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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 5:45 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

Once again Romney proves that he won't stand by his own decisions. This is one time I wish he had stuck to his decision (not that doing so would have been in character for him). I am grateful that we weren't stuck with him in the White House. Obama is bad, but Romney would have been much, much worse. The USA dodged a big disaster when he was sent packing. Thank you, US voters, for seeing through his smoke and mirrors to what he really was and is, and saying NO THANKS!

Danbury, CT

Please, no more articles about Romney. It's over. Let it rest!

Farmington, UT

I wonder what Furry 1993 wanted in a president that Romney wouldn't promise, although Obama surely has promised the world to everyone; he just can't deliver. Seldom have we had a worst president than the one now in office.

I used to think Lyndon Johnson was the worst we could ever have, then we got Richard Nixon.

Isn't it interesting how well the US Congress is operating these days? And the Democrats have the Senate and the White House and they still can't do even the simplest things without going on vacation first. Oh, I error----when they had to wait in lines at the airport suddenly there was money to keep TSA employees working and air traffic control towers open.

So we didn't get Romney---we got a man who is running the country into the ground just as fast as he can and is a big talker all the time. You gotta love the fact we have an orator in the White House---after all, that is what really matters!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Hey Furry, how would Romney have been much, much worse? Please tell me from your vast stores of knowledge.
If anything this article showed Romney wasn't driven by money, but by his desire (reluctantly) to serve.

St.George, Utah

Isn't it great not being famous!
How embarrassing for a family, particularly the Romney Clan, who likely NEVER will hear the end of this sort of thing.

Layton, UT

I would love to have Mitt in the whitehouse. He would have made many unpopular decisions which would have led to more prosperity, less poverty and dependence, and a better way of life for our children and grand children. The lazy would have hated him and the productive would have prospered. The legal immigrant would have prospered in ways unimaginable. We need a man like Mitt Romney who respects the constitution and the very ideals of the USA.


Ok Furry1993, like UncleRico, how could he have been worse, what do you know that would indicate the the fast track to economic suicide that we are on now would have been accelerated or even have stayed the same under a Romney presidency? enlighten us please?

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Romney would have very likely been the best President the United States had since Abraham Lincoln. Yes, Lincoln.

Does that mean Romney would have been popular?

Not even close.

Does that mean Romney would have done what is right regardless of the pressure put on him from whiners, free-laoders and the immoral masses?

Now you're talkin'!.....

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

And one more thing about Romney:

Anyone who believes that Romney was/is heartless because he (supposedly) claimed he didn't care about 47% of Americans (ah, yes, the infamous "47%" quote) is clueless. Make that completely clueless.

1st, Romney simply said what proved to be true: approximately 47% of voters are dependent on government checks in one form or another (welfare checks, housing assistance, and, yes, even Social Security) and would therefore not vote for ANY candidate who championed personal responsibility and a general weaning off of federal government funds (better known as "YOUR tax dollars").

2nd, Romney was not at a charity function, he was at an election function. Imagine that?...an official running for office talking about facts, statistics, etc of the electorate and what it would take to get him elected. I know, what a shocker.

3rd, anyone claiming that Romney is merely a selfish "super rich guy" refuses to do even an ounce of honest research into the vast, vast amounts of wealth Romney has given away to charity, and I DON'T mean in tithing to the LDS church. These facts were out there to see for anyone with an honest heart to find it.


Cache county, USA

Stories like this make me respect this man even more.
God bless this person for his introspective ability.

Spanish Fork, UT

Romney needs to suck it up and run again. Churchill lost his first election for MP, won the next several, switched parties, was appointed to the PM's cabinet in the highest of rankings, got fired twice from the cabinet and demoted once and then got clobbered in an election for MP.

Did he back away? Not a chance because he believed in what had to be done for England. Despite everyone saying he was through he said to heck with them and ran 10 years later. Just when England needed him. Churchill finally became the Prime Minister and was the single biggest reason the Allies beat the Nazi/Nat. Socialists.

Forget the family vote, Mitt. Step up. YOU understand economies. Go lead the nation back from this mess that the no nothings in DC have gotten us in to.

Salt Lake City, UT

Barack Obama has done exactly nothing on debt, employment, helping the middle class, easing the tax burden or decreasing the cost of Health Care.

He's lied time and time again. God help us (and I use that term with respect, not in vain) till 2016.

Lincoln City, OR

The re-election of Barack Obama well go down in history as possibly the biggest misstep this country has ever made... it was far more a reflection on the intellect of the Electorate that gave him an additional four years than it was of the candidates...

. Record unemployment levels;
. Lower average earnings per household (by $4k a year);
. The lowest percentage of the citizenship involved in the economic process than ever before (63%)... (this means the people involved in creating the GDP;
. Highest number of foreclosure in the countries history;
. Greatest growth of food stamp recipients since the program was implemented;
. Greatest growth of people with earnings below the poverty level;
. $7 Trillion dollars of debt growth in less than 5 years (by far the biggest debt growth in the countr's history);
. Worst relationships with allies in the history of this country;
. A failed Mideast policy;
. A corrupt Administration that has been less than truthful with the American People;
. And continued dependence on our enemies for our Energy Requirements.
. Etc.

Obama is the worst President this country has had bar none... Thus making the 2012 Electorate the worst in American istory Bar none...

Romney would have been better,much better.

Lincoln City, OR

I heard a man say that the re-election of Barack Obama will go down as probably the worst event that occured in his lifetime... He was then corrected by a younger woman who said that it would also go down as the worst event that happened in her childrens lifetime and probably their children's lifetime as well...

I believe that the people who re-elected him have not felt much of the pain yet... Those who feel the pain are the ones who pay the taxes and flip the entitlement bills...

These bills however, are stacking up and Bernanke cannot print money fast enough to cover... I predict that before Obama leaves office this economic hous of cards will fall apart... The Dollar will dive in value, people's savings and retirement nest eggs will be worth less than half their current value, demand will shrivel because of the lack of currency, that will cause a cascade of lay-offs and the vicious cycle will repeat... Greece will look like a block party in comparison to what happens here...

Don't mean to sound so negative but I own 4 small businesses and I see the decay beginning...

Idaho Falls, ID

Romney's disdain of the middle class was his undoing. Sorry Mitt, if I want to be a peasant, I'll move to China (or the Cayman Islands.)

Springville, UT

Romney lost that vote.

He should have followed his instincts and been true to himself rather than bending like a reed in the wind. He stood for nothing and it showed.

The Scientist
Provo, UT

Romney... the sour grapes of Utah, The Republican Party, and Mormons everywhere. Mittens will go down in their collective (emphasis on collective) memory to augment the collective persecution complex at the core of their collective psyche.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

From "Chicago Magazine" in March 2006:

"On November 3, 2004, the day after he was elected to the U.S. Senate with a record 70 percent of the Illinois vote, Barack Obama declared, "I can unequivocally say I will not be running for national office" in 2008. Sitting for an interview late last year in his Senate office on the 39th floor of the Loop's Kluczynski Federal Building, Obama pledges the same thing: his "game plan" on taking office, he says, included "not going national but staying focused on being an Illinois senator.""

Oops, Obama supporters, it sounds like Obama is not much different than Romney in this regard. I find it funny how whenever Romney changes his mind (like with abortion), he's a "flip-flopper", but when (not if) Obama breaks his promise or changes his mind (like with "open and transparent" government and his stance on gay marriage), he is "evolving". That's if the liberal media would even cover his errors or flaws (they must work double-time to try to ignore his faults; better for them to paint them as strengths and good qualities).

Roosevelt, UT

According to the article we see Romneys disdain for others including those running in his own party.

In effect he could not get his own party to back him let alone anyone from the other party. This lends insight of how he would have been able to accomplish anything in Washington. There has never been a candidate who got caught telling more tall tales than did Mitt and when caught would come up with new ones.

Allan Greenspan came out after the fact and said Romneys financial plan would have crippled this country. Military advisors have said the chance of going to war with Mitt would have been 70% vs 22% with Pres Obama. Does anyone think we can afford another debacle such as the gulf war?

Neither of these two candidates had the backbone of Ron Paul and so neither will deliver what he promised but chances are the country is better off today vs Romney being president.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

If I owned four small businesses, and could see with poyman's clarity how everything is about to collapse in the economy, I would sell out as quickly as possible and take the cash to another country (another planet?) where I could start over. I would not drive down the price of my dwindling assets by forecasting another upcoming disaster.

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