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Published: Thursday, July 11 2013 7:20 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Around and around we go...

The BCS era has come and almost gone and byu has accomplished NOTHING. In fact, they haven't accomplished anything for nearly 30 years. But, keep believing.

byu fans are OBSESSED over conference standings and getting to the big time. These boards are full of those comments from byu fans so don't even attempt to separate yourself from it.

What is byu going to change? This is it, sport. You're looking at it.

Do you like the 2014 schedule? (2013 isn't all that great either - conference bottom dwellers)
Do you like not having bowls that will take byu
Do you enjoy 2 for 1 and 1 off deals (appears you might be in Korea so maybe you really don't care)
Do you honestly think there is "respect" like ND and Michigan command when teams can get Holmoe to do what they want? Really?
Do you relish the thought that Boise St gave up ESPN and went back to a conference?

Maybe you really don't care but these boards are full of byu fans who say otherwise.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"I'll ask again, in hopes that repetition helps"

Fine Chris, I will answer one more time your silly follow up questions which are repetitive in nature anyways.

"Are you suggesting somehow BYU has the option of doing 1 for 1, but instead prefers 1 for 2 to promote the other motives you claim?"

I don't know Chris. We don't know what happens behind closed doors, but it does make sense considering what BYU wants to accomplish for doing a 2 for 1.

"Can you not promote those motives with a 1 for 1?"

A little, but why give road fans one game when you can give them 2?

"And power programs do this through 1 and 1's.

Not power programs do 1 for 2.

Again I ask, Why do a 1 for 2?"

How many Alabama fans are there along the Pacific coast? (crickets) a few. How many Alabama fans are there in the Michigan or the Northeast? (crickets) again a few. BYU is unique because 99% of BYU fans are Mormon. Not all Mormons are BYU fans, but almost all BYU fans are. And Mormons are all over. (See next comment for more)

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


No, you jumped around the issue without ANSWERING it.

I asked why do a 1 for 2.

You said byu has other motives to accomplish.

I ask what motive can't be accomplished with a 1 for 1?

I repeat:

ALL programs have "motives"

And power programs can get 1 for 1's with other power programs.

I would like to have a rational discussion.

I still await an ANSWER.

Can you do that?

Why not pursue your "motives" while getting 1 for 1's ?


Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B


BYU have fans all over. Power teams like Alabama football just want to win football games and have kid's graduate, there is no other purpose for there existence, so they want to schedule a 1 for 1. Alabama knows that they hardly will have fans at a USC or a Nebraska game so why go back twice? BYU has fans everywhere and they want to reach out to them, what is wrong with that?

"You could still accomplish your "motives" with a 1 for 1 could you not?"

Already answered that question when you asked, "Can you not promote those motives with a 1 for 1?"

Chris your follow up questions are really a re-direction that circles back to the question you originally asked. You may not like these answers but they are answers directly from your question. Who is BYU owned by, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. When has the LDS not done something different from the world? So of course BYU is going to do things differently from the college football world. Hate them or love them for that is up to you. I love them for that.

Cedar Hills, UT

Reality check for Utes and Cougar fans. Cougar fan for 45 years, been goin' to games for 40. The banter and attempt between the two fan bases here is annoying and nauseating. As a Cougar fan without the blinders on...BYU in recent past has not done much on the field. I hate leaving home in UT Co. and coming to work in SLC 13 out of the past 20 years. Cougar fans, we have been dominated in the last 20. In addition, no ESPN contract or a few big name teams will match what the Utes have done to us, win 2 BCS bowls and many bowl other games. Until we beat the Utes AND win big games, we best keep our "superior" traps shut. We do have nice a history of awards, but a remote trophy case does us little with one exception...we are recognized as a decent fan base and ESPN TV ratings are decent. This is why ESPN is working with us. Rabid Ute fans, you need not be so smug and condescending. I concede current superiority on the field, but please do honor our history as well. Respect both schools!

Korea, AE


"They (BYU) haven't accomplished anything for nearly 30 years"

So top 25 finishes, 10 win seasons, bowl wins, winning seasons, don't mean anything? Only BCS wins? Only u fans make this argument.

"byu fans are OBSESSED over conference standings and getting to the big time."

Interesting that you speak for all BYU fans, on a BYU comment board of all places. There are a massive amount of BYU fans that are happy with independence. u'll see what you want to see.

"What is byu going to change?"

Exactly how many "special" seasons did it take for utah to get to where they are at? a lot can happen in two season, especially in college football. So what you are saying is that utah can change, but BYU can't? That a special season can't happen to BYU? Interesting argument on a BYU board.

The other questions are meaningless. I am a fan of BYU football. Why would I nash my teeth and complain about something I have no control over. I watch the games they give me and cheer for my team, because that is what a fan does.

Korea, AE

Chris b
"I would like to have a rational discussion."


then answer this question...

Why do you care what BYU, a team you despise and claim to have moved on from, has a 2 for 1 or a 1 for 1?

I have no problem with 2 for 1, not in the slightest. My team is still playing, they are on TV where I can see them...

and they are not at the bottom of a conference that does not respect them.

No matter the success the u has I would rather follow and root for BYU or my other alma maters.

And I certainly don't go looking for arguments to bolster my team on rival comment boards.

Cedar Hills, UT

Furthermore, if and I say if, there was an invite that included more tolerance and religious respect from the PC-12, I would jump on it faster than fly on you know what. I do like being able to play a lot of different teams around the nation, but believe me, I am glad I am a bowhunter out on the Wasatch front in November. I could care less about almost all of our previous and upcoming November games at home. If I am going to freeze my butt of in LES, I am not going to do it at 8:30 pm watching Idaho State. If it is USC, Utah or Notre Dame, I will be there in a heartbeat, I also know it will probably be played in the afternoon on something besides ESPNU. Independence is better in most ways other than the MWC, but to be honest if we could get into the PAC it would be so much better for us than the BIG 12. And we blew it there by playing too many cards without enough hands to hold them. As much as I hate to admit it, Utah does have it better.

Korea, AE


"Maybe you really don't care but these boards are full of byu fans who say otherwise."

This is the most interesting thing you said. It implies...

1. You believe that you need to come to BYU boards to tell BYU fans that they are wrong.
2. You have a need to argue that the u is better, to people who are commenting on thier teams comment boards. This implies that on some level, you are not sure the u is better. I don't have to go looking for arguments on u articles, because I don't care.

Of course the BYU boards are full of BYU fans commenting on THEIR team.

What's funny is that I see more u fans commenting on BYU's conference affiliation then I do BYU fans. There are BYU fans who defend BYU on Comment boards, but go back and look, in nearly every case, who starts conversations about BYU and conference affiliation.

Don't claim that BYU fans, who are defending their team, say things that they don't. More than half the "we have a NC and you don't" comes in defending attacks from u trolls.

Cedar Hills, UT

And finally last comment and then my rant is through. For nearly 35 of my 45 years of life I have hated and spoken out against the U of U. I was part of the nauseating dialogue similar to what I see on here. However, my feelings and attitude have changed. I am doing all I can to want to U to do better because it brings greater recognition to my home State. I hope the Aggies continue to improve. To have three in State teams do well would be like Florida, Florida State and Miami all do well like they almost always do. Great teams, different conferences that almost always play each other every year. BYU, USU and Utah will never be those three schools, but wouldn't it be great if we could build our three teams like that. I now cheer for both my rivals and hope they do very well. I wish some of the Ute commenters would leave their arrogance and superiority checked at the keyboard. It is hard, but I did it, hope you can do the same and you know who you are. Same goes for all Cougar "elitists" as well.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"why give road fans one game when you can give them 2?"


Why not a 3 for 1 then? 4 for 1? 0 for 1?


Spin, spin, spin,

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"Why do you care what BYU, a team you despise and claim to have moved on from, has a 2 for 1 or a 1 for 1?"

I don't "care" per say.

I just wanted to remind byu fans you aren't a power program.

That's all


Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"why give road fans one game when you can give them 2?"


Why not a 3 for 1 then? 4 for 1? 0 for 1?


Spin, spin, spin,"

Interpretation from Chris: You have answered the questions I've asked, now I'm going to mock you for being for all things BYU.

Your comment just showed your true colors Chris. Not that we haven't seen it before, we have seen it many times with your history on these boards. You don't want answers to your questions, you just want to mock.

Highland, UT


Exactly. Outside of pac12 teams, of which only a couple can even remotely be considered "power" programs, that have to schedule utah because of the conference association, please name 1, just 1, "power program" that is even considering scheduling utah at all, let alone a 1 and 1?

You cannot, none are, none care, none consider utah worthy of even giving them a game let alone visiting the crackerbox in a return trip. There is no one out there, no one cares. utah got michigan under the facade of the big10/pac12 collaboration that died almost as quickly as it was announced when the big10 realized it offered them nothing. mich scheduled utah thinking it was getting a jump on that collaboration and rather than having to play usc, stanford, or oregon, they locked down a pac12 bottom dweller, a truly poor program, as a preemptive measure. Now they are stuck with them although the prospect of 2 easy wins has probably kept the series alive.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've got to side with Chris B on this issue. I'd rather be in the bottom of the PAC 12 and playing the same quality teams year in and year out than to be an independent and scheduling with different quality teams from all over the country. What good comes from all that travel and exposure anyway? Being in the PAC 12 is way more valuable to the fans than all that moving around.

Go Utes!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

When the Y schedules a great team in a 2 for 1 we get the benefit of playing that team 3 times over a period of a few years. It creates an intriguing rivalry that gains national attention rather than just keeping it in a single conference. 1 for 1's are fine. But the bonus game is always intense. I'd rather have more 2 for 1's than schedule with the weakling of the PAC-12.

Chris and his cronies are only wishing their school could have it so good.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ duckhunter

Utah does not have to schedule "power" programs for non-conference games. Utah's marquee games happen in conference play. Plus Utah has only three games to schedule, so there is no need to find teams to play 8-10 years in advance. The Michigan series is going to be great. Games past 2015 haven't been scheduled yet. And it.s not because nobody is lining up to play Utah, it's because teams in Utah's position simply do not need to map out schedules the way BYU does.

Las Vegas, NV

@ ekute

"If that were true than why doesn't byu just schedule all of their games on the road?"

What good is it to have a 64,000 capacity stadium when all your games are going to be on the road? Why build these nice facilities that BYU has when all of it was just a waste? So of course there going to have home games. As nice as it is for BYU to travel to bring BYU football to its fans, there are fans in Provo and in the state of Utah that want to see them too. Right?

Las Vegas, NV

@ Chris B

"I just wanted to remind byu fans you aren't a power program."

This coming from a fan for a team that had a 5-7 record last year. We are not convinced Chris so no need to waste your energy to remind us.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@ Myperspective

I love 2014's schedule. While there is one more game yet to be announced (could be a really good neutral site game through ESPN) and the UCF game hasn't been assigned a date it is a pretty solid one. Texas and Boise State are the headliners, both away from Provo. UConn, UCF and Middle Tennesee State are all solid bowl eligible programs.

What I really love about 2014 is all the home schedule. Virginia, Houston, USU, So. Mississippi, Nevada and UNLV are coming to town. UNLV is the only team on that list that I would find boring. The other programs have had solid records.

2014 is a much softer year than 2013. However, the schedule is much better than the last two years. Its better than most of the past twenty years. I love playing new people.

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