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Published: Saturday, July 6 2013 12:00 p.m. MDT

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From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

@ Contrarius - Have you actually read the details of the study you cite? The author used the credit card records of one of the larger pay-to-view porn sites. The details show a breakdown by zip code and when you realize that the difference per 1000 households with broadband access could be skewed by a cluster of college students, the whole "Utah views more porn" tends to lose its significance. His was not a true randomized study and the potential confounding variables take the teeth out it other than for sensationalized news. As it turns out, Utah County was pretty low in his study, while some SLC zip codes showed more porn subscribers, as did some of the less populous counties where broadband access at the time would have been more limited. It's very likely that in these outlying counties access to porn was the reason they sought out broadband service and the whole state--with its highly LDS populace--gets labelled as worst in the country, the implication being that those freaky Mormon folks have issues with porn. Who pays for porn today anyway? Maybe just the addicts. Too much is available for free to the casual viewer.

mid-state, TN

@From Ted's Head --

"the whole "Utah views more porn" tends to lose its significance."

Oh, I'm not trying to argue anything about the *significance* of that study.

Somebody asked for the citation and the general findings, so I posted them. That's all.

Tear the study up as much as you like. Won't bother me a bit. ;-)

West Jordan, Utah

It is well documented and understood that Utah does have a large porn viewership. Per capita, our state is atop the nation. I don't read all the porn articles on the Desnews, but I have yet to see this mentioned.

As for kids being exposed "when 11 years old" (many in their own homes). Look get your kids their own kid browsers where they can have freedom using the internet without running into inappropriate material or infecting your computer. Having our computer in the central base of our home (dining room) has been very healthy for us.

Springville, UT

Interesting article, but your numbers are all over the place:

"87% of men use pornography."
"40 million Americans look at pornography at least once a month."
"25 percent of all search engine requests in the U.S. are for porn."
"10 percent [of college students] said they viewed pornography online from five to 20 hours a week."
"62 percent [of college students] said they watched Internet pornography at least once a week."
"21 percent of all college students said they watch porn 'every day or almost every day.'"
Over 37 percent of divorces (2/3 x 56%) are caused by porn.

Obviously, when you take a look at all the stats that were thrown into this article, the numbers don't add up. 40 million Americans represents a little over 10% of the U.S. population...not the 90% (of men) figure the DesNews used in further articles.

And 20,000 to 30,000 people attending a porn convention does not mean it's now mainstream.

Creating a crisis? Perhaps. Is there a crisis? Not sure.

And you didn't define porn. Is it a picture or movie of a naked person or people having sex? Even the DesNews advertises such media.

orem, UT

To newly married religious couples, please understand that porn is not a how-to instruction manual for successful and fulfilling intimacy. If you have questions (and most do) there are books available at many religious book stores that handle the subject with grace and respect.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

In today's Los Angeles Times Calendar Section last page,there is an Ad for the TV show Project Runway. There are Five Naked Women and 3 Naked Men in the Ad. Is the ad Pornographic? That is debatable. Likewise are the Nude Statuary in L.A's Getty Museum from the Classical Greek and Roman Period Pornographic? Either the Human body is utterly depraved or it is the acme of God's Creation. Which God is the rub. It gets complicated from here; The Pagan God's would say its the latter, while the Christian God's followers would opine it is the former.

orem, UT

There are many opinions about nudity and the "properness" of it. As a Christian woman I find nothing objectionable about statues or paintings that show the majesty of the human body. I don't think the distinction is so black and white as some would make it - in either camp.

A large statue of a nude boy holding a frog or a nude reclining woman (that visitors to the Getty in LA are first greeted with) are different from erotic pictures depicting or suggesting sexual acts.

Just because it is tricky to agree where the line between art and porn is doesn't mean no line should be drawn.

"Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere." G. K. Chesterton

Mrs T
Coalville, UT

I would be so grateful if someone could tell us how to help a young wife from the damage porn has caused her to her self image and self esteem.


I completely agree that pornography should not be bought, sold or participated in. I agree that pornography, if sold at all, should carry a warning label about possible marital problems and divorce arising.

I also believe the same can be said, and the same warnings might be made, about soap operas that glamorize adultery but have I ever seen an article about that in this or any newspaper? Not that I can remember.

Why are women almost immune from criticism these days? Women, collectively not individually, kill their own babies by the million and are by far the most instigators of divorce. I have heard more real sexual chauvinism from women in the last few decades than from men by a factor of ten at least.

Not all women are like this of course; by making this disclaimer I wish to set a good example to those who condemn all men because some men are bad.

Let's put an end to the double standards; Deseret News does alright but it could be more of an equal opportunity critic of bad practices and behavior.


This article was expertly written and researched!

Thank you, from this mom to you!

It is very difficult to read the comments of those who take some perverse delight in the plight of those who consume pornogrophy-wherever they live. At least those in Utah who view it, know with a greater degree of certainty that it's WRONG! and they have a guilty conscience about viewing it!...Compared to those who sit in their tower and just point fingers at those who struggle with a porn addiction. Having a guilty conscience is a better than NO conscience at all, which is where our society is headed.

God Bless those who struggle with sin, who feel helpless to stop. You are not alone...Reach out for help. You CAN DO IT! Reach out now!

Cedar City, UT

Someone here is "befuddled by the lack of agreement as to what constitutes "porn" versus erotica or even art."

I doubt if the uptake of "porn" usage by college students is attributed to their interest in nude sculptures.

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