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Published: Thursday, July 4 2013 11:05 a.m. MDT

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broomfield, CO

"In 2010, the family was granted asylum. The district judge who made that decision said, according to the New York Times, that the German policy was "utterly repellent to everything we believe as Americans." Seems fair considering reasons government used in giving the Boston Marathon bombers and family refuge, citizenship for the "boys" and $100,000s in welfare. We can give Amnesty to 11 Million aliens in our country illegally, but no refuge for one family, who want freedom of thought - like all Americans have?

Herndon, VA

Homeschooling is one of the great liberators of our youth. This once "wave of the future" is now becoming mainstream in the US. It's because of the benefits.

Homeschoolers generally have been proven to score better on standardized college testing. They are highly sought after by major universities, some of which have admissions department personnel devoted exclusively to encouraging their enrollment.

Isn't it great there is an option here for parents, where their children are not lost academically and socially amid the thundering herd of immature peers and petty social climbing and competitiveness of public school?

They thrive in an atmosphere of love and intelligent encouragement. They read and work math way beyond their grade level. They have opportunities to develop talents and explore the world in ways of which public school only dreams.

Despite the myths, they develop very strong socially and are spared the early exposure to drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying, pre-marital sex, and secular humanism that dominates the "Time-Warner" peer culture of public school life.

Parents get quality time with their children in a daily schedule that is family-centered and not public-school-centered.

There are many more advantages.

Mesa, Az

Interesting, today we celebrate the 4th of July which gave us independence and we want to send some one back to an environment where they can't practice their freedoms. Sounds similar doesn't it.


I guess they are not brown enough for this administration. Giving people amnesty, and waivers from deportation, makes this look silly. Equal justice under the law?

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

So let me see if I understand: White people who are trying to avoid having their kids taught science in school are more sympathetic than brown people trying to make money to feed their children. Am I close?

Ontario, OR

Some random-yet-relevant thoughts: My experience as a college instructor was that home-schooled students were great test takers and knew their 3R's quite well, but they often had difficulty with critical thinking and lacked an appreciation of diverse viewpoints. Anyone who understands anything about current immigration laws knows that a German family would have a much easier time legally immigrating to the U.S. than a Mexican family. I wonder how many millions of people would like to come to the U.S. as "refugees" from policies they don't agree with in their home countries. Again, this family could easily have moved next door to a country that tolerates home-schooling.

Provo, UT

I may be mistaken, but I thought the original purpose of this country was to protect individual freedoms. Back then, the kings felt they had a "divine" commission and so you did what they said or suffered. The US Constitution was created to protect these freedoms. Government is there to protect them: whether they succeed or not, a government can never create freedoms. The danger is that our liberal government has gotten so arrogant that they feel they are to be the "moral guides", when in fact that is not their purpose
. I can teach my children what I choose to; the government should protect that right, not decide that they know better than me how my children should be taught. Our current administration couldn't care less about the personal freedoms of those who disagree with them.

Murray, UT

Disturning that this amnesty seems to be for everyone except Europeans. Their excuse is not an excuse, as others have said, they had other options.

They should of claimed it was no worse than speeding, that we stole this land, that it was their right to come here, that we were breaking up families, that they are good hard working people. They might of had a chance.

Wisconsin Moderate

This is a non-story with an inflammatory headline. Shame on Deseret News.


The near constant fear-mongering by DN about a "war" against religion is a powerful, yet divisive tool which ultimately will turn more people against organized religion.

I would expect a church-owned paper, instead, to have a goal of educating and bridging the divide.

Bountiful, UT

I say let them stay, but these folks need to learn that differing viewpoints do exist and a good way to raise your kids is to explain this to them along with your own beliefs.


I have a friend with a debilitating chronic illness. Marajuana is very effective in treating her symptoms - it is, however, illegal in the state where my friend lives. She could use it anyway, but she would risk being arrested and having her children taken away from her.

She cannot apply for asylum in a country where marajuana is legal, because her disagreement with and violation of the law is not persecution.

This family is not being persecuted for their beliefs - they are being prosecuted for violating the law.

How interesting that so many posters think these law breakers should be allowed to stay here. Would they be as willing to accept them if they were Muslims who wanted to homeschool their children?

Rugeley, Staffs

One of my friends was being transferred to Germany with his work. He has a son that has special educational needs, and has classroom assistance here in England. They checked out the schools in Germany, and were told this does not happen in Germany. The wife of my friend is a qualified school-teacher, and they asked if she could go into the school, and help out on a voluntary basis for when their son struggled. Again it was a no-no. They therefore asked if this qualified teacher could home educate her son, which is totally legal here in England. The answer was that this would infringe on the human rights of the child, as he would not have the freedom to mingle with other children of his own age-group. Anyone who has ever been around children knows how any child that is "different" gets treated by their peers. (I guess they think that a child being bullied by his peers does not impinge on his human rights.) The job offer was not taken up.

In a civilised society there should surely be the right to home-educate if the parents feel this is best for their child.

Park City, Ut

@gigi - "without liberal propaganda"? Please cite what you think is liberal propaganda coming from the public school system.

Alexandria, VA

This is an issue that the family needs to resolve in Germany - loss of life is not at stake. If a parallel issue were to arise in the US - in my opinion we would adhere to our laws just as Germany has adhered to theirs.

Albert Maslar CPA (Retired)
Absecon, NJ

DOJ has more important things to do than deport home-schooler immigrants that have already been granted entry and asylum into the US. DOJ ignores its duty to investigate the mounting scandals of the Precedent and prosecute themselves for conduct unbecoming for Americans. DOJ actually has blood on its hands but all that is heard is a resounding silence. Of particular note is the fact that the DOJ does nothing about illegal immigrants that continually break and flout laws, drive under the influence that results in fatalities, but those lawbreakers are protected by government law and Constitution breakers, and and allowed to stay in the US, though never having been granted asylum of any kind as has this family of home-schoolers. The innocent will be punished.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Look only as far as the madrassas run by Muslim extremists to see why public schools may be a good thing.

American Fork, UT

Nothing like stirring the pot with hyperbole to keep the religious sense of victimhood alive.

Ogden, UT

Long live the DOJ who under Eric Holder has become the U.S. Governments Mickey Mouse Club.

M. Butler
Brooklyn, NY

Whatever one thinks of home-schooling, this article is pitifully wrong on both the substance of asylum law and the process of applying for asylum (and pursuing that claim in immigration court. It shouldn't be that hard for this reporter (who claims to have a law degree) to actually read the court's decision, or to call a lawyer who practices immigration law and ask for an explanation.

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