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Published: Monday, July 8 2013 10:10 a.m. MDT

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cir, OH

Cleveland, if the decided they are to take Jimmer in order to help Sacramento to free up cap space to get a top quality guard, they need to ask Sacramento that the picked that is owed to Cleveland be unprotected or have the right to swap picked.

Bountiful, UT

The Kings want to add Monta Ellis? I thought it was a new era in Sacramento? Another shoot first pass later guard? They just draft Ben Mclemore?

I do think it strange that folks say Jimmer needs to get to an environment that is a drive and dish, unselfish, pass first kind of a team. As I go back and watch Jimmer's college film, it seems to me that he fits best into a situation where he dominates the ball and isn't asked to do much else but shoot and score. What am I missing here? Has he all the sudden become a team oriented distributor? Coach Rose rolled the ball out there and said "Jimmer - go score the ball. Only pass if you are absolutely stuck. If you are stuck, Jackson or Brandon are the only two you can pass it to. Oh yeah, don't play any defense because we need you to save your legs for offense. OK, Cougars on three, one, two, three." Now he is on a team where the coach says the same thing and suddenly its a bad situation and bad coaching. I'm missing something I'm sure.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is it now safe to say that Jimmer was overrated the whole time? It doesn't matter where he goes in the NBA.

Frisco, TX

Jimmer will put up decent numbers if he ever gets a shot on a good team. I was really hoping the Thunder deal would happen. That would be an ideal situation for someone like Jimmer to excel. I'm not so excited about the Cavaliers, but anything has to be better than the Kings (with the exception of the Bobcats).

West Jordan, UT

I find myself in the incredibly awkward spot of actually agreeing with Chris B (less his obsessive need to slam all things BYU). In all seriousness, drafting Jimmer was a huge mistake for Sacramento. Jimmer just flat didn't get it done there. No excuses. I wish people would stop trying to blame it all on coaching. Great players often thrive in situations where the coaching is less than ideal. Damian Lillard plays on a bad team with questionable coaching and personnel, and yet still became the NBA rookie of the year.

Good luck to Jimmer in Cleveland, but I can't help but think it will be more of the same. I think he'll be out of the league sooner rather than later.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Jimmer has the same problem that Adam Morrison (Gonzaga) has; he can't play defense. If he can't make it with two of the worst teams in the NBA, Kings and Cavs; make no mistake. He can't make it in the NBA and he's had more that a fair shot it.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Keep shooting Jim!

Provo, UT

Cleveland needs another benchwarmer... and Jimmer is just the low-paid man for the job! It will free up some money for Cleveland to look for a better guard who can actually play!

I said it before and I will say it again, Jimmer was an over-rated fluke, and has no meaningful future in the NBA.

Spanish Fork, UT

Chris B. I just wanted to welcome you to the real world as well. You say you speak the truth. Well, here is a truth for you then. Jimmer Fredette is a professional basketball player in the NBA. And you do what.......? Just sayin.....

American Fork, UT

Chris B--you sound like your typical UTE. Jimmer torched your utes every time he placed foot in your ute arena. Why are ute fans so involved with anything that has to do with BYU? The Utes will always be BYU's little bro.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: Jimmer lovers

Jimmer is one of the worst players on one of the worst teams.

He wouldn't make it on most of the good teams, that is why no good teams are interested in him.

Sandy, UT

@Christine B and Spokane Ute

Jimmer Fredette was the Unanimous National Player of the Year in College, only 2 years ago.
He won all 6 Major NPOY Awards.
-John Wooden
-Adoph Rupp
-Oscar Robertson....Awards.

As painful as that may be for U...It's time for U guys to get over it.

He has only just finished his 2nd year, with the worst organization in the NBA.
Even the Sacramento owners bailed out and the coaching staff has recently been replaced.
So your apparent need and desire, for his demise, is greatly exaggerated and premature.

Jimmer is rumored to be wanted by Cleveland and Indiana. Larry Bird respects his abilities, perhaps you should as well.

It never ceases to amaze me how some need for BYU, or anyone connected to the school, to fail, before they can feel right with themselves and the World.

When you guys achieve 1/100th of what The Jimmer has achieved, then get back to us.
Until then, study the precepts of propriety and decorum.

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

If only Jimmer would've been on the original dream team, he would have been so good, but now he is stuck being the worst guy on the worst team. If only the Lakers realized that Jimmer is better than Kobe has ever been, the Lakers would be so good.

Bountiful, UT

"Great players often thrive in situations where the coaching is less than ideal. Damian Lillard plays on a bad team with questionable coaching and personnel, and yet still became the NBA rookie of the year."

At least try and come up with a good comparison.

Lillard avgd 39 minutes a game while Jimmer avgd 14 last season. If you extrapolate their numbers out per minute they both had pretty identical numbers with one exception, Lillard was a better passer and Jimmer was a better 3 pt shooter (neither is close to the other in those areas).

Also, Lillard came to a team desparate for a leader at the point. Coaches in Portland said, "here's the ball, go and do." It was a Portland team that was a season or two removed from winning 48 games and making the playoffs.

Jimmer went to a team that was already famous for ball-hogging guards complaining about not getting enough shots, minutes, etc. Had Lillard gone to Sacramento there's no way he would've been ROY. guards that go to Sacramento get worse the longer they're there (Tyreke Evans). The Kings have been horrid for eons.

CO Ute

Hard for me to understand why so many of the Y fans get really upset at some of these comments. Jimmer was a great college player, a high draft pick, and has been a bust so far in the NBA. He may end up doing well with a different team or continue to be a disappointment - either way it doesn't make him a good/bad person nor does it reflect positively/negatively on BYU. Best thing that could happen to him is to get out of Sacramento.

My opinion is that his games doesn't translate very well to the pro level but he could end up being a valuable reserve that provides some instant offense to the right team.

Bountiful, UT

Going to Cleveland would be like leaving Purgatory and going to Heaven! If that deal works out it would be awesome for Jimmer. That goes to show how dumb the Kings are. They already have too many ball-hogging combo guards and now they're wanting to bring in one of the worst ball-hogging guards in the NBA, Monta Ellis.

No sooner did Ellis leave Golden State then they went from being a cellar-dweller to very nearly upsetting the Spurs in the Western Conference Semi-finals. It's further proof that Sacramento doesn't have a clue.

West Jordan, UT


This article is about Jimmer in the NBA, not college. All those college accomplishments are impressive, but irrelevant as far as his NBA status is concerned. Believe me I roll my eyes at the Chris B's of the world as much as anyone, but he's right on here. Jimmer is an NBA flop. All the 3 year old college accolades in the world won't change that. Will he help Cleveland? I just don't think see it.

North Salt Lake, UT

Holy Cow Chris, do you have a life outside of trolling the comments on BYU articles?

West Jordan, UT

@Big Cougar,

Lillard and Jimmer are the perfect comparison. One is getting it done and one isn't. If Lillard hadn't shown his stuff in Blazers practice and rookie camps, do you really think he would have been sent into the starting line up? He started because he earned the right to start. Jimmer has simply not done so. You make it sound like Jimmer never ever plays. He does play, but he proves himself to be a big time defensive liability, and because of that they sit him back down.

Can't wait to hear all the Cleveland excuses.

Centerville, UT

I hope Jimmer does well wherever he goes, I really do, but some of you Cougar fans are crazy to say that Utah is "little brother" to BYU in basketball. Utah has a player playing in the NBA right now that is better than Jimmer today, and quite frankly was better than Jimmer in college. He has never played for a great team, yet is 10th all time in assists. He never won player of the year in college, he just helped his team win all the time. In his 4 years at Utah, his teams won 4 conference championships, got out of the first round of the NCAA tournament all 4 years, played in 3 sweet 16s, 2 elite 8s, a Final Four, and a championship game. His teams went 114-21 in his 4 years at Utah, and won 11 NCAA tournament games, 2 less than BYU has won all time. If you are going to refer to us as "little brother", you might want to remember that 37 year old Andre Miller is better than 24 year old Jimmer still, today.

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