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Published: Friday, July 5 2013 7:40 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

little howie

No one cares what you say about this 2 for 1 stuff. BYU is getting top notch games everywhere when you said they couldn't.

As BYU continues to put a better team on the field the scheduling opportunities will improve and more teams will be willing to play BYU on a one for one basis. BYU has to earn the right.

It's enough for me and my buddies that schools are already agreeing to play BYU, something all of you Utesies said would never happen.

And 'we' KNOW that bothers you. LOL

Tom Holmoe has done an excellent job as BYU's AD. This scheduling is really coming together.

What has your AD done lately?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

While I crave AFA on the future schedule (and AFA likely wants BYU too) the logistics of such a game are not in the cards. AFA plays three non-conference games. Two of those are Navy and Army. AFA is scheduled out for the third game for many years.

I would like to see a neutral site game for any of the academies.

I never want BYU to play in Laramie. If we play Wyoming it needs to be our Idaho State/Weber of the year and at home only. In fact I would always prefer Weber State on the schedule since they are a bit more competitive than Wyoming has been.

There are no current advantages to playing NM or CSU.

USU, AFA, Hawaii, UNLV, SDSU, Boise St., Fresno are all good games for one reason or another, however the only team on that list I really really miss has been AFA.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


BYU is scheduling big boy schools because they are settling for two for ones... reflecting BYUs stature in the modern era of college football.

Two for ones with the big boys and one and done patsies at home to balance the schedule is the present and future for BYU in independence.

oh... and 3rd tier bowl games whether the record is 6-6 or 10-2...

It's the new normal... enjoy.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

We can only hope that, someday, the Cougars learn that they ate not the center of the football universe.

Ghost Writer

It's not all about football . . . I've loved having the Cougars play in the WCC.

West Point , UT

Beatings at the hands of Trojans, cardinals, ducks, sundevils, huskies, bruins, and beavers...

Decorating your tree, and caroling with neighbors during bowl season...

Watching the HC crowd dwindle around game 4 or 5 of bb season

Watching BYUs trophy case expand while the Us collects more dust...(U can always shine up your PAC12 logo)

"It's the new normal"...enjoy. Lol

Rexburg, ID

Re: Howard S @ 8:45 am

"Utah has perpetual home and home schedule with USC"

And USC in return gets a perpetual punching bag with Utah.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

More gnashing, all is right in the world.

But just an observation: a 2-1 with USC is a win/win. It does not hurt our feelings to play a legacy team twice in a region where we are recruiting.

A 2-1 with Utah has no advantages and is only a punishment. This is why it is only a fantasy in a few Ute fans mind.

USU playing a 2-1 with BYU makes financial sense for them, but just as they were there for us and have begun to prove parity on the field, so is it our turn to be there for them and respect their parity with a 1-1.

Unless they prefer the financial incentives.

Layton, UT


Every day, you guys are quick to point out that Utah missed out on ONE year of bowling.

With byu's upcoming schedule you might start thinking about how you like your crow...baked, fried or grilled.

btw...using byu "fan's" way of thinking, it doesn't matter that we didn't go bowling last year because Utah has a better bowl record. lol.

Layton, UT


Just like Utah gets with byu. lol.

Rexburg, ID


I must admit it is embarrassing to loss to Utah 3 of the last 4 times, however that unfortunate streak will end this year and the Cougs will be bowling. The Ute fans will be making excuses about another losing season and flooding the boards with nonsense such as SOS, meaningless number minutia and comparisons.

ekute, your Utes will have to break 0.500 to even make it to the "Welcome" door mat bowl.

Sandy, UT

@Howard aka Navalvet

USC also has perpetual home and homes with Wazzu.
And USC fans aren't flocking to their Mecca....Pullman Washington, either.

Sometimes schools schedule other teams because they have to (see Utah), not because they choose to (see BYU).

Unlike Utah, a road game for BYU in Los Angeles, is home away from home.
Just as it is whenever they (BYU) play on the road.

National Brands with Legacy and Tradition can play anywhere(see BYU) because their fans are everywhere.

They don't need a Conference Crutch (see Utah).

As for the New Normal...
See Utah Basketball and Football... losing programs under under .500.

Utah Utes...The Pac's tier-3 sparring partner.
Let us know the next time your Utes are invited to 'ANY" Bowl Game.


I for one would like to see Utah State and BYU faceoff in November, but only if it's a home and home arrangement. Otherwise BYU can go schedule Idaho State that weekend. Boise is now our biggest game of the year anyway.

I'm assuming the BYU fans that continue to harp on attendance at MOFARS are also the same ones that believe BYU is much better than St. Mary's and Gonzaga because the MC attendance is greater. Or maybe they just feel a need to compensate for other shortcomings in their lives by basing their self esteem on LES attendance.

Remember, the Aggies are having to grow a fanbase from the ashes of near extinction (no thanks to BYU and Utah). It'll take time to catch up, but it's a new age in Cache Valley and our numbers are increasing by the day.

Danbury, CT

Big deal and good riddance to the MWC. The only school that is halfway interesting is Air Force. Could we really care less about Wyoming, CSU, UNLV???

This article is fluff as the 2 schools mentioned only recently joined the MWC.

I love the scheduling around the country, but will get most excited about BYU when they WIN vs. Wisconsin, ND, etc. and WIN in a couple of BCS bowls a la BSU, TCU and... (hate to say it but am honest) Utah. We should all be about performance and less about what we THINK WE DESERVE!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

"No one cares what you say about this 2 for 1 stuff. BYU is getting top notch games everywhere when you said they couldn't."

The doubters of byu ever playing against storied programs as an independent never included the condition of 2 for 1. In other words, the assumption was that the games would be 1 for 1. They are not and Holmoe is making a lot of concessions. Holmoe has no bargaining power with these games but has managed, at least so far, to sell ponies and rainbows to the byu fans base as he continues to put lipstick on a pig. Very entertaining.

You don't see USU fans swinging from the rafters with joy and excitement for their upcoming game with USC. And before you counter with..."well, USC isn't going to visit Logan," remember that byu's series with USC doesn't even start for six years and won't conclude for 10 years. Also recall that Nebraska and Michigan won't be visiting Provo either. What's Holmoe going to announce at his media day next year...that Ohio State is scheduled to visit Provo in 50 years??

btw...byu's 2014 schedule is no better than the 2010 schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT


"...your Utes will have to break 0.500 to even make it to the "Welcome" door mat bowl."

Actually, a 0.500 season would probably land the Utes in the Las Vegas Bowl. Another bowl to which byu does not have access.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


If losing 3 of 4 is embarrassing... how humiliating must it be to have lost 8 of the last 11?

Danbury, CT

I don't get some Y fans' putdowns of Utah in the PAC 12. Kudo's to Utah for winning 2 BCS bowls and EARNING the chance to be invited to an awesome conference!!

Anaheim, CA


I don't know why you're drinking the red koolaid.

The Utes weren't invited to the PAC 12 because they won a couple of bcs games. They were invited because the PAC 10 / Big 12 South merger fell through and the PAC needed another team in addition to Colorado to hold a CCG.

Utah was simply the best available, non-religious school, within the PAC's geographic footprint, but outside of California.

Layton, UT


Kudos to BYU for the success they've achieved so far as an independent in football. I think the results of this year will prove to be either a launching board or a stumbling block for the future of the program.

Not as many Kudos for they're Olympic sports in the WCC.

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