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Published: Wednesday, July 3 2013 2:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Considering all the obstruction to putting things in place, most importantly the exchanges, this shouldn't be that surprising. The system needs to be set up for it to work and it's not ready yet.


Of course it is political. He doesn't want the Democrats to get the blame for this monstrosity at the 2014 elections. He knows he would lose control of the Senate and loose more House seats, once the American public sees how bad this bill will be. My company just announced yesterday a 6% increase in our health care this year, plus we are going to renew again in December to lock in rates for another year, knowing full well that next year rates will jump dramatically. Obamacare was pushed through Congress against the American people's will. We didn't want it and we still don't want it. But Obama just had to leave his legacy of changing America into a European state. Our forefathers left those countries for a reason.

Hayden, ID

Its another attempt by Obama and the Democrats to avoid accountability for their complete mess, until after the 2014 elections of course! After the election Obama can be "more flexible". Everything they told us about their healthcare plan is totally wrong (a pack of lies)! What wonderful leadership. Not! Honesty is such a lonely word in the Obama administration!

Iowa City, IA

It's doing more than raising eyebrows, it's finally exposing the sham that obamacare is. Add this to Bengahzi, IRS targeting scandal and the AP easedropping and we have Nixon 2.0 version.

The only thing worse is a media industry that continues to protect him rather than hold him accountable.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sounds like Nancy Pelosi STILL hasn't got around to reading the part with the mandatory implementation date.

Provo, UT

Typical Obama supporting Corporate America and not the Individual.
How sad has our Country become especially having to deal with this around the
4th of July.

Mcallen, TX


What's to get ready.

In 2015, employers still won't afford insurance, and will lay-off, or cut epmployee hours.

Cedar Hills, UT

This delay doesn't help. Businesses aren't going to all of a sudden start hiring people because they now have an extra year.

Washington, UT

"get it right?" This whole abominable disaster is wrong, nothing about it is right. It's time for a million man march on the White House--with guns.

Saint George, UT

Thank you, worf! Hit the nail on the head.

Saint George, UT

How many bewildered citizens are there out there that still believe that there is a difference between the Democratic and Republican parties? If you can't figure out that they are two sides of the same coin, you haven't read the constitution lately. The bottom line of both is to stay in power, point the finger of blame at the other, and when the Constitution is discussed, it is an afterthought, a hindrance to the game. From Obamacare to NCLB, to Social Security, to Welfare, to crony capitalism, to the Military complex, to Supreme Court justices who won't defend the Constitution, it is all a sham for further control. If you are looking to Washington to save you, you are going to be sorely disappointed.

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Good for business`s but not their employees!

Salt Lake City, UT

Benghazi isn't a scandal. The IRS thing has been revealed to show there was targeting of groups that had "progressive" and other such things in their name. Turns out Issa only authorized an investigation into conservative groups and had them ignore the matter of targeting liberal groups too. I guess you wouldn't know about that though because Fox News and conservative radio didn't bother to mention it when it came out a week ago.

"What's to get ready."

The healthcare exchanges Utah and other states chose to not set up? You know, the exact thing I referenced in my initial comment.


Businesses were waiting this long to delay laying off employees, probably hoping that somebody/anybody would fix a broken Obamacare system.

It hasn't happened. Demos. remain loyal to Obama/Obamacare.

BUT - quite a number of them couldn't possibly be elected in 2014 if the employer mandate were implemented because it would (and will)drive up unemployment.

I won't bother to list the growing number of problems with Obamacare; suffice it to say, it won't work.

The ONLY question is: how much money do we flush down the toilet before demos. figure out it won't work?

Mcallen, TX

What just happened in Egypt?

Steve C. Warren

"In a move the critics suspect is meant to delay bad news until after the next election . . . "

Thanks, Deseret News, for the even-handed lead. Journalism at its finest.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Stupefying that there are still people out there who support this administration and the corrupt members of both houses of Congress that blindly voted for this fiasco of obamacare. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt and ppwer hungry. The ignorant masses will always be fooled, but come on, aren't there enough obama voters who will admit they made a horrendous mistake in voting for him and those who support him? He knows the impact of a 2014 implementation will anger voters who until then thought all was marvelous with Obamacare. So change the date to 2015 until elections are over. Couldn't be more blatant and obvious.

Saint George, UT

Atl134: If you mean the government having more time in setting up the prison cell of government control, I'll be voting against that, not that it will help. So far, Americans seem quite ready to accept their prison cell numbers. If socialism is what they want, then by all means lets give it to them. But, let's not stop there, lets implement the whole program, communism. Perhaps only then people will see the path they so easily walked down. We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

South Jordan, UT

The reporting requirements for Obamacare are more time intensive than for income tax, according to my accountant boss. Seriously? Who can possibly still think this is a good idea? Yeah, because making people pay a $5000 penalty, when they can't afford healthcare, is really going to help them pay their doctor bills when they happen. Not to mention, hmm, $5000 penalty, or 8-15K a year in health insurance - nah, nobody's gonna choose the penalty over the insurance... No company's gonna cut somebody's hours under 30, so they won't have to cover them... No company's gonna refrain from hiring the worker that will kick them over the top into Obamacare territory...

And, by all means, let's put the IRS in charge, the same agency that lets itself be used for political purposes, that spends 70 million on "training conferences", that just audited 65% of people claiming the adoption tax credit last year - most of which were below median income. Yeah, great and productive use of time there...

How stupid do they think people are? Apparently they are right though, they got re-elected... Sigh...

Salt Lake City, UT

First off the fine isn't 5,000. When fully implemented it's 695 per person, and no higher than 2,085 per family (kids are half the rate so 2,085 would be two parents two kids, kids beyond two don't increase the fee).

Alternatively the fee is 2.5% of income that exceeds a minimum threshold (9,500 for single or 19k for married) which for a family making 100k is $2,025. So I guess if you're a 200k a year income person then you could get to 5,000 for the fine. However, the fee can never be higher than the cheapest "bronze" plan so at some point the fee would basically just be "take this insurance".

Secondly... there's no enforcement mechanism. Like seriously the IRS does not have the means to actually collect the fine. (By the way, the IRS targeted liberal groups too, so it wasn't used for political targeting, sorry that your right wing news sources didn't cover that detail just like Issa ordered the investigation to only focus on conservative groups being targeted).

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