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Published: Saturday, July 13 2013 8:05 p.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

Everyone seems to be asking how Taysom's knee is. Equally important but not being asked is "how is Hoffman's shoulder doing?"

From what I have seen of Apo so far, I really don't seem him contributing much. My observation is that he is slow and runs lazy routes and doesn't give his all on every play. Maybe his injury may have contributed to that but I don't think that was the entire problem.

Teams will be keying on Hoffman so we really need production from the other receivers.

Richmond, VA

I'm worried because the offense still hasn't had time to mesh and jell as a unit with all the new folks coming in it sounds like. Even so, here's hoping Anae and his assistants will surprise us fans this season. I can't wait to see how this year will turn out. Hope they can prevent an 0-4 outcome against the Utes or we'll never hear the end of it from Chris B and his friends. Hope Hill, JD, KVN and the rest of the team will be on the top of their game.

Go Cougars! And good luck to the Utes too in all their games except BYU!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Note to this year's BYU opponents: Fore!

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I can't wait for the season to start. Good luck to the team. I hope the player initiated workouts are fruitful. They need to be on the offense. What about the kicking game?

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He could be the best running and throwing QB in the land this year.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Hope they can prevent an 0-4 outcome against the Utes or we'll never hear the end of it from Chris B and his friends."

Yep. Just as I suspected. The UTAH game is the most important game of season for the Indy-WACers.


Naval Vet: "Yep. Just as I suspected. The UTAH game is the most important game of season"

Really? Get a clue about football, the best possible outcome is that ALL of BYU's opponents win every game except against BYU!

thebisamoan was just giving a nod to the Ute trolls because BYU really doesn't see many comments from any other opponent's fans.

West Point , UT

At least we can finally put to rest all comments from ute fans about him hurting his knee in a softball game. And why is it that every photo op I've seen with Taysom Hill he's surrounded by women, including Utah cheerleaders? Lol, he's seeming more like Steve Young every day...and if he even comes close to Young's stature that spells great things for the Cougars the next 3 yrs.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Only 15 practices with Anae...

Coming back from injury Hill never saw live action in any of those practices...

Eight new o-linemen have never practiced with Anae...

Injury and inexperience at virtually every o-line position...

A new offensive scheme...

An o-line coach that has never coached at the D-1 level...

A RB coach that has never coached at any competitive level...

But hey... Hill is a good golfer... so the Cougars have that going for them... which is nice.

Springville, UT

When BYU has a relaxed and healthy QB this concerns Ute fans on several levels.

Utes are worried as they should be. 3-9 won't be pretty.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


The best smack you've got is your hope that the Ute's BCS opponents will do what BYU can't do... beat Utah...?

Holladay, UT

Taysom Hill only averaged about 10 yards per completion in the spring.

That is not nearly good enough for BYU's offense to work well,

BYU Offense must average over 12 yards per completion or else it will be a long fall.

Hill must show he can throw the long ball, something he is still unproven at.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Howie is that all you've got?
"A new offensive scheme...

An o-line coach that has never coached at the D-1 level...

A RB coach that has never coached at any competitive level..."

Is this only the third, or is it the fourth time you've posted the same tripe? Probably more since I don't read every BYU article you've no doubt make comments on since Anae was rehired. Please come up with something new that we can poke holes in.

Idaho Falls, ID

Pretty much the same post every time you comment on a BYU article. Surely you have more imagination than that. But it is nice to see you have so much concern for the BYU offense.
How is Utah's offense coming along? (By the way, in your BYU-centric universe, Utah is that college north of Provo about 45 miles. Maybe you've heard of them?).

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Whoa Nellie

Same tripe... poke holes in it?

Not sure how you can poke holes in the truth...

More imagination?

The truth requires no imagination... spin on the other hand requires imagination...

Park City, UT


Same tripe; no need to poke holes because you haven't proven diddly.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@B C

If Utah hired a RB coach who had never coached at any competitive level and a o-line coach who had never coached at the d-1 level...

Cougar Nation would consider that... let's say... less than optimal...

Park City, UT


Your "concern" is pure speculation - no one knows how BYU's knew coaches will perform until we see the results on the field.

It's funny how Utah fans, including U, were completely silent with these so-called "concerns" when BJ was hired as Utah's QB coach.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@B C

And yet... while the Cougar Nation roundly mocked the hiring of BJ... they remain curiously quiet and even optimistic about the Cougars prospects with inexperienced RB and O-line coaches.

Rexburg, ID


Thanks for your concern. With all the "holes" you have pointed out, please explain why your PAC-thetic Utes are ranked behind USU and BYU in the preseason polls?

Seems like the national sports writers think that the Utes have more of your so called holes than a chunk of Swiss cheese. LOL

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