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Published: Friday, July 12 2013 4:55 p.m. MDT

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Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

And my son just entered the MTC with all DARK pants AND a black backpack!

He'll be sent home for sure . . .

Idaho Dad
Pocatello, ID

My son enters the MTC in 2 weeks. Looks like we're in the market for a shoulder bag. And I thought we were done shopping...

These changes overall look great. What a fun time to be a missionary!

Brigham City, UT

So glad to see the backpacks go away...

Iowa, Iowa

Yep just sent my son just entered and we purchased all those dark pants that hold a crease.

Cache county, USA

Great my fish neck stockings are out! Wait I'm a dude.

Sandy, UT

As a former mission president's wife, I am sooo glad the backpacks are gone, especially the camelbaks. They just presented such a poor image. Also glad to see fauxhawks addressed.


Don't miss the newly approved closed toe sandals! Looks pretty weird for the Elders.


Wait a minute... khakis were previously inappropriate? News to me. I wore them on my mission 10 years ago.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if a backpack, slung over one shoulder, will be permitted?

Sandy, UT

To samhill - nope!


The FAQ on the church web site says "When possible, wear the nametag on the upper-right side." but all photos show it on the left.

Wasatch Front, UT

Pantyhose were a nasty invention that became standard wear for far too long. They didn't breath or wick moisture so they creating breeding grounds for bacteria, attendant odor, and frankly, often looked awful as well. Thank heaven the younger generation is pitching these in the dustbin of history...


Yes! The backpacks really needed to go. They look completely ridiculous and undermine the gravitas of the missionaries' message.

Next on the chopping block should be bikes for the exact same reason. If your mission doesn't have cars, then just walk. Wearing dress clothes while riding a bike looks absurd.

play by the rules

Now if we could just liven up the music and lose the funeral marches.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

It's about time! What took the Church so long to finally get around to this sort of thing? They have really been behind the eight ball on these things. The Church shoots itself in the foot way too much on these things. This change should have happened at least five years ago.

I suppose it is merely what we deal with living here (sigh).

Eagle Mountain, UT

When I was on my mission, they made all the missionaries in my mission use shoulder bags because they looked more professional. Eventually they went back to the backpacks because there were so many missionaries having back problems.

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Orem, UT

It's about time these changes were made, because the Church has been behind the eight ball on this. I am very concerned about the loosening of modesty standards for elders and sisters, though. We need the focus on the message, not the clothing. If missionaries are all dressing up in distracting clothing styles, how do we expect people to join the Church because of the Holy Ghost, and not because of a handsome missionary?

Brighton, CO

I certainly worry about the back problems a shoulder bag will cause for missionaries walking long distances. The human body is designed for equal distribution of weight.

I was grateful more than once to have a backpack with me while tracting. It was the last line of defense when the dog attacked.

Logan, UT

The article said they are encouraged to choose a shoulder bag but did not say they had to run
out and buy one if they already had backpacks. These changes always are incorporated in as time passes
and also refers to the new missionaries. Parents should not panic and think they have to run out and or send
money for the missionaries to make the changes today.
I'm glad about the lighter suits because in hotter climates dark clothes just make it harder.
I'm also glad the sisters are not required to look like old maids but happy fun missionaries who love the gospel
and want to be someone you would want to know. It also shows that you can look great and still be modest. Good example for younger girls.
It's an exciting time in the church. The gospel is moving forward to everyone throughout the world and we have a righteous generation to move it along. I'm just so impressed with our youth.

American Fork, UT

Does god care what you adorn your body with?

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