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Published: Friday, July 5 2013 10:55 p.m. MDT

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usa, MA

What on earth do religious people think atheists like me do every day: kill kittens, run over old people, rob banks?

I probably live a more moral and law abiding life than a lot of Christians. We don't lie, steal, gossip, say hurtful things to or about anybody. We work hard, take care of our family; there when anyone needs help, but otherwise keep to ourselves. My children have never been in trouble with the law, taken drugs, or vandalized. How many Christians can say that?

I have almost never slapped my children (twice at most) preferring to use words to teach them the right way to behave. We care about our siblings, keep in contact with them. We save abandoned animals, donate to several charities. And a thousand things more. Just like many other non-Christians on this planet.

Do you think Christians have the monopoly on goodness? Before you start dismissing others for beliefs that are different from yours, you should start re-reading the bible and learn what being a Christian really means. I am convinced that if he returned, your Jesus wouldn't recognize half of you as Christians.

usa, MA

Jeff of Temple City! I don't believe your arrogance for saying “If you are a professed non-believer, I have no idea what you consider to be right or wrong except that you disavow belief.” is in violation of at least one of the Ten Commandments I am sure.

My cat knows right from wrong. My neighbor’s dog knows right from wrong. Crows have affection for each other, and look out for the welfare of the flock. And at my last asking none of them are Christian.

Right and wrong is measured by the harm someone’s actions do to others. Read the Ten Commandments, each one is based on treating people fairly and kindly. However, I don’t need someone to hand me a book telling me what to do. I came fully loaded with all the software necessary. And my parents taught me the rest.

Man was being loving, kind (and crappy) to each other long before language or religion. Christianity just used those universal behaviours and beliefs and claim property rights for doing so.

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