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Published: Friday, July 12 2013 9:40 p.m. MDT

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Ivins, UT

Trey didn't play well as the Jazz doubters will keep posting about. But you can tell the kid has the right mind set and will bust his behind to improve. I feel like he will get it together and be a big asset to the team.

I want to add this however. In the event that Trey is a complete bust, I still support what the Jazz are doing. They aggressively made the move to get the acknowledged best point in the draft, and stayed aggressive trading for Gobert and Neto. This comes after years of staying pat and falling into mediocrity. I think most fans wanted the Jazz to go young and develop the high lottery draft picks we picked up in the last couple of years, and the Jazz listened. Trying to surround Big Al and Millsap with mediocre free agents the last few years was going nowhere. Keep up the good work Jazz.

Salt Lake City, UT

Corbin mentions Burke's "tired legs"--I'm sure everyone in the summer league also had "tired legs," not just Burke. Lame excuse. All things even then, Burke's first foray with the Jazz was a complete bust--benched for a game--in summer league? Wow. I see him as a poor man's Earl Watson--too short, poor shooter, slower than Watson--which if that's what the Jazz were after, they hit the mark.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Send him up to spend a week with the stock and he will be like Williams.


Americanvet, great post. I think that Neto is going to be special, and after reading that he'd picked up that offense from just watching leads me to believe he is the guy. I think the jazz should buy him out right now. We might be looking at a Steve Nash. Gobert will fill a spot right away. How many spots do they have left?

Saint Louis, MO

I would like to know more about Chris Roberts and if he has a legitimate chance to make the squad. Also, if there is a any legitimacy to moving Burks to point guard.

Temecula, CA

I agree with Americanvet's comments. I think all three of the Jazz's draft picks are hard workers, and I am expecting Trey and Rudy to contribute right away. I didn't see the summer league games, but the amazing thing about Burke in college was his ability to score and lead his team when others on the floor got tight because it was crunch time. He will shoot better, but I think the Jazz have four other probable starters now who will all shoot better this coming season. I think that Burks and Kanter will emerge as the Jazz's best jump shooters, while Hayward, Favors and Burke will score in different ways. Having Evans, Gobert, and hopefully Neto on the second team will be fun to watch and productive, too. Go Jazz!

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Yes let's be realistic, this years draft was very weak. The Jazz traded up to take a shot at possibly the best PG in the draft but that is no guarantee considering the overall pool of lack-luster talent.

Burke will be better than his summer league showing but will he be good enough? Do we just have a young version of Mo Williams? That is not bad but also not really ultimately what this team needs with our young bigs.

Looks like possible hits on Gobert and Neto though and that late in a weak draft we will take solid role players.

Could be a rough 20 win season (give or take 5) but the Jazz picked a smart time to be down and have loads of cash in their pockets!

Bountiful, utah

I thought Christmas played a lot like Demarre - he deserves a closer look. Gobert, Neto, and Burke will all be good additions to a promising core of young players. The Jazz still need a sharpshooter with Foye leaving to open the middle for Favors and Kantor. Roberts looked good, and Jimmer could fill that void well.

Layton, UT


Morgan, UT

Is the trade deadline over?...if not, we need to see what we can get for Burke...probably not much...Can I hear Minnesota laughing?

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

So for all you who take the summer league seriously and really know nothing about basketball, would you please tell me why Anthony Randolph can't even start when he had 45 points in a summer league game? Why aren't Marco Bellineli and Nate Robinson all stars? they averaged 30 ppg in the summer league. Even Alec Burks last year in summer league, scored a lot of points and we know that didn't translate into his game last season. scoring means absolutley nothing in summer league and i'm sure teams don't even look at it. If they did, Jaycee Carroll and Morris Almond would be playing in the NBA today.

Sandy, UT

What is the deal with Christmas? I thought he played pretty well, but I'm curious as to why he has not stayed with a team so far....off-court "issues"? He looked good to me on the court. Little Stockton was a scrapper and reminded me a bit of John Crotty, kind of like a mosquito. I hope he has a good future and able to withstand the comparisons that will surely come.

The games were fun to watch and to observe everyone trying hard to make it. Good luck to them all. Now I can't wait for the preseason and regular season to get going. That is the only thing that gets me through the winter. I LOVE basketball!!!

Go Jazzboys!!

Riverton, UT

you know who else struggled to shoot in summer league? Derrick Rose, and ended up being pretty good. everyone freaking out about trey burke needs to chill. he will be just fine. and whoever said we need to trade him, i hope youre joking. reggie jackson scored 35 points in a summer league game a couple days ago, so hes the next best thing? no, he's not. dont take summer league so seriously people.

Tyler Ray
Taylorsville, UT

Burke didn't shoot well, but I was impressed with a few drives to the basket layups he made against Indiana and he fascilitated well. He'll get there, it's ridiculous to think he's a bust because he had a few bad shooting games in Summer League.

Neto was very impressive and I'm excited for him, I do see some Steve Nash in him, It's Possible he'll fight with Burke as the future PG for the Jazz.

Gobert is a beast with blocks, very well timed.

I was very impressed with Jeremy Evans, he blocked shots, made jumpers, and got rebounds!

Holladay, UT

@Man in Charge

How many have done poorly in the summer leagues then did well in the NBA?

I can't think of any.

Any decent player will at least show flashes in the summer. Neto is the real find.

The fact is Trey showed little but some expected okay point guard skills. Which you can also expect to get from undrafted point guards.

But who knows, maybe in few years trey will develop into something, assuming he even wants to be here.

The jazz would be much better off getting some very young point guard with nba experience and shooting ability like Jimmer. Any young PG that has shown flashes but a team may be willing to part with for couple second round picks or exception money.

Adding any veterans now will do nothing in long run for the Jazz.

Ogden, UT

People are over-reacting to the whole Burke OSL situation. Yes he played well below what we expected, but it is the summer league. Even Rose and Holiday played poorly in the summer league. I'm not saying Burke will be an all-star or a bust, just saying you shouldn't put too much stock into the summer league. It's like saying a guy will be a franchise player because he dunked over LeBron in a summer pick-up game. I still think Burke will be a stud and ROY, but that is my opinion. Once he learns the offense and plays with the core-4 he'll excel mightily. Also I hope he gets a week with stockton!

I also agree with Americanvet's comment...even if Burke is a bust, you have to commend what the jazz are doing here. They're attempting to build a contender down the road rather than middling in mediocrity.

Bountiful, ut

I'm surprised how folks are still calling for the Jimmer.

I miss Carroll and Foye already.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

I like they guy that keeps voting for Jimmer.. He is much better than Tinsley/Watson. And for all the naysayers,nest spring I hope you will enjoy your dinner of Crow...

Riverton, UT

@Jazzsmack players who struggled in summer league: D-Rose, Nickolis Batum, Ty Lawson, Greg Monroe, Jrue Holiday, Steph Curry, Paul George, and I even heard Tim Duncans summer league was not all that great. So there have been players that have struggled in summer league and became NBA stars. Its ridiculous that people are already saying burke is a bust after summer league. and when you say we need a PG with shooting skills "like" Jimmer, i hope you dont actually mean Jimmer, cuz he's a joke. we're much better off with Trey. And Trey Burke tweeted, "after being in my home for the weekend (slc), i know this is the place I want to spend my whole career! I love the city, fans, and organization. #utahjazz.) so it sounds like he wants to be here, especially because he'll have oppurtunity to play right away and grow with our youngsters, who all have untapped potential. itll take a few years, but the Jazz future is looking really good. i love what Lindsey is trying to do with this team and what has done so far. GO JAZZ

Ivins, UT


I remember very well how Duncan played in the summer league because it was in Salt Lake at the old Rockie Mountain Revue, and yes he did not play well at all.

I'm also watching the summer league games today being played in Las Vegas and Otto Porter that was drafted 3rd by Washington shot 3 for 13. Right now the 4th quarter has started with the Sacrememto Kimgs playing Dallas and so far Ben McLemore is 4 for 16. Even though he was drafted 7th by the Kings many analysts thought he was the best player, and the best shooter in the draft this year. So don't put too much stock into poor shooting by Trey Burke. It can be meaningless as to what career he will have in the NBA.

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