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Published: Thursday, July 4 2013 11:05 a.m. MDT

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Sacramento, CA

I was not homeschooled, thank goodness. My parents were bright people, but did not know everything, nor could both of them together possibly come up with all the best sources with which to teach five reasonably bright children. Nor did they have the means to expose us to the many differing subjects and experiences our elementary school did, much less our junior and senior high schools had they taken it that far. There are things no parent can do that teachers (plural) can do. Parents do have other responsibilities, as well, and I believe that the German Government also stated that children may go to ANY school, including religious schools. If I could have afforded it, I would have sent mine to one, just for the discipline. And this is not your average immigration problem...it is also an international issue between sovereign nations and a judicial problem. So it doesn't belong on the same table, maybe not even in the same dining room as immigration.

Sacramento, CA

jthompson, thank you. My grandfather was German, brought over here as a child by his parents, and I have reason to be proud of my heritage. Your post is a reminder that each country's laws are unique and to be respected; we can't simply impose our expectations of what should be legal on another land just because it's how it is here. I hope some who wrote in the heat of passion will note that after cooling down...maybe...you made one girl in the West feel much better.

broomfield, CO

The German family could have gone to France, Switzerland, Austria but they CHOSE America. Choice is the crux of the whole dilemma. Parents who home school aren't dumb. Most have 'taught' their children everything they learn from birth to starting school.I have read many times that homeschooled children excel. Children in public schools also do much better when their parents are involved in their learning on a daily basis. Now states want required preschool attendance for kids, but its parents who need to be encouraged to spend more time 'teaching' at home.


Germany has admittedly "produced" great composers (before it existed as a nation), great scientists (the greatest having to flee from it) and great inventors (though not all of them as Nazi Germany was wont to claim).

However,judging the nation of Germany by its own short history (it dates from 1871 I believe) it does a bit more than just "believe in a more orderly society".

Born under Bismarckian "Blood and Iron" and Realpolitik, it developed Prussian militarism and then Nazi-ism, started two world wars, and suffered occupation, and forcible division for fifty years in the tempting hope of making the world safer for democracy than otherwise- Unfortunately and amazingly a gullible West ommitted to factor in the compensating tyranny of the USSR.

Germany still does not include Austria except when forcibly annexed, of course. Neither does it include Sweden which also excels in controlling and disbanding families who are not sufficiently politically correct.

Lake Havasu City, AZ

Just another case of "What is happening to ohis Great Christian nation", If a family is here legally why in the world would there even be an idea that they should be deported. I agree that Thomas Jefferson of Wellsville. We as Americans need to pray that this will not happen, these people are legal in this counry, they are Christians, and want what is best for their children. My prayers will be with them,

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

The fact that courts in the US have consistently and regularly ruled in favor of home schoolers shows that the Obama administration is out of touch with reality.

Also, the claims that this is just treatment of anyone who does not send their child to school is rubbish. Parents have a right to chose how to raise their children. This right is being violated here.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Parents have an unalienable right to chose how to raise their children. Having been bullied much in school the claim that going to school is some sort of "human right" to a child is just plain rubbish.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Here in America we believe in idealogical freedom. We also have over and over again upheld a right of parents to control the upbringing of their child. This trumps the attempts of the state to mold the child into what the state wants. The trheat of taking the children away is a grave threat, and we should not send parents into such a mess.


In the 1980's, I knew a woman from Rhode Island who was jailed for not sending her children to school- she was a trained teacher who wanted to homeschool, but it was illegal in that state, regardless. In all the years before that in most states in this country, any child who was not enrolled in and regularly attending public school was considered 'truant', and would be sent to a youth detention center. The parents were considered criminals, as well, and they could lose custody of their child if they did not force the child to attend school. The woman in question was forced to move to another state where she could find 'asylum' and legally homeschool her child.

Homeschooling as a trend has only gained acceptance in the United States in the past 20 years. We cannot insist that another nation be on the same path and timeframe as we are in all issues.

Germany is a pretty nice place on the whole, with people who generally treat those who are 'different' in any way with dignity and caring. Religious tolerance is high in Germany, but they see a different way of achieving that. Not our business!

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