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Published: Thursday, July 11 2013 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Hank Pym

to Mountanman

Really? Mittens, Barry, the Bushes, & Bill C all have one thing in common. It is that "trait" that is repsonsible for America's decline. Care to guess?

re: 1aggie

"To Guy with Brain et al
You seem to be caught in a right wing radio fantasy feedback loop..."

Thank you.

Springville, UT

@ Guy With A Brain, my eyes are quite open, and I'm not in some delusional state where I'm obsessed with mindless conspiracy theories. I gets tiresome to see how some can't move forward. The election is over and maybe folks need to start thinking about 2016 instead of tearing down the duly elected leader of the country.

Washington, DC

If Romney really wants good PR he would be building schools in Mexico where his family has roots, and Africa where such schools are sorely needed as in many nations there is only space for 1/4 to attend high school. This would have the added advantage of appealing to both Latino and African American voters. He could have spent a small fraction of his advertising budget in such a cause, and received in return much, much better coverage and PR than his advertising campaigns.

Romney gives alot, especially compared to Joe Biden who gives practically nothing. "Biden, can you spare a dime?" However, by starting high schools or universities, he would be able to get PR shots that would have helped swing the debate. Nobody really cares how much he gives to Weber St. But, there would be alot of press there to photograph him digging the first dirt to build a university in Mexico or Africa.

My son's elementary school held an "African Drumming Night" and raised $5000 for a high school in Kenya. With that, I think we just donated more to African education than the entire Romney clan.

Clearfield, UT

Romney governed MA as a moderate republican and tried to run for President as tea party republican. It obviously did not work. I am tired of republicans blaming the election loss on the media, voter fraud, and Obama promising free stuff. It is obvious many voters view Republicans as the anti-Obama party. It is time for a change in party leadership. McConnell is a dinosaur and needs to go. Time for the house of representatives to pass immigration reform. That would be a step in the right direction. I am concerned for the future of the Republican party. Enough of the blame game. Time to demonstrate real leadership.

Ogden, UT

@A Guy With A Brain 8:23 a.m. July 12, 2013

@ Esquire - Springville, UT - "Guy with brain, are you kidding me? What fiction you write."

Hey, Esquire, try opening your eyes, my friend.


America needs you.

Actually YOU are the one who needs to open your eyes. Your comment at 9:56 was purest fiction, and it saddens me that people sand in like to praise Romney and don't see the truth about him. Romney wasn't cheated in any way in the election an I am grateful that enough people saw through the smoke and mirrors Romney tried to use to disguise what he really is that they voted for the best interest of the US and whipped Romney's butt. Bad as Obama may be , and I have little or no use for a lot of the things he does, Romney would have been infinitely worse.

Please -- open your eyes and see the truth.

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