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Published: Friday, July 5 2013 2:30 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

GS is in a position where they are more desperate than the Jazz. They must clear the cap space to have any chance for Dwight Howard. So a good negotiator will make them pay for their desperation. Hold out for Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes to be included in the deal.

Saint George, UT

The Warriors are not getting anything back in this or any other Bogut deal. Not sure the author really followed through on this... The Warriors are going to have to give up Bogut and either a pick or a young player to get cap space. No way the Jazz are stupid enough to give up Kanter for Bogut.

However, this trade would be good for the Jazz if they could get a future pick (even 2nd round) and have a 1 year cap filler before the 'core 4' get their extensions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Please, please do not trade Kanter or Favors for Bogut. Please do not trade away the future of the Jazz for an injury prone center regardless of his Utah heritage. Bogut is a great guy and rates among the Ute's greatest players. But, his NBA record is marred with injury, especially the last 2 years.

Try to get him, yes! absolutely! But not at the expense of one of tej young Jazz bigs!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmmm, interesting...

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


This would be incredible. Bogus is a class act and top 5 big guy in the league when he can stay healthy. If we're comfortable with his health issues, make this deal happen!

Colorado Springs, CO

Do it and throw in one of our young bigs but only if we can get Curry or Thompson. Not sure how the money works out but it would likely have to include some other players or picks. GS can't simply give the Jazz Bogut in order to get under the cap.

Riverton, UT

Would not mind Bogut on the Jazz at all; However, if the Jazz trade anyone of their young players it would be plain stupid. With GS desperately needing to unload salary to try and sign Dwight Howard the Jazz should be able to land him cheap. The Jazz need to eat up that 24 million in cap space without jeopardizing their future with stupid contracts that wont allow them to keep these young guys as they come into their own and demand larger salaries. Makes sense to me.

Little Andy
Tremonton, UT

It is GS in the need here.So Jazz should not have to give up any picks and especially not Kanter. NO ! NO ! Make them take Marvin Williams contract Murph for Bogut Barnes. TPE might work here also..

Saint George, UT

@AFCoug Yes GS can just give Bogut to the Jazz without getting a player back because the Jazz are so far under the cap.

sandy, ut

Why the jazz would want to pay an always injured center 14million dollars is beyond me. Go sign Monta Ellis or Andre Iguadala.

San Diego, CA

Now look what's happening.. scramble mode just to get to min salary level. Should have worked with Al to shop him around to get something like this (sign and trade)..too late. Teams will target one of the core memebers now in a trade. In the draft, I think they just got lucky to get Burke. Otherwise, Jazz management is dropping the ball. Corbin is still here, Horny got away, got a '0' in return for Al. Don't let DeMarre get away or trade away a Kanter/Burks or the fans will really be on you..sign the guy TODAY PLEASE.

sandy, ut

Bahahahahaha. Nice move jazz. Instead of going after a quality player like Iguadala themselves they make it possible for the Warriors to get him by taking on two terrible salaries of 2 average players? Great move front office, great move.

Summerville, SC

of Richard Jefferson, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush to the Utah Jazz, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Yahoo! Sports reported multiple draft picks, including Golden State's 2014 first-rounder, are also included in the deal

Spider Rico
Greeley, CO

Great move by the Jazz as it shows they are serious about the young guys. Rather than spending money on some vets for multiple years they take on these three for one year and pick up some draft picks as well. We can now play the core young guys all year, lose a bunch of games, and hit the great draft and free agents next year. This is much better than patchworking to try and just make the playoffs which is what has gone on for years. Rebuilding is what this is!

Colorado Springs, CO

Nice move. This team is so in rebuilding mode now. So many fans wanted the younger players to start and now when they have a chance they want the Jazz to go get veterans. This sets the Jazz up for several years. They get to see the young core start with some veterans on expiring contracts. If the core (favors, kantor, burks, hayward, Burke) come through this year and show promise the expiring contracts fall off the books and they can sign the core to long term contracts next year. If they do not pan out then they gain some draft picks and have a ton of cap space next year. This move sets them up for the next 6-8 years though if the younger core forms into a solid base though. Good move Jazz and I'm looking forward to seeing the new Jazz look next year.

Provo, UT

As a Golden State Warriors fan for many years as I am a native of Northern California living in Utah; I love this trade to dump these players and their contracts to the Jazz.
I can't quite root for the Jazz until they get a new Coach and Center.
Was never a Jazz fan even with Sloan but at least I could respect him.

San Diego, CA

OK, did something at least. Got 3 scrubs and 2 draft picks for nothing. Not bad, at least their contracts are done next year. They will be playing the Fab 5 looks like and maybe will be in the draft lottery sweepstakes. DeMarre is still waiting.......SIGN HIM before he bolts

South Jordan, UT

hey, it's 2013. Jazz are looking at the 2014 off-season. Next year, they'll again show a lack of commitment to winning and look forward to the 2015 off-season. By the time they figure it out, Hayward and Favors will be nearing retirement. Worse, they are smart enough to see the Jazz don't intend to "play to win" so they'll be gone in a couple of years.

I just hope the Jazz FO has some other things in mind. Maybe they plan future moves with one or more of these players. But this can't be the bill of goods they think will get them in the game.

Washington, DC

This is a move for the future. They're not trying to pay a lot of money to get semi-good players in the free agency market for 2013-14. Grow the young ones this year, get a lottery pick in the loaded draft for next year plus an additional pick from GS, and wipe the three GS players' contracts off of the books at the end of the season.


This was the perfect option for the Jazz. Three expiring contracts?

There are NO other FA's out there that would make sense for the Jazz. So they are able to sign some back ups and let their young guns play (something that everyone has been begging for).

Not only that, they pick up a draft pick for 2014 - a draft slated to be as strong as the 2003 draft with Lebron/Wade/Bosh/Melo etc. So they get the Warriors 2014 first rounder that will go along with their own 2014 first rounder WHICH may be a lottery pick.

They get expiring contracts - big money expiring contracts - which puts them in an excellent position next off season when some more big name FA's come on the board.

If you think about it, this is a brilliant move.

Trust Dennis Lindsey. He is smart and he is steering this ship in a good course. It will just take a year or two to develop.

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