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Published: Saturday, July 13 2013 11:50 p.m. MDT

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Opinionated Me
Holladay, UT

A beautiful article. Thank you.

What is the truth?
Sandy, UT

Thank you, we just lost our beloved cat to cancer on Friday. It hurts more than I can say... we lost a family member, a personality that could never quite be replaced.

sandy, ut

What is the truth?

Sorry to hear about your cat. I was never a cat lover, and wasn't excited to get one when my wife brought a little kitten home. But I tell you what, cats are every bit as fun as dogs are, if not more in my opinion. They are different, but they have a loyalty to them. They are hard to replace because they really do have personalities of their own. The only bad thing about humans living so long is that if you like pets you will see several of them die during a lifetime. It is not fun.

Bluffdale, UT

Thanks. great article. My best friend for the last 15 years is showing signs of slowing down. We both take the stairs a lot slower and with similar limps and hitches. I fear I will grieve harder for her than any one I have ever know.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

Good article. My daughters Boxer got cancer a few years ago. We did some treatment to prolong what we knew would happen. The Vet told us it would eventually come to the end. This dog was in very good shape and so her heart would always be strong. So a natural death was not possible. As head of the houshold it was my job to take her to the Vet to be put to sleep. She was just as sweet as every day of her life through the end. I have had many family members, siblings and parents pass away. I shed a few tears by not like I did at my Boxers grave. A neighbor owns a ranch and has a private burial plot for animals. That is where she is buried. Animals have a place in our lives. And like family I firmly believe we will see them again. That is the beauty of it all. I now have another Boxer. Different in some ways than the first she is still very special. It is hard to replace the first one. She has done a great job in filling her shoes. Thanks again for the wonderful article.


I lost my beloved cat, Jessie "the Baby" in March. We'd been together 15 years, his whole life, I rescued him. Fiften years, 7 years of diabetes that we were never able to regulate, twice daily insulin shots, blood glucose testing, special diets, multipe trips to the vet, and thousands of dollars, and trips not taken because nobody could care for him in my absence I nursed and loved my boy. It was hard letting go, it was hard making that last trip to the vet. I wish we could have afforded cremation, I had to bury him in the back yard and now I don't ever want to move from him. He was the child I was never blessed with and I gave him all the love I had in the world. I miss him so bad I still cry every day, 4 months later.

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