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Published: Sunday, July 7 2013 7:55 p.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

That's good because we've always had tons of O-line talent and tremendous coaching.

Hyrum, UT

Yes, Ernest Bass... you are partly right. We pretty much have had great coaching for a long time, with only short temporary exceptions. And the O-line will soon get there... without question.

It's also starting to seem we always have a couple of sarcastic trolls whose sarcasm really does get old. Please give it a rest. You and Mildred aren't amusing anyone but yourselves anymore.

Highland, UT

Wait! No one make another comment. We need to wait until azute checks their highlights on Youtube before any of us really knows how this will turn out.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA


Not news to anyone who knows football to state, "The success of the offense depends upon the O-Line."

Nor is it news that BYU's O-Line was a huge nemesis last year. We all saw that coming in the 2012 spring practices -- which really never took place because there simply was no O-Line available.

Houston Reynold's injury made the O-Line problem much worse and shined the spotlight under BYU's refrigerator! The problem of a weak O-Line was predictable long before Spring 2012, however. Those who follow the Cougars saw this problem coming.

I don't criticize you for restating the obvious . . . and I appreciate the fact that you are spotlighting these unsung heroes who have always been critical to a great football team.

Greenwood, IN

"After all, nothing can disrupt an offense's rhythm than a bad snap."

Please fix the sentence above, so that it makes sense.

Korea, AE

You know, the more I think about it, the more embarrassed I would be if I were a u fan and came to the BYU comment page to validate my opinion and to tell BYu fans that my team was better.

A terrible record
Down hill since 2008
Being owned by more than half of the conference
losing record in the conference

In fact, I would be ashamed to bring up my status in the PAC 12 too.

Eeech, I mean bragging about being in the PAC 12 is like a candy bar that is made out of raw cabbage being proud of the wrapper.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Try this:

The U has a great O line and Nick Saban is the best coach in the country even though he wasn't trying in 2008. We love being in the same company as the rest of the BCS teams even though we don't do so well against them.

Omaha, NE

You forgot to add:
Losing to Colorado at home (which was their first road win in years) the year utah was going to win the PAC and the NC.

It's fun they have a hill to slide down!!!!

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