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Published: Thursday, July 4 2013 4:05 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

What a great article! It's wonderful to see that when Tyler Haws put in the work effort like he did and then everyone can see the big payoff! Congratulations to Tyler, his family, his coaches, and to us the fans who cheer on Cougar nation!

Although not in this story, Tyler was asked to give a fireside for the youth of Colorado Springs. With the intensity of competing in that setting for the national team, he got dressed, went to the Church, and spoke from his heart. What a great role model he is!

Go Cougars!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Talent is overrated.

Tyler Haws has separated himself from everyone else as a world class performer because of his disciplined practice over an extended period of time.

Most athletes tend to do what they can already do over and over because it is instantly rewarding and feels good. Tyler Haws has focused on what he can't do well and is constantly pushing the envelope to hone new skills. Opponents will find him ever harder to handle on the basketball court.

He will be a great leader for the BYU team for the next two years.

Frisco, TX

The pride extends beyond Utah. Tyler is first and foremost, a great person who happens to be extremely good at basketball. Can't wait until November to see him at the Marriott Center again.

Washington, UT

Haws' "mid-range" game is notable because nobody else shoots the mid-range shots anymore. Black players especially want to jam the ball in your face, Haws will pull up and hit the 10 footer because nobody expects it anymore. Or, the glory shot these days is the 3 pointer, even though the shooting percentage goes way down when you move out that far; yes, it's exciting when it goes in but Haws will make two or three mid-range jumpers while the glory boys are trying to bring the house down with a long range three.

Haws is a great player, he plays the full game, the complete game, and it's how the game should be played. If you took the 3pt shot away today, most players would be lost, they wouldn't know what to do.

Syracuse, UT

What a great guy and a great recruiting tool for BYU. His example on and off the floor will change minds and attitudes of all who get to know him.

I love cheering for the Cougars. Always trying to improve these young men and turn them into great men, husbands and fathers.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is odd to categorize black players as being jam happy. There are lots of guys in the NBA who shoot jumpers and are black. Kevin Garnett, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry......even jammers like MJ still used the jump shot (Game 6, Bryon Russell........)LeBron just sealed a title with a jump shot. There are still black guys that shoot jumpers.

Salt Lake City, UT

dumprake, you do know that shooting 40% from 3 is the same as shooting 60% from 2, right? Or 34% from 3 = 51% from 2?

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I was a big Marty Haws fan years ago and was delighted when I learned about Tyler and his high school career before he joined the Cougars.

Tyler Haws is someone who every Father would be proud to have as a son. I have worlds of respect for the Haws family and look forward to following Tyler at the World University Games and throughout his BYU career. (I look forward to following TJ Haws as well!)

Congrats to the Haws family and to Tyler for his commitment to being excellent! Thanks, Dick, for this article.

Richmond, VA

Aaaahhh...this is a great day!!! Great news from the state's two premier programs; first the story about the Utes new facility upgrade and now about BYU's Tyler Haws making the USA's national team.

Can't wait to see how the next two years will turn out for this outstanding young man. I for one am looking forward with the whole Cougar nation to follow this kid and his little brother coming after him. A huge thank you to Mr. Marty Haws and his wife for raising such wonderful young men. I'm especially glad that they chose to come to BYU.

Go Cougars! And go Utes too!

Idaho Falls, ID

Congratulations Tyler. Obviously a very driven young man. I just hope he doesn't burn out.

Saint George, UT

That kind of man does not burn out. He just burns up everyone else.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if his dream included being in the WCC and having conference foes Pepperdine, Santa Clara, and San Francisco.


Salt Lake City, UT

@ Chris B
Better dream than being the door mat of the Pac-12 and unable to beat teams such as Pepperdine, Santa Clara and San Francisco!

provo, UT

I wonder how he feels about playing and practicing on Sunday for this team. It would be hard to reconcile playing on Sunday, especially after recently returning from an LDS mission where missionaries teach investigators about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Is it okay to play basketball on Sunday or not? Or is he not playing or practicing on Sunday?
Tyler is a great talent and he seems to be a great person. You can tell he works hard at the game. I just have an honest question about appropriate Sabbath Day activities, especially when it isn't his full-time occupation. Any clarification would help since I am not very familiar with LDS church doctrine on this subject.

Frisco, TX

@chrissy - I know you still have goose bumps from being invited to the PAC after Texas, Oklahoma turned them down. But someday soon, you will learn that the quality of your program is more important than the quality of your conference. Finishing near the bottom in football, baseball, and M and W basketball leads to doormat status. P.S. Tyler and TJ were both offered by Utah, but both chose BYU. Maybe it's time to ask why?

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Ute fan(cougar nation#1) - All I know is that God's commandments apply to every person who lives today. So whatever you're trying to pin on Haws, make sure you pin on your Utes as well, along with Aggies, wildcats, tide, gators. Stay classy.

rock springs, wy


With a name like CougarNation#1, you are probably quite familiar with LDS doctrine concerning keeping the Sabbath holy. I was expecting at least one referrance to Tyler's playing on Sunday but the answer is always the same. How one chooses to keep the Sabbath holy is purely personal. BYU doesn't play on Sunday as a matter of principle and long-standing policy. And, in Tyler's case, in the long term, it probably is his full-time occupation. I'm sure that Tyler carefully weighs the pros and cons of playing on Sunday and I'm quite sure that you'd like to have him as a neighbor on the other six days.

provo, UT

@sports are great- I'm actually a diehard BYU Cougar fan and football season ticket holder so way to jump to a dumb conclusion. This is actually a question I wrestled with as a youth and now as a parent of kids who play youth sports.
@gchris- I am sure Tyler is a great guy and I'm not trying to condemn him, but I am somewhat confused how he reconciles preaching the gospel as a full-time missionary trying to commit Filipinos to keep the Sabbath Day holy and him playing basketball on Sundays, not as his full-time occupation. All choices are personal choices in life and it is up to Tyler to make those choices. What pros and cons are there about playing on Sundays as a member of the LDS church?

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

He's 3-0 vs Utah so far.


Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

CougarNation#1 is a ute, and a poor imposter at that. I see I have upset him by stating he is a Ute. Knowing that this will likely upset him further, I'll take great privilege in repeating: God's commandments apply equally to all people alive. Their college sports affiliation hardly matters to the man in the heavens. So whatever one tries to pin on Haws equally applies not only to all Mormons, but to anyone who believes in the 10 commandments.

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