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Published: Thursday, July 4 2013 11:05 a.m. MDT

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Columbus, OH

Sure sounds like these people are going out of their way to be problematic. When one can easily and legally move to another country nearby, why go to all the trouble of seeking asylum and risking deportation to be in the US? Sounds less like they're fleeing persecution, and more like they're using this as an excuse to bypass regular immigration requirements.

Brigham City, UT

One very good reason for children to be educated in public schools is so that they will learn things their parents refuse to teach them.

Iowa, Iowa

Just curious why these people would not be consider illegal immigrants if they decide to overstay their visa.

Mission Viejo, CA

It clearly states they can send their kids to a religious school. I fail to see why they think they need special rights in their own country and if they can't get them there, they'll come here. The issue is about making sure the kids go to an accredited school to get a well-rounded education. It's nothing to do with an alleged religious persecution.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

The US Justice Department has no authority over German laws, and the interpretations in this case are rational -- there is no evidence the DOJ is motivated by religious prejudice in any way whatsoever.

Blaming the DOJ and implying the DOJ has some bias against religion is not only misleading, but very bad, sensationalistic, and inaccurate journalism.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Salt Lake City, UT

Germany has lost a great deal of my respect. I loved visiting and planned to again in the not-so-distant future


Germany has just lost a lot of my respect. I loved visiting and planned to again in the not-so-distant future. I think I'm making a change of plans.

Forcing other people to listen to your opinions IS NOT conducive of a free government or people. For a country that preaches how far they've come from a dark past, they certainly are embracing principles that afford them no credibility.

Until they tolerate people's rights to rear their children according to their God-given right, I refuse to set foot in their country again.

Governments don't raise children. Governments SHOULDN'T raise children.

It's evil and wrong.

Brotherly Kindness

Why is it that the Obama administration grudgingly deports only a meager handful of the most dangerous and despicable illegal aliens -- even going so far as to release some illegal aliens convicted of felonies from jail or detention to do as they please, but considers it worth the taxpayers' money to fight the petty case for deportation of one solitary Christian family that wants to carry out its parental duty to educate its children, with the almost sure knowledge that children will be snatched from their parents as soon as they are dumped back on their native land?

I recall that a few people around here seem to think that keep illegal aliens with their children is the right thing to do, but that doesn't apply to Christians seeking asylum.

If it is true they could move to another European country to avoid persecution, does that change the fact that Obama's administration welcomes illegal aliens with open arms and yet actively fights for the deportation of Christians refugees who want to move here?

Can you say favoritism and double standard? Why do you think Obama does that? I think I know the answer.

Bountiful, UT

Here's another case of horrendous religious persecution: A Wisconsin couple was convicted of homicide because instead of taking their ailing daughter to get medical attention, they prayed, instead, and the child eventually died of undiagnosed diabetes. (They told the police that God would bring their daughter back to life, before the police arrested them. The conviction was upheld by an appeals court.)

Let's say this Wisconsin couple took off to Germany, claimed religious persecution and sought asylum? Evidently, the German government would be guilty of religious persecution if they insisted the couple needed to return to the US, or something like that, according to this article.

Avoiding medical treatment for an ailing or injured child might have been legal 100 years ago, as society previously felt whatever happened inside a family was the family's business. The first cases of child abuse were tried using laws against animal cruelty, until society came around to the notion that children have rights, too. Does this mean families have lost freedom?

Back to these Germans, why don't they go back to Germany, and open a private religious school themselves? This article is silly.

Orem, UT

The DOJ is purposely overlooking "Germany's ban on home-schooling which is motivated by the desire to suppress religious and philosophical parallel societies". That alone qualifies this family for asylum.

Salt Lake City, UT

Many religious folks like home schooling because it provides an opportunity to have complete control over their children. Instead of teaching children about evolution by natural selection, for example, parents will teach their children that evolution is non-sense and that the earth is 6,000 years old, and that dogs are not descendent of wolves, among other things. Is this the kind of religious freedom people like to celebrate? Where do we draw the line of religious freedom?

Some parents won't take their children to the hospital when doing so will save their lives because they believe in the power of prayer and think that having a doctor take care of the problem is a betrayal of faith. Such parents have been sentenced to prison when their children die, and that's a good thing.

I do not believe parents should have total control of their children's education. Doing so would produce a lot of ignorant children who know nothing about science.

Some people want the freedom to impose ignorance and hatred in their children in the name of religion. Is this really freedom?

Hyrum, UT

It's interesting that the Obama administration is trying to find a way to allow millions of uneducated, unskilled Hispanic illegal immigrants to obtain amnesty to stay here, while not allowing a family like this to continue living here. It could be that they were determined to be likely Republican voters.

Viva la Migra
American Fork, UT

I thought we were suspending deportations of non-criminal immigrants while Congress tries to push through another amnesty... I guess evangelical Germans wouldn't be as likely to vote for Democrats as Catholic Mexicans, so they need to go.

Eugene, OR

Way to stack the title and opening paragraph, guys. Nothing like looking for another excuse to play the noble-religion-and-evil-liberals card.

Lehi, UT

HSDLA's Michael Farris says, "The German goal is to prohibit people who think differently from the government (on religious or philosophical grounds) from growing and developing into a force in society. It is thought control. It is belief control. It is totalitarianism dressed up in politically correct lingo." Enter the current Administration and DOJ: they are in agreement; they have no problem banning homeschooling. This is the position of our government at the very highest level. Our government argued that the family isn't experiencing religious discrimination because they couldn't prove all home-schoolers were religious and that not all Christians believe in being home-schooled. They argued there is no fundamental liberty to being home-schooled. So long as the government bans homeschooling broadly and equally, there is no violation of your rights. Our current Administration seems to have problems understanding religious freedom is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. Is anyone surprised? They think of us only in terms of groups and factions. So, I suppose as someone said above, there is no evidence the DOJ is motivated by religious prejudice in any way whatsoever. That's because the DOJ doesn't even understand what religious rights are.

Wilf 55

Wise Germany. The German system is "to bring people of differing views together to learn from each other and to learn to accept those whose views differ from their own." If one reads some comments from Americans about "marxist Obama" and that "the US Constitution is being replacesd with a communist one", it is clear the importance of schools to develop wisdom and build a tolerant society is paramount.

Please, not another family in the U.S. with obsession and intolerance.


"Religion Under Attack" a regular feature of DN.

"Justice Department wants Christian home-schoolers deported in name of tolerance"

What an inflammatory and misleading headline.

"The Department of Justice says the German law was created to bring "people of differing views together to learn from each other and to learn to accept those whose views differ from their own. The goal in Germany is for an 'open, pluralistic society.' Teaching tolerance to children of all backgrounds helps to develop the ability to interact as a fully functioning citizen of Germany."

Uhh, DOJ attorneys were paraphrsing German courts defense of their own laws requiring all students to attend school.
The attorney for the plaintiffs tried to make the case the parents were subject to religious persecution. The DOJ upheld the decision of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

What does the U.S. have to gain by deciding, without evidence, that Germany engages in religious persecution?

Orwell Huxley
Salt Lake City, UT

Lightbearer: Yours is a reasonable point. On the other side of the coin, however, my daughter is in a class where she has been required to read a book wherein the main theme is sex. Your position is against those who homeschool because they don't want certain things taught to their kids. But given that there are arguments that are more than reasonable against teenagers having sex, there are also reasonable arguments to be made against being required to deal with subject matter that can give a distorted view of sexuality before they are in healthy adult relationships.

In case you think I am exaggerating the effects a book can have, I read the same book as a teenager, on the recommendation of a well-meaning teacher. I can trace the effects of that book and another like it to a spectacularly unhealthy and immature preoccupation with sex as a young adult, which led to ending up with the wrong girl and making life miserable for me, her, and a subsequent child for years to come.

New York, NY

I was Homeschooled using a Christian curriculum.....we were conservative, but I certainly obtained worldly views regarding many subjects. Additionally, I graduated from Columbia with honours. The public school system in the US was designed to create factory workers, who will follow orders. No room for critical thinking or creativity. I, too, will Homeschool my children, to give them the best education possible, without the liberal propaganda.


While some parents home school their children as a bulwark against the dangers of a "secular society,"
fundamentalist home-schooling can be detrimental to a civil society for example when considering what religious fundamentalist schools might teach about history in Middle Eastern Countries.

Roberts, ID

May I say to all of you naysayers that there are two undeniable facts to this case. First, they should have gone to Mexico and entered the USA illegally and they would be protected and could commit other sundry crimes and still be able to remain in the country. Second, those who say parents can't be responsible for their children's education because they might not teach them the correct curriculum. The fact is that home schooled students score dramatically better than those in the public schools. If common core is implemented there will be a big increase in home schooling for parents who are concerned with the "Pap" being taught in the public schools.

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