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Published: Sunday, July 7 2013 8:15 p.m. MDT

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Captain L
Provo, UT

Liked how Gobert looked, he probably would have had a much better offensive game but he never got the ball, the guards have to learn how to get the ball to him when he rolls. There were several times I thought they should have lobbed it up there and let him go get it.
I'm not too worried about Burke, he looked good he just didn't score, he was calm, ran the team well, I think he was just too concerned about running the team and trying to do what the coaches and team needed and wanted that he wasn't really focused when it came to his offensive game.
Maybe Evans will look better in the next several games but I didn't really like how he looked, he just didn't do much. Stockton didn't get much of a chance to show he can play but Burke is the player we need to get the minutes. Hope Burks ankle will allow him to play.

Tokyo, Japan

Just in...we wont be getting Jefferson Biedrins and rush...instead...we would sign and trade randy foye to denver...we get a second round pick...not much else...im not sure what is happening...

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

I think the Foye trade is an additional trade. Jazz still get the one made last week.It will be great to see these kids play together. Burke will be fine. Glad Hayward is meshing in with them.They all need time to develope. That will take place in the regular season. Would like to see Jazz give Stock a chance.He may develope fine and would be a great seat filler. I have not seen a game in person for several years. May try to get down there this year.

Tokyo, Japan

@Little Andy

thanks for that clarification...i wonder who'll the other guys be?...Pekovic Hansbrough and Spreights still have no teams i think


I would really like to introduce Gordon Hayward to my daughter.

Tokyo, Japan

if you look closely...at Hayward and Kobe's facial features....they kinda look a like...baby faced mamba...lol

Roosevelt, UT

Sidney Lowe liked the way Gobert moved and that speaks volumes. Sidney came to the team from outsiode the organization and has helped the bigs develop. When he says he likes the way Gobert moves that is good.

Gobert might be tall but he is as hard to push over as a flower but if Sidney likes him it would indicate he might have a future with the team.

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