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Published: Friday, July 12 2013 11:40 p.m. MDT

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Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Thank you Texas...

Auckland NZ, 00

Am not surprised to read that ultra-conservatives who in other contexts excoriate scientists and their findings (for example on the age of the earth and universe or the evolutionary course that produced hominins, including Homo sapiens) are here conveniently forgetting that science is 'godless' and exigently calling on it to lend authority to a political gambit using notions of foetal pain.

Hayden, ID

The only people who support abortion have already been born. Killing the unborn is the ultimate act of selfishness!

Brigham City, UT

If our parents had been more careful, we would never have been born, and would have been spared the sorrow and misery of this earth. Bringing even more children into this world of pain and suffering is selfish and irresponsible.

Wasatch Front, UT

If kicking a cat is a crime because it inflicts harm on an otherwise nearly helpless animal, isn't protecting an unborn child at least as important? We need commen-sense laws to protect the unborn from the violence of dismemberment and death. The rights of the mother (and father) should be weighed in the balance, but ultimately, tearing limb from joint is an incredibly violent act and should be barred by any advanced society.

Where the line should be requires the wisdom of Solomon, and perhaps more. I personally believe that when that line is crossed, however, the rights of the child to be protected from the ultimate violence surpass the rights of the mother to avoid a much lessor pain. Is that line on day 0 or day 1 of the pregnancy? The first month? the first trimester? I don't know - but at some point that line is crossed, and the unborn child should be protected by the law of a civil society.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

I applaud Texas for taking action to protect those who live in the most dangerous place in America, a mother's womb.

Gainesville, TX

Carman, you said it so much better than I could have.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN


I have read your post a few times. Not sure if you were being funny, or sad...but I hope it's the former? I love every second of life and found more joy in my kids, and that joy increased when I met grand kids....

Thankful my parents had me...

Brigham City, UT


No, in my previous comment I was not trying to be funny.

As a great thinker once wrote, "Our whole existence is something which had better not have been."

Or, if you'd prefer a passage from the Bible, remember the words of Ecclesiastes:

"So I again considered all the oppression that continually occurs on earth.

"This is what I saw:

"The oppressed were in tears, but no one was comforting them; no one delivers them from the power of their oppressors.

"So I considered those who are dead and gone more fortunate than those who are still alive.

"But better than both is the one who has not been born and has not seen the evil things that are done on earth."

small town granny
small mining town, UT

The mother's right are always protected, and she knows what she is doing! What about the innocent victim's? Unborn Babies are victims. What about waiting a few months, look at that innocent fresh person and then kill them? Wouldn't go over too well, would it? But that happens too. Who would ever dream that mother's would want their babies dead?? What kind of a country are we becoming?

Wasatch Front, UT

Lightbearer: Sorry you are so sad and feel this way. Life can be challenging and difficult, but it can also be filled with joy. Follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, and you can find joy.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Life really is great...I hope you can find 10% of the joy I have...I'm old too!

Still can't wait for the next day...week...month to come. Good & Bad..I like them both...

Sincerely hope things get better for you...

D. Call
El Paso, TX

Texas is doing the right thing, and making a little harder for women to have abortions is the right thing too. Every life is sacred, every human being deserves a chance to live on this earth.

Pleasanton, CA

Someone is quoted in this story saying that the effect of the legislation will be that most women in Texas will not be able to get abortions. Would it not be equally true to say that a lot more babies will get to be born? Everybody starts out life as a fetus.

Clovis, NM

One has to wonder what is wrong with a society that can't bring itself to execute rapists, murderers, and terrorists because it is inhumane, but can happily allow innocent babies to be slaughtered without any guilt at all. Who deserves to live more, an unborn baby or an obviously warped adult who has inflicted serious damage on others? I do not understand how this is right or fair. With premature babies routinely being saved as early as 24-26 weeks, how can anybody be thinking that an abortion after twenty weeks is not murder. While I believe that life starts at conception, there is no justification by any standards for these late termabortions.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Can you be sealed to an infant who has not drawn a breath?
Then someone else believes that life begins at birth.

This is more about power over women's health than legislation for the unborn.

Perry's sister stands to make millions with this new manipulation of abortion laws in tx, cronyism at its best.

They need to finish "the wall" ...all the way around texas.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

After the Kermit Gresnell scandal, it is high time that abortion clinics get regulated on the level of other medical surgery clinics. These clinics need proper width of hallways so more women do not die from response delays like Mongar did at Gresnell's clinic.

Only in abortion would defending shoddy practitioners who endanger lives be looked at as a good thing. Only in abortion would a spokeperson for a substandard industry be seen as anything but someone who continues to endanger the public. No other industry kills its customers at the alarming rate that the abortion industry does, especially without an outrage.

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