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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar fans upset with the investigation?
Imagine my shock.

Omaha, NE

Dear Down Under, et. al:

What is lost in all of this is dreams have been shattered, families impacted, and communities in turmoil. This should not be a springboard to highlight football or any other irrelevant activity. I think it takes class to admit when you are wrong. I think it takes courage to change behavior. I think it is pride when you can't look at yourself and recognize the change that needs to come from within. Shame on you Down Under for taking this article and turning it into a soapbox to spew contentious statements. Is that the classy behavioir you've learned (along with Max Hall) while attending your supreme institution?


Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Football is totally in the tank. They never beat good teams.



"And you are right the two Universities are separating. One is on ESPN all the time..."

I guess that's fine, if you don't mind games at strange times on places like ESPN U, sandwichedr in between events like the WNBA and the World Series of Poker.

"playing in huge stadiums all over the country..."

Yeah, like Idaho U's 16,000, Idaho State's 12,000, San Jose State's 30,000, etc. This should not be confused with the teams that Utah now regularly plays, such as Arizona State's 71,000, UCLA's 92,000, and USC's 93,000.

"winning national championships..."

Yes, that rugby championship was truly impressive.

South Jordan, UT

PapaSmurf: The U used to be able to build in a guaranteed win with Utah State also. Guess those days are over huh?

Salt Lake City, UT

Hill has always been the problem and the reason the Utes are a disaster Athletically. They are starting to resemble the 70's where just getting a BYU win was all that mattered! As long as Hill is at the helm, the Utes had better get use to the term "pac12 celler-dwellers"

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I get such a kick out of seeing you trolls go back and forth on these articles. The BYU Trolls do it on the Ute articles and the Ute Trolls do it on the BYU articles. Since when did the Church you BYU fans profess to so love ever teach you to hate or ridicule another program? And you Ute fans with such intellect and higher intelligence fighting for equality in all you do standing there and oppressing your brother. Shame on all of you!

The fact of the matter is the Utes have not preformed in the PAC 12 like we all expected. They need to do better and I believe they will. And what about you BYU? You know if the Utes were playing your schedule you would be the first to accuse Utah of scheduling Cream Puffs to get to that Bowl Game.

I'm a Ute fan but I cheer for both BYU and Utah State when they are not playing the U. I want ALL my in state teams to do well.

Love people, not hate, LOVE.....

Las Vegas, NV

@Perkunas: "Surely you've seen the scores of Ute comments on virtually any BYU story"

Uh, no I haven't. I don't troll byU stories, nor do I care about the vast majority of them or who posts on them.

Nice to show your Utah support on this story, though! I love it when byU "fans" stop by and show their love for all things Ute!!

Go Utes. Onward and Upward!!

Las Vegas, NV

Wow - Wookie nailed it!

South Jordan, Utah

Dr. Hill was so self-absorbed with the PAC12 and the money and power it brought him that he neglected to look after his most important obligation - the student-athlete.

Will anything come of it - no. Hill is too powerful.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I sleep just fine thank you. I root for a class act in BYU that puts athletes first and money second or third.

I understand that this sounds old fashioned to you and your cronies but that is just fine with me and I WILL continue to sleep well.

Washington, DC

One of the things about Dr. Hill's tenure is the huge subsidies the UU athletic department receives every year from state taxpayers. Millions of dollars every year, despite big Pac 10 paychecks.

Why should fans of Utah St., BYU, Weber St., UVU, and all other universities in the state subsidize BCS teams that are actively trying to hold them down, and shut them out of equitable bowl games? Instead of subsidizing UU athletics, part of that BCS money should go to the state's general education fund. No sense subsidizing gold toilet seats for BCS teams!

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

VegasUte -

"I don't troll byU stories, nor do I care about the vast majority of them or who posts on them."

Then let me educate you. You said, "It's a sorry state of affairs for the team down south when an article about allegations to a Utah swim coach garners more attention of byU "fans" than the actual byU stories."

There are BYU stories that currently have 131, 79, 59, 50, and 43 comments on them. Far more attention that this story has received, even when you factor out the many, many Ute trolls. And those are just the active stories, the trend is consistent if you go through the archives. BYU-centered articles drive traffic on the DN, both from fans and trolls.

Your second statement above is patently false on its face.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT


You can end the Sunday sermon now. If you think this is what you described earlier then please reread.
Hill needs to go and the U needs to clean up its act. The U will not become the great institution is was meant to be with this type of ignorance by top officials or tollerance of bad coaches. The comment by Hill "I could have done better" does not cut it when it come to people lives. End of discussion!

Las Vegas, NV

rhappahannock: bitter much?

Thanks for coming by and giving us Utes your love, though. Much appreciated.

Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Another embarrassing moment for my Utes. But I love 'em and will stick by them through thick and thin.

Las Vegas, NV

Res Novae: There are quotation marks around the word fan in my post, which implies that they are more Utah haters than byU "fans". There are those who post on byU stories too who are Utah "fans" (Chris B). In addition, it was posted to mock a previous post by a byU "fan".

Once again, thanks for coming by and giving us your love! Glad to see you are reading Utah stories, we appreciate your support! Oh, and also - thank you for increasing the post count on this story by one.

Go Utes! Onward and Upward.

Orem, UT


"To the dismay of the BYU "fans", Dr. Hill will not lose his job"

Typical response from a BYU hater, more concerned with the reaction from BYU fans, than with how athletes at the U were being physically, psychologically and emotionally abused.

Chris Hill is simply lucky that, unlike at Rutgers, none of the abuse was videotaped, otherwise, the Utes would be looking for a new AD.

Utah Fan2
Anaheim, CA

Everything about this story smacks of a cover up and whitewash. From claiming that the AD wasn't informed of Winslow's alleged sexual abuse of an athlete in Arizona to hiring a team of investigators with close ties to the U to conduct an "independent" investigation.

I like Dr. Hill, but there's absolutely no excuse for Winslow not being fired on several occassions and the ultimate responsibility for Winslow not being fired sooner rests with Chris Hill.

Alpine, UT

Everyone who understands the cultural and mentality on the hill - that Kyle Whittingham and Chris Hill walk on water and couldn't possibly do anything wrong - knew before the independent investigation even began that, at most, Chris Hill would get off with a light scolding and slap on the wrist regardless of what the investigators reported.

So it's no surprise that Hill won't even be getting that slap on the wrist.

After over a hundred years of supervising college athletics, the Utes will finally establish polices to protect student athletes from being abused by their coaches - how refreshing!

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