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Published: Thursday, July 4 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Farmington, UT

Wow, a guy that can't play defense is worth $41 million? What are the Bobcats thinking?

Of course Al loves Salt Lake City. So does Urban Meyer. Just look at what each has said. (Don't form your opinion on what either have done, though.)

Do reporters ever get the idea that they are being "played" by the athletes they cover? One of the reasons I wonder is because the media always roasts the athletes when they aren't the perfect interview, so I'm thinking the players just spit out anything positive to get the interview finished. Reports just want a story so they couldn't care less about getting the facts. Sports news has become sports inquirer---entertainment for some of the masses.

Good luck Al....with a little more defense for about a total of 10 minutes Utah would have made the playoffs this past season. Oh, well.....

San Diego, CA

If the Jazz were planning on sign and trading Al/Paul, half of that strategy is down the drain. They haven't made 1 offer, not even to DeMarre. Great draft but they are sitting around waiting for the girl to come to them. Its not happening..the targets are dwindling. Have to spend close to 30mil. Please do something soon so you don't become desperate and settle and overpay. I don't agree with the wait 5 days..we'll see. Do something!

Ivins, UT

I do think Big Al is a good guy and a good player overall. That said, Big Al and Millsap leading the way was not going to get us where we want to be. I commend the Jazz organization for committing to our young and upcoming players to take over this team. By and large I feel most Jazz fans will be patient with the rebuilding process and not discouraged if we don't see the playoffs next season,as long as they see the effort in developing our young players. Fortydam, I still don't like Corbin, but I will try to be a little patient with him if he starts teaching defense and developing the young guns. He better show me something quickly though because I have serious doubts that he should be a head coach.

Bluffdale, UT

Since Jefferson is gone you better try an sign Chris Kaman or DeJuan Blair for additional help at another center and make a big effort in trying to sign J.J. Hickson as a F/C for at least a 5 year contract. As for guards they need to sign at least 2 more of the following
Jose Calderon, Jeff Teague, Brandon Jennings, Jarrett Jack, Randy Foye or Monta Ellis. They will need experience to help out with Trey Burke. They need to do something in the next day or so before they are gone.

Tokyo, Japan


Signing someone for the sake of signing a free agent...would be bad...its like the bulls panicked and decided to get boozer a huge some of cash...and a trade exception...there are still some targets out there...JJ Hickson...Mareese Spreights...Tyler Hansbrough...being patient is tough....especially when fans are breathing down your neck....but it takes guts to do it...if you know its for the the team's best interest...I do think...that they need to lock up Hayward and Favors...

i agree with you on Corbin...i don't think he'll be the guy you want on a rebuilding team...because he relies on his vets too much...Marvin Williams is an example...

i think Calderon still does not have a team...Calderon and Tinsley would be good for PGs...Spreights, Hickson, Millsap, Landry and Hansbrough are possible targets for bigs....Corey Brewer, Earl Clark, Austin Daye, Al Farouq Aminu, Wesley Johnson and Alan Anderson for wings...so i dont see any reason to panic...have faith in Lindsey...he brought you a guy you all love in Trey Burke...i'm sure he'll work something out

Ogden, UT


The reason why they're waiting is so they don't overpay for players...seriously look at the contracts going around. Evans for 44 million, Jefferson for 41 million, Korver for 24 million, Splitter for 36 million, etc., etc. These players are all getting overpaid.

They're waiting for everyone to spend their money, so they can pay the actual price for a player. Guys like Millsap, Jack, Landry, Foye, Carroll, Calderon, Williams, etc. are still out there, so be patient. I agree it is frustrating watching other teams "scoop" players from the jazz, however it's not like they don't know what they're doing. They just simply refuse to overpay for players. It will be interesting to see what they do when it is all said and done though.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

We should have traded him last year...major brain cramp.


Americanvet, Corbin will be on a short leash with me too. Like I've said before I think his ability to coach and get players to play defense will be getting players that are capable of doing so. Without a true point guard and that very poorly assembled team, I'm not sure anyone would have done better with the exception of maybe George Karl. I wouldn't mind seeing Hansbrough here, he is very tough and the Jazz need some nasty. I know I've protected Corbin with my comments, but only because of that team..

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Good riddons!

Sturgis, MS

The Jazz and pretty much everybody else knew the kind of money Big Al would get. Jazz were not willing to pay the tab. Big Al just sent a message, "if I'm not your first choice then you ain't mine". Bobcats now have a front line that can play with anybody. They may not be bottom feeders this year.

Jazz will move when they can and want to. It is the old story of the "willing and able buyer".

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

No athlete is worth 40+ million dollars. If the market will bear such a price tag on an athlete, then our society's values are way out of whack. A society that values athletes more than scientists, educators, and surgeons is nutty.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

It is nauseating to read these whiny fan comments.

"Sign someone the sky is falling!"

Then after they overpay these fools who have gotten these big bloated overpaid deals then you bust on the Jazz next season because they can't get anyone good and they are saddled with non-productive expensive players.

The Bobcats paid $41 million for Big Al. Horrific! Korver? Another ridiculous overpaid deal. Tyreke Evans? More of the same.

The only player so far that I would even want is CP3 and he said he is not moving. The rest of these dudes are not marquis and most are marginal role players who are not taking this franchise anywhere. So why race out and pay multiyear overpaid contracts for them?

Don't. Bad deals everywhere so far.

The Jazz need to keep their money, play the young guys, see what we actually have, lose plenty of game (unfortunate reality), get a great draft position next year in a deep draft and then go from there.

At that point you know whether these young guys are any good or not.

You better find out before it comes time to re-sign them. That ever cross your mind?

South Jordan, UT


Don't know why you're so broken up about a player who had the worse +/- rating on the team leaving. Especially when his backup Enes Kanter had the best +/- rating on the team.

Did the Jazz not pursue this one? You bet. No one pursued this one except the lowly Bobcats whose front office has pretty much never made a good decision ever. And Jefferson still couldn't land a max deal.

Ivins, UT

The Jazz do have to sign about $30 million more in player salaries just to get to the NBA minimum, so they will be bringing in players. I agree though that we don't want long term contracts with marginal new players when there is a deeper draft and better free agency pool next year. Lets just bring in the best we can get with the $30 million on 1 year contracts if needed then make the bigger moves next year.imho

Ivins, UT

I'm just reading on ESPN that the Warriors are trying to shed salaries so they can make a run at Dwight Howard. They have players like Andrew Bogut and Richard Jefferson on the block. I'm wondering if the Jazz might go for Bogut who is in the final year with a $14million contract. If they sign Bogut and resign Millsap they would be getting close to the minimum salary but still enough left over for a shooter or 2. Bogut has been injury prone but can be a tremendous defender when healthy. If he misses some games with injuries, we want to be getting our young bigs most of the playing time anyway. If Bogut is a complete bust he will become a free agent next year and come off the books so the Jazz can pursue some other big time free agents next season.

Tokyo, Japan


i agree with you

Temecula, CA

Good news & good luck to Al.

Orem, UT

I, for one, am certainly grateful that we didn't sign Jefferson to a max contract like the Bobcats and Michael Jordan apparently did. I am hoping that they don't sign Millsap to a max contract either, and so far I have reason to believe they won't. We will need the money in the future to negotiate with players that have a real upside and can play NBA ball. We need to get rid of Marvin Williams as soon as possible so that we have an extra 8 million to pay for players that deserve it. Whatever we do this summer, we need to evaluate the true value of each player we sign. Other than the ones we already have on contract (with the exception of Marvin Williams) there are no players we had last year that deserve any consideration. With next years draft potential, we will be able to have a substantially better, more athletic, and younger team in the future.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

More minutes for m'boy the Turk! Yes! See you Al, and thanks.

Roosevelt, UT

The Jazz have 28 million to spend and anyone who says the Jazz do not overspend (league wide hazard) does not remember AK or Raja Bell.

Traditionally the Jazz have tried to be spendthrifts and get people like junkyard dog and Jeremy Evans then the team gets to watch the playoffs instead of playing in them.

Go get a world class athlete, get the best money can buy if you expect world class results. There are 30 teams in the league and 26 are working on rebuilding. Does anyone think that KOC is smarter than Danny Ainge? Boston banners say that is not the case.

Rebuilding in the NBA is a myth.

The draft was not strong, the free agent pool was not deep and so whoever on the Jazz had the great idea to save up for this shallow group of individuals (knowing CP3 and Howard were not coming to Utah) should be held accountable. Jazz are losing way more than they are gaining this offseason.

The advantage the Jazz have is their fanbase is much stronger than their players. Fans here are believers...but so far with free agents Jazz have shown little to believe in.

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