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Published: Wednesday, July 3 2013 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Carson City, NV

So wonderful that this young man listened when the spirit prompted him! What a great priesthood holder he will be some day!

Somewhere in Time, UT

I hope the neighbor who refused to help feels pretty foolish.

sandy, ut

Great job to him for doing this. But inspired by god? That I don't know about.

Logan, UT

He's my Hero! Following through on our impressions is something we rarely see. At least
he won"t go to bed tonight saying "I wished I had". He not only checked on his great-grandmother he took
action. His neighbor could learn a lot from this young man.

Provo, UT


I'm not convinced that sentiment is "What Jesus Would Do".

Beaverton, OR

@Brahmabull - Why not be inspired by God? The boy believes it happened. He listened. He followed that prompting. He did the right thing and got help for his great-grandma. Who else would have inspired him to do so? Certainly not his friend.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

There are two large lessons in this story, and I hope we all learn to heed them both. (I have to post this in two parts.)

First, always listen to and believe children. If it turns out they were telling a whopper, then you get to discipline them, but first give them the benefit of your full attention.

@Brahmabull, and LDS2, just because you have turned away from the voice of the Holy Ghost does not mean you are not being watched over and blessed. I hope you return to the Lord, and start listening, for He is always there. He never left.

Literally hundreds of warnings have thankfully come to me, both large and small, saving my cars from accidents, my house from burning down, a pet from drowning, my children from tears or much worse, and me from doing stupid things I later knew I'd regret. The one time I ignored the still, small voice (which came to me twice...but I was exhausted and told myself, "if it's that important, it will come a third time and then I'll be sure to do it") my baby died.

Kjirstin Youngberg
Mapleton, UT

(Part two)

One way to know the voice is His is if you are busy at another task, and the warning comes suddenly, unbeckoned when you are as this young boy was, otherwise occupied in a happy event somewhere else. Your mind is suddenly taken to where your body needs to be to help another of God's creations-in this case, one of 85 years-and you can make a change for good. Kameron dropped his joystick (or whatever he was playing with his friend) and saved the life of his great-grandmother. Every life is precious.

Ron Burgundy
Ogden, UT

Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Sasha Pachev
Provo, UT

The boy knows who he was inspired by. He had the feeling, he acted upon it. I believe him. I've had many experiences myself when a subtle pure thought comes that inspires you do to do something you were not originally planning on. A cynic deprives himself of such experiences and I feel sorry for him. However, if he wants to have them the recipe is simple - stop being cynical and make some changes in your life.

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