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Published: Monday, July 8 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

Jimmer was on the worst possible team for his talents. The Kings were composed of a bunch of immature, selfish ball hogs, and their coach did very little to correct the team's shortcomings, getting upset anytime a reporter asked why he wasn't playing Jimmer when his per minute stats were good. Jimmer's all-around shooting percentage was poor, but he is a great three-point shooter and will find a place in the NBA, where he could have a similar impact as Korver although Jimmer is a much better ball handler. The question remains as to whether he can defend sufficiently, but at Sacto he never was able to develop with all the time he spent warming the bench.

River Falls, WI

RE: FatMan86

"I still don't understand the absolute denial about Jimmer among the Cougar crowd here. Quoting obscure statistics for spin, and whining about the coaching in Sacramento is every bit as weak as Ute fans clamoring about how their PAC 12 membership makes them better than everyone else (with no results in the PAC 12 whatsoever).

Jimmer is a bust so far. The evidence is overwhelming. Utah is a bust so far in the PAC 12. Hopefully things will change for both going forward."

Do you really believe that Hollinger's PER ratings are "obscure statistics"? In my opinion they are the most reliable indicators of player effectiveness out there. I agree with you that Jimmer has been a bust thus far, I just don't think that he's beyond hope. On the right team he might do very well. I'd say for a player that hasn't yet been given a fair shake the jury should still be out.

Las Vegas, NV


"Great, so Jimmer goes from the frying pan to the fire. One bad team to another..."

Don't be so quick to sell Cleveland short. The Cavs are quietly putting together a pretty good team, at least they will be light years better than Sacramento. At least they are TRYING to get better. Cleveland might be where Jimmer can break out.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Good grief Boys, Old News, Didn't happen, Take it down or update

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