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Published: Monday, July 15 2013 8:55 a.m. MDT

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Sturgis, MS

Most of this article is hog wash intended to ease the pressure on management for seemingly not trying to build a good team. Bottom line is these three players can play, if they are healthy and want to. On the other hand, this year may be called the "sacrifice Corbin year".

This deal allows the Jazz to wait until next year before they pay Favors and Heyward big money and to decide if this "core" is the future. The upside is this team with a decent point guard and coaching could be very very good.

The other side of the coin is, the Jazz are in a position to make pretty much any kind of deal that comes up; however, I want to watch a good team now, not later.

Saratoga Springs, UT

If we all think the jazz are going to be so bad, what does that say about our young players. If they as good as everyone say's they are then we should be fine. If we really only win about 10 -15 games then the Jazz are in bigger trouble then we think.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


Perhaps you should go review the win loss record of the OKC Thunder after they drafted Durrant. They were horrible and not just for one year either. They did make incremental gains and would likely have gotten back to the Finals this year were it not for injury.

How was that team built? The draft. How were the Spurs built? The draft.

You have to be bad to get a shot at drafting a top tier player and then it will take years of incremental improvement to get to be a contender.

It works unless you get LeBron. Other than that you have to get your hands on top tier talent somehow which usually means the draft in a market such as ours.

That is just how it works. Fans must be patient but it can work. Does it always pan out?

Of course not but I guess you could always bring back Millsap and Jefferson for another 40 win season! Personally I'm sick of that rerun.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

What a crock! Lindsey should change his name to Benedict Arnold. Why waste $24m on these three third stringers. Oh, I know it's all about salary cap. The jazz won't get a spurs style big man next year and will never be anything but second class . The sad part is that for the foreseeable future, it will be by Lindsey's choice, er fault.

Provo, UT

You have to think that Brahmabull, Doug10 and StocksOnTheRocks would complain if the Jazz had signed Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. One wonders how long they have followed the Jazz? As has been pointed out here, now is the time to see what the young core-four can do before their rookie contracts end and the team has to either sign them for what they are worth or cut them loose. They flinched in that situation with Andrei Kirilenko and it cost them for years afterwards.

The complaints against Greg Miller seem especially unwarranted. He has always stepped up when money was needed. But so has Donald Sterling. You have to have good basketball minds running the show and I have been very impressed with Dennis Lindsey so far. I expects further growth from this team.

Ivins, UT

@ Real Bass

If so disgruntled why not just pick another NBA team to hitch your wagon to. You're never going to have an NBA team in Idaho so you can just choose who ever you want. What about the Nuggets? They're a team out here in the Rocky Mountains and maybe you would be happier with their philosophy. It seems your having trouble, with a few others, seeing the vision and not understanding why the Jazz are bringing in the Warrior players. I'm not going to rewrite the whole thing again because everyone else that understands what's going on has stated the reasons, but some of you still don't get it so it's useless to try and explain. But remember, the Nuggets will have a better season next year so just cheer for them and then when the Jazz do make their run you can jump back on the bandwagon. Problem solved.

Orem, UT

The reality is that the Jazz simply cannot compete in the free agent market. We are a small market team and there isn't a free agent out there that would consider the Jazz, at least any free agent that is worth anything. Last year we dipped into the free agent market and what did we get? Marvin Williams whom we pay 8 million to have the lowest stats ever in his career; Mo Williams who did not play half the year with an injury. There are others who made some contribution. However, with our veterans, we still did not make the playoffs. Had we signed Jefferson and Millsap to max contracts which they surely would have demanded, the results would likely not be any better this year. Why not go with a group of promising young players? Even if we don't make the playoffs this year, we will have a group of players that have an enormous upside for the future. Dennis Lindsey did the right thing and went with the future.

South Jordan, UT

Anybody who claims this is about the Jazz being able to play their younger players is essentially saying Corbin lacks the guts to play the players he needs to. They are saying he makes his playing time decisions based on salary or years in the NBA. I happen to agree that Corbin is gutless as a coach but the solution to the problem isn't to change out good players for bad ones but to change out the coach and get one who will play the right players.

That is a weak argument for liking this trade.

Saint Louis, MO

@HugMe had good insight. Rush is from Kansas and was highly regarded until he blew out his knee.

Tokyo, Japan


so you are saying...you'd rather have Paul, Al Jeff and Mo running the show? for another 3-5 years being a fringe playoff team?...so you are good with that right?...i happen to like this trade for a lot of reasons other than forcing corbin's hand...i am sure Corbin and Lindsey had a long talk about this coming year...plus what i like in this trade is Brandon Rush...I have been wanting to get him to play for Utah a few year's now starting when he played for Indiana...i'd take him over CJ Miles any day

South Jordan, UT

Kakashi: We've had this conversation before. My desires for the Jazz off-season had nothing to do with retaining any of their free agents other than Demarre Carroll because he is effective but cheap (good value).

I also liked Brandon Rush but that was before he was damaged goods. You've probably never had a serious injury but you're almost never the same afterward. And it's a stupid argument to compare him to CJ. Nobody is clamoring for CJ to return. Instead of making silly statements like that, why don't you compare him to JJ Redick or OJ Mayo or Corey Brewer or someone the Jazz could have gotten at a reasonable price.

Tokyo, Japan


im not comparing him to CJ...since i like Brandon Rush more than CJ and that's why i was pulling to trade CJ before and get Brandon Rush...but i do agree with you on Corey Brewer and JJ Redick...but OJ Mayo...not so much...


Come on Jazz fans, your driving me CRAZY. With alot of the comments I'm reading it's obvious that many fans just don't get it. The 2014 draft is LOADED! And the Jazz want to be big players in it. The JAZZ are not looking for wins next year, they are looking for answers. Who of our young players are we going to invest in? The JAZZ want big draft picks and money to fill in the gaps. GO JAZZ!!

South Jordan, UT

I'm so tired of this debate. Who really doesn't "get it?"

When was the last time anybody won a championship with a young team. No matter how loaded the 2014 draft is, whoever the Jazz pick will not take them to the promised land for several years.
- It took Jordan seven years and nobody on his first championship team was his teammate the day he was drafted.
- It took LeBron seven years and none of his championship teammates were his teammates the day he was drafted.

Next year's free agent market is no better for the Jazz than this year's. They can only attract mid-level talent, especially when the core of the team is still learning how to play the game because they are so young.

Players only win championships early in their careers if they are drafted by a team that is already a contender. A 28-pick has a better chance of winning a ring his first three years than a #1 pick.

I'm willing to bet $1000 against any taker that the next time the Jazz make the NBA finals, Hayward and Favors will be playing for someone else or retired.

Tokyo, Japan


I agree...but there is one that i could say...went number 1...and went to win it all on his 2nd year...it was Tim Duncan....Dwayne Wade won it all on his 3rd year...but i do agree that it'll take a few years before it happens...but...If this is done right...in 7 years...maybe we'll win it all...that is a big maybe...but still...there is a shot...and we wouldnt know...if we have already conceded defeat...so might as well be optimistic about it...

South Jordan, UT

From the 1989-1990 season through the 1995-1996 season, San Antonio finished first (four times) or second (two times) in their division. In 1996-1997, David Robinson sat out the entire year due to injury and San Antonio got the #1 draft choice. TD did NOT go to a struggling team. He went to a contending team which supports my point.

While Dwayne Wade didn't go to a contending team, the cupboard was not completely bare in Miami. But even more importantly was that Dallas was robbed in the championship series with Miami. Nobody expected Miami to win and they really shouldn't have and wouldn't have without some very favorable officiating. I'm no fan of Dallas but I've hated Miami ever since they were awarded a championship they didn't earn on their own merits.

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