion probably came out in the wash with respect to those who did the same because of President Obama's race. And since Romney won all of the safe GOP electoral votes (the Bible Belt) its clear that religion didn't affect him in a material way.

The unfortunate reality is that in a country that no longer cares about your race or religion, your ideological purity or lack thereof evokes the most prejudice. The huge swath of states that voted for both Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan are no longer persuadable states at all. In most of this country, being either a Democrat or Republican will kill you no matter what your resume' or values. That's unfortunate. I would like to see Vermont vote GOP and Texas vote Democratic again in my lifetime.

Phoenix, AZ

@ Luke Nelson
The American voters don't agree with you. The beauty of American democracy is that the citizens elect their choice and all good Americans respect the elected president of the nation and cooperate in the effort to serve America.

Agua Dulce, TX

He was simply a terrible candidate.

Salt Lake City, UT

Some percentage of voters thought Obama was atheist or Muslim, neither of which are looked upon well by large swaths of the public. If anything both candidates had a disadvantage based on faith. In the end though I think most voters cared about who they thought would do a better job/better understood their concerns.

@A Guy With a Brain
"He was up in just about every poll right before the election"

The Real Clear Politics average of polls had Obama up by a couple. Nate Silver's model got 49 or 50 of the states correct (I forget if the model got Florida or he got Florida). Romney was trailing in almost every poll.

"The Uninformed Voter Block voted him in, because he offered free government programs to all."

As opposed to the guy promising tax cuts and protecting entitlements while balancing the budget without somehow making us really sacrifice anything...

"I would like to see Vermont vote GOP"

For what it's worth, Vermont had a Republican governor around half a dozen years ago.

Idaho Falls, ID

@ skeptic. I hope you're kidding.

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