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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 3:15 p.m. MDT

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Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Sad state of affairs on the hill. Football is in the tank, basketball is a mess. Can it get any worse?

ji bae
Saint George, UT

A team of investigators appointed BY the University of Utah essentially found nothing wrong and claim that all the victims testimonies were wrong.

West Jordan, UT

Down Under, couldn't agree any more. When the leadership is so focused on money and prestige (going to the PAC12), their focus on the student athletes dropped off the radar and the leadership has let the coaching staffs of a number of programs run wild. Any more of these issues and it would be time for Dr. Hill to look for new employment rather than having someone else fall on his sword.

CO Ute

Ji Bab - I disagree with your post. The investigation did find that the athletic directors were wrong.

"the investigators found that the associate athletics director over the swim program, Pete Oliszczak, and athletics director Chris Hill failed to follow up on multiple issues inside Winslow's program"

What they didn't find was that the swim coach physically abused students or had improper sexual relations. Dr. Hill should have acted sooner but ultimately they did the right thing in not renewing the contract for this year. Yes this is a black eye for the U program but far from the major catastrophe many posters claim.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

No surprise here except one thing, the U forgot about the parents who are furious. Gotta applaud the U's effort to sweep this under the carpet though and the press to do practically ZERO investigative reporting.

Provo, UT

Interesting tweets by Scott Garrard citing the executive report on the U. Swimming investigations: "Executive report on U swimming investigation: 'With a limited number of possible exceptions, Winslow does not appear to have physically abused student athletes. Whether coach's training methods are psychologically abusive is inherently subjective."

"With a limited number of possible exceptions..."? What? Isn't that what they were supposed to be investigating? So basically, this report told us nothing at all that we didn't already know. He's been accused of physically abusing students and, according to the report, he didn't EXCEPT for a a limited number of possible exceptions.

Great job, fellas...I'm sure things will sort themselves out, but the findings of this "investigation" are ridiculous.

Sounds like Chris Hill acted promptly to the accusations, though, which is a good thing. He's a good AD and a good guy.

All the best to him, and I really DO hope things get resolved, but those initial findings from this "investigation" are absurd.

Layton, UT

To the dismay of the byu "fans", Dr. Hill will not lose his job.
With his leader, the gap between Utah and byu will continue to grow, as the Utes move "onward and upward"

Go Utes.


Unfortanely this has been going on for years. As a former member of the swim team and a U of U graduate the AD has refused to correct problems for over a decade. He will get a slap on the wrist and continue to be hailed as the initiator of the Pac 12 and Utah connection. I feel bad for the U of U student athletes and am glad to no longer be associated with University of Utah athletics.

Las Vegas, NV

It's a sorry state of affairs for the team down south when an article about allegations to a Utah swim coach garners more attention of byU "fans" than the actual byU stories.

Go Utes!! Onward and Upward!!

Murray, UT

Chris Hill is neglecting the student athletes. Let's see:
New state of the art track facility
New women's baseball stadium
New football training complex
New outdoor tennis courts with stadium seating
Plans for new basketball training center for men and women underway
Plans to update the Huntsman center underway
Plans to expand RES underway

Oh, and let's not forget, a lot more student athletes are on scholarship because of Hill's leadership in leading Utah to the PAC 12 with its increased revenue.

To accuse Dr. Hill of neglecting student athletes is just absurd.

Centerville, UT

I can't believe anyone would tolerate poor behavior from a swim coach. The reputation of the administration and the entire program suffers. Winslow should have been fired immediately upon his due process.

Sadly, this is nothing compared to the emotional, psychological and sometimes physical abuse that occurs in coaching daily. We've all seen it and many of us felt it in our own participation . . . and I'm talking about youth and high school sports! In fact, parents are often the worst offenders. Are we really surprised it continues at the collegiate level?

Criticize Hill and the U all we want, but each of us can cite a dozen incidents at every level to match this one.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

These improvements are for more money not for the well being of the athlete. Now I see why things are mess on the hill when the fans as well as the administration only care about money and buildings.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"...As a former member of the swim team and a U of U graduate... I feel bad for the U of U student athletes and am glad to no longer be associated with University of Utah athletics."

Tell us your name and then we'll believe you were a member of the team. Making a comment like yours while hiding behind a computer screen is too easy. Not saying you're lying, but I can't say I believe you either.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Blue Smurf,
Hit a nerve did I? Please don't try to compare a classy BYU program with the like of the U. I have studied and worked at both and there IS NO comparison. BYU will always be more relevant that Utah unless you live in SLC. The rest of the PAC11+U hardly knows you are around. Trust me, I have hung out in PAC country for many years.

Iowa City, IA

re:ekute I think you may have confused "onward and upward" with "cover-up". And since this is a huge cover up (i.e. alumni and boosters appointed as "special investigators") the problem is not going away and more things will surface. This is not new, remember the Majerus years, the U sacrificed a lot to cover up his actions, finally he got the U on probation and they haven't been the same since.

And you are right the two Universities are separating, one is on ESPN all the time, playing in huge stadiums all over the country, ranked higher than the U in everything (OK except gymnastics, winning national championships, and the other...well it's not.

Centerville, UT

@ Down Under

"These improvements are for more money not for the well being of the athlete."

Is that what you think collegiate sports is about; the athletes? Those days ended in the 40's. It used to be a scholarship was a four year commitment and now they're semester-to-semester. Scholarships (educations) may end at a moments notice. So yeah, judge the Hill(s) because this is unique to Utah. Whatever helps you sleep . . .

Centerville, UT


" . . . cover-up . . .alumni and boosters appointed as 'special investigators'"

You're right, two of three are U of U alums and all three hold high ranking positions as government/NCAA investigators. I have to give you credit for bravery though, accusing three attorneys and a state university of collusion in writing; pretty impressive!

Ashburn, VA

"It's a sorry state of affairs for the team down south when an article about allegations to a Utah swim coach garners more attention of byU "fans" than the actual byU stories."

Surely you've seen the scores of Ute comments on virtually any BYU story, most of which have precisely nothing to do with the U of U. After all, you've contributed a fair share.

"To accuse Dr. Hill of neglecting student athletes is just absurd."

Listing all the upgrades Dr. Hill is paying for as a means of excusing his handling of this issue just about sums up the state of Ute athletics and far too many Ute fans. It is emphatically NOT all about the money.



It would be absurd to state my actual name. Suffice it to say, I was a member of the swimming and diving team (Did you know these two sports coe-exist)from the last 90's to early 2000's. My wife was also a member of the team. Historically you can look and there have been reported problems in the past with very little done. I was at the U when it was part of the WAC and then the initation of the MWC. In those years the platform events were also initiated. Look at how many Freshman left after Mike Litzinger (Ohio State product) and Carrie Ziebarth (Diving Coach) took over in the 2001 season and this should explain some things. Any other questions?

Murray, UT

Ask the student athletes if they want these upgrades. I have and they absolutely do want them. They know it is about them and not the buildings. AD Holmoe admitted not long ago that he too wants a new basketball training facility for men and women but for BYU that is years down the road. I guess Holmoe is just thinking about the building. Such is life now as an indy with a small bank account. Utah is also expanding the Burbidge Center where student athletes go to study and graduate with degrees. With APR scores at Utah at their highest levels ever and the ones at BYU at some of the lowest I guess the gap between who takes better care of student athletes will just get wider and wider.

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