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Published: Monday, July 8 2013 10:15 a.m. MDT

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The Marshall
Orem, UT

BIG MISTAKE!!!! The jazz must owe Golden state a favor. Letting Foye go for 3 Million dollars being paid by Denver for him. Where can you get a player of his quality for that cheap price. Second round picks are not worth much. I have agreed with all of the moves up until this one. This will be another "regret of letting one go" by Lindsey and Oconnor.

Calgary, 00

I think it was a mistake not keeping Foye, but i understand letting Big Al and Milsap go. Big Al could put the ball in the hoop but he was non-existant on defense. At 14 million a year it was time to look to the young pups to mature. Milsap was only going to resign if he was a starter and the jazz took a gamble on Favors stepping up this year. you have to understand that good free agents do not want to play for the Jazz unless the Jazz want to overpay. With the new CBA the teams that are looking good moving forward are the ones that build through the draft. This year will be a write-off and the brass knew it so they planned for the future. Between next years draft and the cap space the jazz could look very good. You have to be patient and hope for some luck. Remeber we are not the Lakers...cant afford to pay luxury tax.

Tokyo, Japan


if you wanted to re-sign Big Al and/or Paul Millsap, and tried to sign either Monta or Iggy...then i guess you really dont want the young guys to play minutes next season...and some team would take them during free agency...and then its Wesley Mathews all over again...Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors could help a lot of teams...the only reason i think the brass is doing this...is to finally know what they got with the young guys...now this upcoming season would be a pressure season for this young guys...since they need to perform...and their future salaries would depend on how they play this year...that being said...if Favors, Kanter, Burks and Hayward erupted...and became focal points of the team...we would have enough cap to extend and sign them for multi-year contracts...if they don't and the brass thinks they could get better players via free agency...they would be in a position to rebuild via free agency...due to the cap space...so Lindsey is creating multiple options for him to rebuild this team

Winter Springs, FL

We all pray that Lindsey really does have a plan here... From a Long time Jazz fan the word TANK just doesn't sit right for some reason... Will someone remind Dennis that we need at minimum two hoops and several shot clocks... don't sell off all the assets.

Holladay, UT

Cleaning house is the only way to go if Utah truly want build a championship team.

They must build from the draft first.

Holding on to overpaid veterans, or signing a good free agent now would only perpetuate the 40+ wins seasons and continued drafting middle late first round players, it just perpetuates mediocrity.

They first must get top draft picks to build around, then you can supplement that with good free agents later for playoff or championship runs.

Monroe, UT

Don't give up on the JAZZ so quickly. Sure we are having some big changes and maybe this will be a building year---but I am looking forward to an exciting season! I think the young kids are going to surprise a lot of people. I will be anxiously awaiting the start of the season.

Idaho Falls, ID

@Floyd Johnson--Jazz didn't have a place for Foye, therefore it was a choice between letting him go elsewhere, or doing a sign and trade like they did. We just got a draft pick for nothing in return.

@milner--As for Marvin Williams, he opted into the last year of his contract and had surgery immediately after. No team wants his contract for him to play three months this season.

Don't forget, this is an opportunity for Corbin to show if he can really coach. The team may be setting him up for failure in the last year of his contract, but there are still a lot of good coaches out there that we can snatch up if we don't want him anymore. I would be happy with the Jazz promoting Sloan to head coach after this season.

Chandler, AZ

Everybody needs to settle down about only getting a 2nd round pick for Foye. That's not what happened. We got a 2nd round pick for facilitating a trade between GS and Denver. We signed Foye with the intent of trading him. If the trade wasn't on the table they wouldn't have signed him (at least not for $9 mil for 3 years). If we weren't planning on signing him anyway, they basically got something for nothing. They got a 2nd round pick for doing a little paper work. Not bad if you ask me.

Bountiful, utah

The Jazz have traded away most of their offense now (Jefferson, Milsap, Foye, and their sparkplug Carroll)- look to be trying to get deep into the lottery next year. WISH THEY HAD KEPT DEMARRE.

Provo, UT

I've been a Golden State Warriors fan for many years and not a Jazz fan and live in Utah.
The Jazz are making bonehead moves and becoming the joke of the N.B.A. which is odd because the N.B.A. was already a joke.

Hank Jr
Draper, UT

This is getting weirder and weirder by the minute

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT


Clearly you don't get it.

Even re-signing one or either of them does nothing for your franchise because neither actually is worth their current contracts in terms of results. Atlanta is a load of Jazz cast-offs. Clearly they were just signing any all free agents they could. Who believes they are a threat in the east? Nobody but now they are stuck with that prospect because they gave long term deals to the wrong players with limited upside. Korver? 27 million? Are you kidding? That clearly demonstrates desperation for a guy that can't defend or create his own shot. Now they pair Horford with Millsap? Talk about the mini-me front court!

Is any of this sinking in? The jazz are tired of your suggestion which is good enough to get close to the playoffs but not make it. Why not try something with upside? Favors already dominates defensively more than a cumulative total of AJs career defensive efforts! Millsap wants big money and starters role. Can't do that here and maintain massive cap space and flexibility.

Try to grasp the bigger picture!

Provo, UT

I love everything that the jazz are doing. I could be wrong, and these could be the wrong moves, but we weren't making the right moves. I will definitely look forward to talking to joe5 and brahmabull in a couple of years.

Just remember, consistency is only good if you're good -- being consistently mediocre is awful.

I've heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way over and over again and expecting different results. Well at least we moved out of that cycle.

The Final Word
Alpine, UT


ESPN disagrees with your analysis. They have repeatedly stated how well the jazz have drafted, traded to stockpile picks while giving up nothing, and maintained financial flexibility.

It's not rocket science but clearly you act like this is difficult to understand.

No teams regret multiple draft picks and money to spend when there are free agents available that matter like next offseason.

The Jazz are smart. Your Warriors just bet the farm on Iggy. Sorry but he is not a great player and your team just gave us all your draft picks for several years. Are the warriors able to beat spurs or heat? No. Now u have zero options to boot.

herriman, UT

It was just time for the jazz to rebuild, and so far i think they are doing a great job of it so far. Yes I loved Big Al and MIlsap but they just weren't part of our longterm future. I was tired of seeing the jazz being an 8th seed that was going nowhere and i think so was jazz management so they blew the team up and decided to see if the players they used lottery picks on or traded for can become the players they are projected to be. We should not be arguing about this we should be excited for the change as it shows the change aren't sticking to their old "safe" ways that kept us from really accomplishing anything more than an eighth seed. Lets just set back and see what these young guys can prove themselves and become good-great players.

Tokyo, Japan

@Hank Jr

I agree with you....

Olympia, WA

My guess is, 4 years from now we are all going to look back on this summer's free agency, and realize what a genius Lindsey is. Look, this had to happen. Jefferson was and is a defensive liability. Yes, he's great offensively, but his lack of defense pretty much wipes that out. Favors is better defensively, we've seen that already, and given, consistently, starters minutes, believe me folks, he will flourish, as will Kanter. We saw glimpses of it last year...we will see huge improvement this year. I can't wait for this year to start. And yes, I'm with a lot of you on the "next year, next shmear" mantra, but that is the way it's been because we didn't have brass bold enough to clean house and start rebuilding like Lindsey is doing now. We aren't going to be that good this year. But I think in 4 years we will have a serious contender. Free Agency and the Draft will be very good to us, and, anyone doubting Lindsey's abilities...just look at his track record in San Antonio.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Good thing for the Jazz that Lindsey is running the show and not the conflicted fans. If you can't even make the playoffs with a team why keep the starters? Lindsey is showing bold, aggressive management. The Jazz will be better than expected this year and could be a solid playoff team in the future.

Utah Valley Guy
Springville, UT

You whiners about only getting a 2nd-round draft pick aren't thinking this through. Guess what the Jazz would have had if they hadn't done this deal? Nothing. Foye's a free agent.

What's more, it's obvious that the Jazz are giving a HUGE vote of confidence to Hayward and Favors - both of whom they need to re-sign this year - and telling them, in effect, you are our future and we're going to give you every chance to make us a championship contender again in coming years.

The best thing about the new team is that they've picked winners - Hayward and Burke are both guys who have proven that they play above their abilities to win. That kind of mental toughness and winners attitude is vastly under-rated in this league during the draft, but it's easy to recognize later because guys who have it win more games and championships.

The new Jazz will learn mental toughness and how to win together. Ultimately, basketball is a team game - as San Antonio has shown year-in, year-out. Glad the Jazz know that and show it in their dealings.

West Valley, UT

I think some of these people just like to complain, most of us were complainging about how we weren't using the young guys, now that we are, everyone is complaining, I hope we lose every game and get the #1 draft pick, and maybe a star will sign here also, because they see the potential. Stop complaining and lets see what happens.

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