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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 12:30 p.m. MDT

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Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

To wear a bikini or one piece, that is the question?

I don't particularly look good in a bikini. I just don't have the girlish figure or the hips. My chest hair would be off-putting. However if I did, I would be evaluated by all who see me. Some would think I was nuts. Some would applaud me. They would all have an opinion. That is why this guy does his best to wear appropriate clothes (with a great deal of help from my wife). Gone are the days I could get away with wearing socks and sandals together.

Women tend to judge wardrobe much more than men. They also dress for each other more than in getting a guys attention. It is a conscious choice in what clothes they put on, and is the way they wish to be presented.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

In many countries that picture would be extremely IMMODEST

Perhaps she should market swimsuits that truly are modest, covering ankles to head?

Salt Lake City, UT

I am tired of others enforcing and pushing their agendas on the rest of us, that their way is the right way and we all need to conform. Modesty is always a topic among LDS - why? I being LDS( I do not push my religious agenda on others) could care less if a fellow LDS or other was wearing a bikini or not, or whether it was modest or not. What is the purpose of being modest, to inhibit men from gawking? Who defines modesty? Shouldn't it be the individual? I just don't get it, and never will.

Sandra N

It is so funny to me, that people can come so unglued over modesty. We know if you want a string bikini, you can get one. Those of us who like to be covered up more, should be able to do so--whatever our reasons without having to debate the reasoning.


One of the things I like best about this trend, is it allows girls, like my daughter, who don't want to go swimming BECAUSE swimsuits make her feel overexposed, to feel comfortable doing a 'normal' summer activity. Doesn't every parent want that for their daughter?

Pleasant Grove, UT

"The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are."

Park City, Ut

I find it funny that as a society we seem to have no problem publically debating what Women wear, but what about men? And I'm a dude. But you never see any on-line debate about men who wear a pair of shirts without a shirt at the beach, but when a Woman wears a bikini all of a sudden it’s somehow scandalous? Really? I’m guessing there are very few on-line debates about guys and tight shorts that might reveal too much, in fact as a society we usually laugh that off as being “European” or just odd, but rarely is it mentioned when considering “modesty.” Why is this conversation only germane to women’s beachwear? Where are the women commenting about men’s wear being immodest? Not only does this discussion seem a bit antiquated, it also seems a bit misogynistic too. I like the advice in the article though, wear what makes you feel compfortable and don't worry about what others are wearing or thinking. If you want to set an example of modesty, go right ahead.

Kaysville, UT

Dressing modest is just common sense. Be it a man or woman. It shows that you respect yourself and those around you. To dress immodestly and then put the burden on others to control their own thoughts is just plain irresponsible. No wonder this country is swirling around the toilet and ready to go under.



I agree completely. I hate that people are always judging and "slut shaming" women for the way they dress. They always say that if a woman dresses a certain way she will be gawked at by men. How about teaching men to control themselves? They always say that a woman dressing a certain way will lead to rape. Yet, when a man is raped, no one asks what he was wearing, or why he was in that part of town at night. The expectation is that women are supposed to limit their own liberty as to where they go and what they do because men can't be expected to control themselves. As a man, I resent that. A woman should dress the way she wants and be able to go where she wants when she wants.

sandy, ut


You like the fact that your daughter doesn't want to swim because she feels too exposed and thinks it is immodest? That is kind of messed up. People, including your kids, shouldn't feel shame about wearing a bathing suit. That is flat out strange.

Wilf 55

Talking about modesty is an efficient way to focus thoughts on sex. In countries where there is no obsession with modesty, women are always dressed modestly.

Salt Lake City, UT

JimE -

Dressing modestly is not common sense. What makes it common sense? Your verbiage implies modesty is not a choice but a mandate. When did modesty equal respect? In addition to that, you are in denial that men and women will still have carnal desires whether someone is modest or not. Man or Woman can still imagine what is being worn under a suit or dress. No worse than seeing someone dressed immodestly isn't it?

San Luis Obispo, CA

Love this article...mostly because it states very much what I feel personally. However, I also understand that others may have different feelings about what constitutes modesty and I respect that. I think we need to be careful about taking the responsibility from men and giving it to women where having "impure thoughts" or actions is concerned. That can be confusing and send the message to men and women that men can't control themselves, which is absolutely untrue and does not give them the credit they deserve. It can also give undue responsibility and guilt to women.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

OK to all what is Modesty?

The Amish it is one thing.
To the Middle East it is another
Movie Stars it is yet another.
LDS it is per the Strength of Youth Pamphlet.

In many parts of the world being naked on the beach is not immodest. Others can not even show their face. Movie stars seem to be the ones that make trends yet they do not seem to be the best examples. Sports Illustrated seems to think that their Swim Suit Issue is OK. Must be modest. Yet to me it looks more like soft Porn. Is Porn modest? Seems to have a HUGE following.

So where is your line in the sand? So what is Modest and what is not?

I like the guy who was appalled at the rules imposed by BYU on premarital Sex and Modesty. After complaining to the point of argument he then admitted he now knew where his daughters were going to go to college.

You think it does not affect society, think again. I personally think that there is a happy medium. The Strength of the Youth pamphlet seems to sum that up very well.

Michael Roche
Provo, UT

As a guy, I have mixed feelings about this. But if you absolutely must wear a bikini, please (1) shave, (2) weigh less than 170, and (3) wear sunscreen. You need to keep your skin healthy for your man. Or woman.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

What is the difference between wearing a bikini in public vs wearing lingerie in public?

Cedar Hills, UT

For LDS, the Holy Spirit is offended by immodest dress and won't reside with the person if they are immodestly dressed.

nz, 00

Obviously,taking the sacrament was wasted on these two parties,no doubt the spirit quickly left the room when they clashed,I agree get to church early if you want to be seated together, and if some one else sits down don't get annoyed be of good cheer (chair) and share.....:)

Pleasanton, CA

Looking at this issue from an LDS point of view, yes, it's primarily a young man's responsibility to control himself and keep his thoughts from straying where they shouldn't, but if the young women they associate with care about their brothers, they will want to support them in this by not making it harder.

Salt Lake City, UT

A woman should be able to wear whatever kind of swimsuit she wants without being derided over it being too modest or too immodest.

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