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Published: Friday, July 5 2013 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

i would have thought they would have re-signed carroll...that's a bummer...but i do not understand the details of the 20M dollar salary cap relief...is this because we took Biedrins and Jefferson?....dang....i guess we'll see each other in the lottery next year

College Station, TX

To bad we couldn't get the Warriors coach in the trade. That would have been a great deal!

Captain L
Provo, UT

I'm looking forward to Kanter, Favors and Hayward being the main go to guys and seeing how they do. They should do well they're not rookies and they have sufficient experience that they should be able to meet the challenge. I think that is what the FO and coaches think too or they wouldn't be doing what they're doing. I can live with a few more loses if I'm seeing the young guns play well and improve. Next yrs free agents and draft are very strong and we should be in a good position to take advantage of that fact.

Las Vegas, NV

I don't get Atlanta signing Millsap to ostensibly play alongside Hortford. That is a small front line, and if the Hawks acquire Asik in a sign and trade for Josh Smith, you got to move Millsap to the bench because he can't match up with most small forwards, and this is the guy you just paid 9.5 million/ 2yrs. For what? To sit on the bench? I don't get it.

Layton, UT

This move really makes me wonder what is going on in the front office?
Both Milsap and Caroll wanted to stay and yet the Jazz did not want them?
We pick up Some players that are washed up and say we are giving the team to a rookie?
This will be a very interesting year.


I'll set the over/under for Jazz wins in 2013-14 at 20. Gonna be a brutal season.


I don't get why we wouldn't want to keep our same bigs/Jefferson and Milsap/ to keep the chemistry and let them build the younger guys. They've done so much for us - I know, it's all about the money - and I don't see how these Warrior acquisitions are going to help as well as J and M could have. You want youth but you get inexperience too without them and Foye and Mo to back them up.

Batavia, IL

I live near Chicago and was introduced to Paul Millsap after a Bucks game.

He was incredibly patient and kind. We must have talked for 15 minutes and he signed items for each of my kids and some other families. he posed for pictures and joked around with everyone. He was a true class act and a player I am very sad to see go.

Good luck Paul.

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

Wow....... Jazz fans this is new ground we are walking on, I don't know what to think. No Millsap! I wish him the best he will be missed............Man this is what most of us have been screaming for... PLAY THE YOUNG ONES!!! well it will be interesting to say the least. I don't think the front office is done though..... if so it might be a fun and sometimes scary run...... I can't wait..... but man am I ever so scared......... But its just a game! life goes on for the rest of us.

Tokyo, Japan

Man...its going to a rough 2-3 years...i'm ready for the wait...how bout you guys?

sandy, ut

Good job Jazz front office. You have officially put the jazz as the laughing stock of the league for this coming season. Letting Jefferson and Millsap walk is not acceptable. The players we got from Golden State are terrible. It is always next year, next year, next year. How bout we win this year for once?


The Jazz offered Sap what they thought he was worth, he walked for more money and both he and Carroll are now overpaid. I would have liked both back, but I'm tired of the Jazz over paying players. I trust in Lindsay, and if this is how they did it for the Spurs, then we can only wait and see. If next years draft is that good, then these moves make perfect sense. bigirish, did you really want to see players walk to the rim around Jefferson for another season? For every 10 points that guy scored he gave up 20. Like I've said in every post, if they don't come up with a good floor general, it doesn't matter who's coaching or playing. I think good teams are only as good as their point guards. Good point guards can make bad players look good, and last years miserable debacle was a direct result in Mo, and Watsons play. Tinsley did the best he could for a ninety year old. If they are taking contracts that expire to let the youth play, then at least get a good point guard to mentor the rookies.


I know that Jazz fans aren't used to full-out rebuilding years because the organization has never done it. But it would have been completely stupid to hold on to either Big Al or Millsap. Either player would've demanded playing time that would interfere with the development of the young bigs. Plus either player could've gotten us a few more wins - which we *definitely* don't want this year. We want to lose a lot this year in order to be in position to snag a top pick in next year's loaded draft. With a nice pick or two (thanks GS) and a few key free-agent pick-ups (we'll be stacked again next year with cap space) we can be contending in a couple of years. If the FO rebuilt like they usually do, we could expect to wallow in mediocrity for many years and probably lose one or more of the young guns. This way of rebuilding is a bit risky but should yield results *much* faster.

I, for one, will be attending more Jazz games this year and I won't be looking for a win - just steady improvement from the fab-5.

Temecula, CA

I don't see the negatives that some above see regarding next year. I have no doubt that Malone will help Kanter some and Lindsay said in an interview that Malone has already helped Favors a lot in just a few sessions together. Kanter and Favors, along with Evans and Gobert, will do just fine next year. The front line will be better defensively than last year, and I think the doubters will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in Kanter's jumpshot and Favor's and Kanter's ever expanding offensive repetoire. Add in the improvement of Hayward and Burk's offensive games and the high-motor, determined Trey Burke and it's going to be fun. Good luck to two of the best competitors Jazzland has ever seen in Millsap and Carroll. I thought they would sign Carroll, too, Kakashi.

West Jordan, UT

It seems to me that the Jazz are embracing their true status as a AAA farm club to the NBA's bigger market teams. I imagine David Stern (or rather his replacement), and the league marketing folks are elated that they don't have to worry about a Jazz playoff run and the resulting low TV ratings anytime soon.

Just keep developing those young players Jazz. New York, Boston, Chicago, and LA will have roster holes to fill in 2016 and beyond. Their scouts will be watching.


Contrary to what most people here are saying,this yet another phenomenal, smooth move by Dennis Lyndsey. No one can argue that we were going NOWHERE with Big Al and Millsap. I love Millsap, but he proved the last few years that he is not valuable when he has to carry the load. His value was when he was on the bench, but he sadly didn't want to be paid like a bench player.

We now get to play more talented bigs and finally develop them. We got two future first round picks from a franchise that is notoriously bad without having to give anything up. This is a stellar move and I'm so excited for this front office that seems more willing to wheel and deal than we have been in the past.

Santa Monica, CA

I'm not a fan of the "let's be awful for a few years while we let the young guns grow into their roles. Look, the young guns have had an awful lot of opportunity over the last couple of years and they've done well, but not well enough to unseat Paul Milsap or Al Jefferson. Many things can go wrong when you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. An injury, an attitude problem or a player who has just flat out peaked at a very young age. We should have retained either Milsap or Jefferson and in no way let a proven gamer like DeMarre Carrol go.I sincrely doubt that his desire and passion for the game are going to be matched by any of three "one and done" players. I'll always pull for the Jazz, but losing your two best players and your bench player with the biggest heart in one day is sort of a kick in the stomach. Oh well, all you "dump Milsap and Jefferson and let the young 'un's be stars" fans? The day is yours.

Tooele, UT

Some of the people on here posting that the jazz are the laughting stock of the NBA. Just dont get the game anymore. It not about win just one title anymore it about how many you can win in a row. And with the Jazz getting rid of Jefferson and Paul. That free up the jazz in doing that. And building that. We have never really done this. But look at the stockton/malone days. They built those days up. Starting way back when they draft both of them. And it got us to back to back finals and tha playoff ever year. That is what we are tring to get back to. I am a fan that can deal with the growing pains for better years to come. Way to go Jazz FO you final did what it take to really be a true froce in the NBA. That why the spurs have those titles. We have that guy in our FO. GO JAZZ.

Bluffdale, UT

The Jazz need to trade Jefferson a 2017 first round pick to the Hawks for Josh Smith and Jason Teague. Maybe they could do a sign and trade with the Hawks so they can get Smith \Teague for at least 3-5 years. Or even trade Andris Biedrins to the Rockets for Asik or send him to Portland for J.J. Hickson via sign an trade. They may have to also throw in a second round pick for Hickson.

Saint Louis, MO

This will be an interesting season and it appears obvious that the front office is already looking past next year. I believe that Favors and Hayward will have expiring contracts as well. I don't expect Favors to stay. You never know what the target venue really is. The key word here is "venue". Average attendance was down by 1000 from the 19.9 capacity. That is the key issue here. It is already obvious that Burke is a fan favorite. That is what the team needs to build on. It is all about the intangible that Malone and Stockton brought. It is called chemistry and you don't know what it is until you see it. The Jazz have to look for it. It is elusive but it is there.

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