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Published: Monday, July 8 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

@ Ute66

"I hope Jimmer does well wherever he goes, I really do, but some of you Cougar fans are crazy to say that Utah is "little brother" to BYU in basketball."

Utah fans boast about being 7-3 against BYU in football in the last 10 meetings calling that dominant. Well BYU has been 9-1 in the last 10 meetings against Utah in basketball. I'm not into the "big brother" or "little brother" phase but as a Cougar fan, I will admit that Utah has BYU's number in football with a 7-3 record against them. But Utah fans likewise need to admit that BYU has Utah's number in basketball with a 9-1 record. The PAC 12 does benefit Utah immensely in football, but in basketball, conference affiliation doesn't mean that much. Being in a good conference helps maybe get more NCAA tournament bids but the top teams in the WCC can play anybody and have a good chance to win. Also BYU moving to the WCC hasn't hurt them in recruiting. They are still getting the best players out of Utah and I don't see that changing in the near future.

Provo, UT

It cracks me up that people are on Jimmer's side and it's mainly because he is L.D.S.
I'm L.D.S. as well and live in Provo. You have to separate the two; L.D.S. and Professional
Sports. I said he was overrated in college. Shooting 38% doesn't cut it in college and especially not in the N.B.A. Just because he's L.D.S. doesn't he deserves a statue.
He had plenty of chances in Sacramento and plain blew it. Get real people and take off your rose colored glasses.

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

I am also of the opinion that Jimmer needs out of Sacramento. Sometimes the situation just isn't a good fit and Sacramento was a mess all the way down. It could easily be said that nobody on that team was playing to their potential. I don't have confidence that it is going to get much better. Jimmer was great entertainment. He made BYU basketball fun to watch.

Centerville, UT

@Mark 321:

You are right to point out that over the last 7 or 8 years BYU has been far better than Utah in basketball. I won't dispute that at all. I also appreciate that you acknowledged that Utah has won 8 of the last 11 head to head in football. Overall I would say that Utah is better historically in basketball although BYU has a slight edge head to head. By the same token, even though Utah has won the majority of the rivalry games in football, Utah doesn't have anywhere near the tradition BYU has in football. I just like to see both sides give credit where it is due. I would like to see Jimmer succeed in the NBA. I think he is a classy kid. I think the team he has played on has been part of the reason he has struggled, and who knows, maybe Cleveland will be good for him if he goes there.

Burley, ID

Here is one Ute fan who bears Jimmer no ill will.

Sacramento was simply the wrong team for Jimmer Fredette.

Fredette has talent and in the right situation can bring exactly what any NBA team needs, a deadly outside shooter.

A great coach, who understands how to utilize Jimmer's talents, would go a long way in silencing Jimmer's critics who say he is a bust. Fredette has only been in the NBA two years. For goodness sake, the Jazz gave CJ Miles 7 years before deciding he was a bust!

When Jimmer Fredette's contract expires, I hope he will take a long hard look around the league and decide to take his talents to a team that truly understands how to use them. He will have one more NBA contract to prove himself, if chooses to sign with the wrong team he will be out of the league after that.

Jimmer, you may have thumped my Utes, but I bear you no ill will and wish you the best.

pocatello, ID

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA
Seems like only yesterday when Jimmer lit up the utes for 47 in the 107-79 blowout at the HC. Too bad he had to sit out the last 5 minutes. Probably would have scored 60. Was utah in the pac 11.1 at that time, er??


Yep, seems like only yesterday. Now he sits out 43 minutes per game. With that said, Jimmy has a better chance in Cleveland than Sacopotatoes.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Ute66

You're right, maybe a move away from Sacramento will re-energize Jimmer's NBA career. Classy comment by the way. Utah has great basketball history in their own right. I remember watching the 1998 Final Four when Utah beat North Carolina only to lose the Final to Kentucky in the last 10 minutes of the game. That was a great team and yes I do remember Andre Miller on that team, great college player. I don't think he was the scoring threat that Jimmer was in college but a solid NBA player who is smart with the basketball.

Mesa, AZ

"Jimmer Fredette involved in potential trade to Cleveland Cavaliers"

He's still in The Association? I seriously had no idea! Figured he'd accepted his fate and moved on already!

In other news, it was a blast watching Miller/Bogut represent in the playoffs this season! Great to see the state represented on the big stage! Good times!

Mesa, AZ


"....some of you Cougar fans are crazy to say that Utah is "little brother" to BYU in basketball. Utah has a player playing in the NBA right now that is better than Jimmer today, and quite frankly was better than Jimmer in college. He has never played for a great team, yet is 10th all time in assists. He never won player of the year in college, he just helped his team win all the time. In his 4 years at Utah, his teams won 4 conference championships, got out of the first round of the NCAA tournament all 4 years, played in 3 sweet 16s, 2 elite 8s, a Final Four, and a championship game. His teams went 114-21 in his 4 years at Utah, and won 11 NCAA tournament games, 2 less than BYU has won all time. If you are going to refer to us as "little brother", you might want to remember that 37 year old Andre Miller is better than 24 year old Jimmer still, today."

BINGO....JF's individual hype overshadowed the reality of 2-Star byu's utter futility in The Tourney, as he couldn't even lead them past the Sweet 16!

Ivins, UT

Way to slow and a liability on defense, but a real nice kid who deserved a better opportunity to improve. He is a pure set up shooter who can score points in an offense set up for him. Most likely this will be his last season in the NBA.

Bountiful, utah

Why do small people around here think the BYU/Utah squabble is a zero sum game. Its not BYU or Utah, its BYU and Utah and USU and...

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


I never questioned his college acomplishments, now did I? Did I say that I don't respect his ability? No. I simply stated my opinion that he can't play defense, just like Adam Morrison. He struggled with the Kings, and considering they are one of the worst teams in the NBA; that's a bad sign. Would I like to see Jimmer excel? Sure. Will he? I doubt it. He could average 10-12 points a game, but the guy he's defending is getting 20+. Do the math, and realize my position has absolutely nothing to do with Utah. Simply stating my opinion on the subject at hand. You sound paranoid!

Arlington, WA

I've been looking for quite awhile, for some news on the Jimmer. As a Blazer fan, I'd like to see him suit up for Portland, filling the shooting guard slot on the 2nd squad off of the bench... with CJMac, D.Wright, T.Rob & Meyers Leonard. I hope that the brass in PDX helps Cleveland and Sactown make a deal. The Blazers throw in A.Crabbe, T.Harris and or V.Claver, J.Freeland, W.Barton and E.Williams to help make the deal work.

Alot of people think that his game doesn't translate to the NBA, that he doesn't play defense or some other mush. But a great coach would plug him in to a spot where what he's got can be exploited, all the while helping him to develop in areas where he has perceived weaknesses. For Portland, that would be as the 2nd unit's 2 guard off the bench.

I know that this is the wrong forum for PDX brass to see, but GO JIMMER! Wake up PDX management and grab this guy while you can. He's an upgrade that the Blazers really could be upgraded by grabbing!

Layton, UT

Jimmer to Utah! Without Foye we need someone who can shoot.

Arlington, WA

My point about Jimmer to PDX is exactly why it would work. His shooting skills are the type of skills PDX coach Stotts values...outside shooting! And Jimmer brings that to the table in bucketfuls! PDX would be such a great fit for him!

River Falls, WI

I don't get how after two years of playing extremely limited minutes on a bad team haters insist Jimmer is a bust.

Jimmer's PER of 14.66 compares favorably with other role players in the NBA. Out of 344 players that qualify (have 6.7 min/game or more), Jimmer ranks 154th, right in the middle (and 37th of 82 point guards). And that is on a “me first” team. His ranking is better than Danny Green, Jordan Crawford, Andrew Bogut, Jared Sullinger, Mike Miller, Tony Allen, Ben Gordon, Brandon Knight, Alec Burks… Also, last season Jimmer’s three point percentage of .417 ranked 17th in the NBA, not too shabby. While I doubt that he will ever become an all-star, I still believe that Jimmer will have a long and productive NBA career as a role player and Cleavland is definitely a better opportunity for him than riding the bench in Sacramento.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


We shall see, but not looking good so far. Honestly? I hope a new setting will help. I would hate to see him turn out like Adam Morrison; what a huge bust!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Anyone who wants to extrapolate stats from a limited amount of minutes played against other third stringers, to the stats of players playing starting minutes in starting lineups against other starters, just doesn't get it.

Don't believe it? Just watch the stats (not to mention the growing pains) that Favors and Kanter throw up this year. Take the extrapolated numbers from last season and compare them with the actual minutes they play this year and my money will be on their last season numbers.

On that note, I'm a Jazz fan and I'll stick with this team through thick and thin. That said, Jazz fans better get ready to support their team. It could be a rough, rough year.

As for Jimmer, I wish him well, but I never was a believer. The BYU system made him look like a star when in fact his shooting percentage was rarely very good considering the quantity of shots he was able to take to get in a groove. That's a luxury any decent ball player would love to be given.

Plano, TX

Jimmer will make it, count on it.

West Jordan, UT

I still don't understand the absolute denial about Jimmer among the Cougar crowd here. Quoting obscure statistics for spin, and whining about the coaching in Sacramento is every bit as weak as Ute fans clamoring about how their PAC 12 membership makes them better than everyone else (with no results in the PAC 12 whatsoever).

Jimmer is a bust so far. The evidence is overwhelming. Utah is a bust so far in the PAC 12. Hopefully things will change for both going forward.

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