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University of Utah student among 3 impaled in Pamplona, Spain

Published: Friday, July 12 2013 2:45 p.m. MDT

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Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

What a smart kid

Salt Lake City, UT

I love the following quote: "You cannot drink poison to satisfy your thirst and not expect to get sick." KSL If one is going to run with the bulls, one should expect he just might get hurt.

Cedar Hills, UT

Nice relaxing vacation to Spain huh? Maybe next year he can go swimming in South Africa with Great White Sharks during feeding hours. Stupid is as stupid does.

Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO

Mama always said, 'Stupid is as stupid does.'

Cedar Hills, UT

what ? Bulls are just friendly cows aren't they?

Lehi, UT

I can bet you that as soon as he recovers, he'll say he wants to do it again! At which point, by the way, we'll see if he's smart or he's just full of bull...

Joey D

Nonsense has a price. At least he won't be setting around wondering what he did on vacation.

Columbus, OH

Given that it's a big show in which the bulls will be slowly tortured and gored to death, I have very little sympathy for the participants when the bull gets one of them.


these are the kind of bulls that the rodeo clowns use for their show or sometimes the word used is fight however, they are not hurt just toyed with. These bulls are small, fast, and aggressive, If you are going to run down a narrow street in front of them, what do you expect. Still, I hope he recovers.

sandy, ut

Bulls are actually not violent when they are treated properly. If they can move away from you to escape, they will. It is when they have nowhere to go, that is when they get violent as a last resort. These animals are tortured in a very cowardly manner, so those who participate shouldn't be surprised when a 1,500 pound animal gets mad and fights back.

Frisco, TX

With National Health Care, do I have to help pay the medical bills for stupidity?

DN Subscriber 2

This horrible injury MUST be someone else's fault! Quick- find a lawyer and help this brave young genius recover compensation for the negligence of others.

Common sense is an uncommon virtue.

Cache, UT

You can't fix stupid.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

How long with it take Chris B to spin this as an anti-BYU story?

The young man may have a high Intelligence Quotient but I question his Wisdom Quotient.
Vernon Law once said that experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before teaching the lesson.
Another once said that experience is the best teacher because it does not allow dropouts.

They were both right.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I wonder if he got to see NY Jet coach Rex Ryan...

City, Ut

md said: "You can't fix stupid."

article: "The bulls that take part each morning are invariably killed by matadors in evening bull fights."

Unfortunately, you can't fix purpose-less, wanton, gratuitous, senseless cruelty either.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The bulls that take part each morning are invariably killed by matadors in evening bull fights, and their meat is served up in Pamplona's restaurants."


Well, it's nice to know they at least have a chance to exact some peremptory revenge on a species whose intelligence is so often overwhelmed by their insensitivity (stupidity).

Kaysville, UT

Representing the State of Utah in Pamplona. I'm proud of you. But listen to mom and dad next time. They know best.

Glendora, CA

Real men of genius.

The Sensible Middle
Bountiful, UT

Poor kid. He had to of realized this was a possibility.

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