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Published: Friday, July 5 2013 4:25 p.m. MDT

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Mr. Bean
Pheonix, AZ

I do not envy women their role. They have to beautify themselves enough to attract the opposite sex but not so much as to get put upon by those who they deem not fit potential companionship. A very fine line to walk.

Mapleton, UT

I love the comment by Million in Bluffdale, because it is so true!

When I was a teen, a new make-up company called "Love" was born. They had a slogan, "Love's a little color." and "Love's a little cover." and taught this young, impressionable girl that I needed both to achieve color in my skin and cover of my horrible zits. (I think I had two, and was mortified.) I bought the stuff, and smeared it on every day. Our lockers were such that the boys were situated behind ours, but sound bounced off the ceiling, and one day I overheard a boy I respected say to a friend how sad he was that so many girls thought they needed to be tan, and how horrible it looked. The other boy agreed. That made me give a serious look to my Love products.

Later, I heard a quote, and I wish I remembered what it was, or who said it, but the gist of it was that makeup only makes young girls look painted and older women look frosted.

Realizing this, I wash my face and apply moisturizer. Good to go!

Daniel Leifker
San Francisco, CA

A friend of mine works in corporate communications, and she is always making video recordings of all kinds of people. They all (even men) wear makeup so they look warm and radiant on camera.

After the taping, the men are asked whether they want the makeup removed or not. According to my friend, a surprising number of men choose to keep the makeup on for the rest of the day because they look so good. (One assumes they are wearing the basic stuff to soften blemishes, not mascara or lipstick.)

I thought this was interesting and showed that both genders want to look good. As for me, I'll just brush my hair and teeth and leave the make-up to others.

G L W8

For those who want a different cultural view of beauty, find a Navajo and ask them what "hozho" (translated loosely into English as "beauty") means to them. It's an entirely different perspective than our vain, limited American view.
Scholars have described the Navajo "hozho" concept as dealing with such matters as order, happiness, goodness, health, well-being, balance, harmony, beauty; thus representing a much deeper understanding of beauty than that coming from the world of so-called "fashion".

Auckland NZ, 00

"Is this a great country or what? She can dress any way she wants to, for whatever reason."

There's nothing uniquely American about this freedom; in fact, there is less freedom in the way Americans can dress in public when compared to other countries. You won't find the public nudism in Salt Lake, for example, that you can in Berlin. I know it's a week for nationalist expressions in the US, but not everything benefits from being hoisted up the flagpole to flutter beside Old Glory.

Durham, NC

Red Corvette... those were probably the most shallow comments I have seen in a long time. If anyone thinks they need money or what society calls good looks to be happy.... they have absolutely no clue what true happiness is all about..... as both of those things are fleeting, and have little to do with what kind of a person you really are.

It is such a shame so many are so focused on those things that in the end mean so little.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

There got to be a balance point. Where your not a heathen and not a beauty queen. Nice is all I want to see. Scary is the two extremes.

Henderson, NV

Modesty might be defined as the opposite of extreme, and many today are in love with the extreme. Modesty also does not just mean covering certain parts of the body, since tight-fitting or exaggerated clothing covering those parts can draw as much attention as if they were uncovered – possibly even more.

Modesty is a virtue that has become almost obsolete today, largely due to Hollywood and the outrageous “Look at Meeeeee!” attitudes of those desiring fame.

Modesty reflects respect for self and for others. The most accurate definition is “One who is confident and strong, brave and has integrity - one who does not need to show off or brag about what they have or do not have - one who is above materialism - one who is mature and content with themselves.”

Many find this trait very attractive BECAUSE it is so rare.

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