Comments about ‘President Obama’s African trip emphasizes economic partnership over aid’

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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 5:15 p.m. MDT

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freedom in 2017
paradise, UT

this field trip/family vacation was well worth the $100 mm taxpayers' dollars.

the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

Republicans..... Sour grapes that the POTUS traveled to another country. Oh my goodness.. Never before in history...

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I thought traveling to foreign countries to meet with world leaders was a job requirement of the POTUS.

I guess it only a job requirement for a Republican president....

m.g. scott
clearfield, UT

How much to the debt did this add? Obviously Democrats can't count or don't care about wasted money, as long as it is wasted by Democrats.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Apparently the big reaction this generated is because the big scary black President went to Africa, where there are other big scary black men as well. We don't see this sort of reaction if a white President goes to Europe and meets with other white men. And those who pull a huge dollar cost for the trip out of the air (the idea that the trip cost taxpayers $100,000,000.00 is blatant nonsense) never flinched when either of the Bushes traveled abroad on government business. The costs of presidential travel is roughly the same regardless of whether the President is Republican or Democrat, and regardless of whether he is black or white.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe we can get the President to 'fly over' on his way home, or while on a campaign trip on the fourth, since the Air Force will not be permitted to do so because of 'budget cuts'.

Santa Clara, UT

If I pay $10,000 per year in taxes, how long will it take me to pay for BO's vacation?
A- 100 years
B- 1,000 years
C- 10,000 years.

I hope I can live that long.

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