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Published: Tuesday, July 9 2013 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Temecula, CA

It's early, but this is a very encouraging article. I think it's going to be fun watching big Rudy develop. I don't like the "Stifle Tower" nickname, though. Let's see what his teammates come up with.

Tokyo, Japan

it would be fun to just chant rudy...rudy...like that guy from the fighting irish....

Saint Louis, MO

Can't wait to see what Karl does with him. Once he bulks up, he could be a "monster of the midway".

Corona, CA

I watched some of the summer league action and he looks solid. The guy really moves well for a 7'1 guy, there were times he was chasing and trapping guards out on the perimeter. He also, has pretty good timing when it comes to blocking shots. At 27 this was a great draft pick for the Jazz. I could see him getting playing time this year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I feel sorry for the guy... I remember another giant in a Jazz uniform that was a shot blocking and altering nightmare for the opposition. His name was Mark Eaton and he got no respect from many of the fans because his wasn't a scoring threat. For me, blocking and altering shoots are a great asset to the teams defensive strategy. But I'm afraid that many will criticize him for a lack of scoring.

Bring in Mark Easton to help train him. I still miss the big guy.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

As much as fans complained about Eaton talk to the players. He was a major roadblock for their shot. Half of the game is getting the opposition not to score and getting the ball back. And thos few easy baskets they get are icing on the cake.I think Rudy will be a regular rotation player. Gobert, Kanter, Favors 32 minutes each per game.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I passed Mark Eaton in the airport on Monday. Man that dude is huge!!

The big difference is the Rudy can move his feet. I watched game 1 in summer league and he is very mobile.

It is interesting how everyone starts with "...as soon as he bulks up..." talk.

How much did they bulk up Kevin Garnett? Kevin Durrant? How much did they need to bulk up?

You start packing a bunch of weight on this kid and he will likely lose mobility and speed not to mention the pounding the feet, ankles, and knees have to take. Ask Yao Ming about that.

Maybe add a few pounds and just get him stronger and he would be just fine. Once he assimilates to the NBA game I think Gobert is going to be very valuable. Nobody will be scoring in the paint when he and Favors are on the floor at the same time.

That could be fun to watch somebody try though!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I hope I never hear or read "Stifle Tower" in association with Rudy Gobert ever again. That would be a terrible nickname.

Allen, TX

I wonder how my Lakers can steal this guy......?

South Jordan, UT

"The once he bulks up talk" - yeah this guy isn't going to put on much weight. He's a mobile big man that blocks shots, not a bruiser. Favors and Kanter can play those rolls. I like the match ups the Jazz can have with the four young big guys. Favors and Kanter can pound. Evans and Gobert can swipe.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Ah yes, another "great white hope" for the Jazz. I remember a nearly identical article written in this paper many years ago about Greg Ostertag.

With a wingspan like that, combined with an inability to move his feet on defense because the Jazz don't coach defense, means he should pick up a lot of fouls against slasher guards who like to get into the paint. In fact, I heard that on the way to the podium on draft day he fouled Tony Parker twice.

West Valley, UT

TO:Brave Sir Robin
Are you sure it wasn't Parker just throwing himself into someone and flopping.

sandy, ut

Little Andy

If Favors, Kanter, and Gobert play 32 minutes a game the jazz will finish last in the league in wins. Is that a goal that you are after?

Provo, UT

I hate to see Mark Eaton disrespected in any way. He was a great defensive player, won Defensive Player of the Year and was on several All-Defensive teams. Just ask Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson what they thought of Mark Eaton. They gave him more respect than most of the Jazz fans. This kid won't be a Mark Eaton. If he's a poor man's Mark Eaton, I would be happy. Mark Eaton never missed more than three games in his first 10 seasons. In one season he nearly scored 10 points a game, actually shot 64.9% from the line for his career and one season averaged 5.6 blocks per game and shot 71.2% from the field. I tire of Jazz fans past and present who have no ability to assess talent. I've heard many people say that Canter, Gobert and even Favors are or will be better players than Mark Eaton. When all of them can block, rebound, and even score like Eaton then I'll eat my words. And Eaton's best season was his third season by the way, he didn't take "years" to develop.

Santa Monica, CA

Nice article overall, but take that "Stifle Tower" nickname and send it packing. Wow, that one smells like bad cheese.

Richfield, UT

@Bramabull, wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen. By the way they probably would have finished last in wins last year if if wasn't for the young guys coming in a bailing out the starters.

sandy, ut


I highly doubt that Favors and Kanter closing out games vs. Millsap and Jefferson would have resulted in more wins. They were lucky to win as many as they did. Reason being is they had no offense other than Big Al and Millsap.

Salt Lake City, UT


ever heard "Defense wins championships?" If Al could play defense, his +- wouldn't have dragged the team down so much.

Salt Lake City, UT

Personally, I like the "Stifle Tower" nickname. It is better than "the Mailman," but that worked out OK for Karl.

Saint George, UT

@ Brahmabull You do not understand how small market NBA teams develop. Big Al got this team as far as he could. Let it go.

@ Brave Sir Robin You clearly have not watched any of the summer games. Gobert moves very well and especially hedging on picks. That's a place where a lot of bigs get in trouble, but he has shown that overall defense, not just being tall, will be his biggest strength.

One thing I do worry about, though, is his 1-on-1 defense in the post. Few guys in the summer league have legit post moves.

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