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Published: Tuesday, July 2 2013 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Richard Larson
Galt, CA

Fighting for the lord......

Provo, UT

Just when I thought I had seen/heard everything. Way to welcome the member back to the fold Mr. Dodge.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Need a chorus of Love at Home.

Really sad as it was over a seat on a bench? I know I get worked up for dumb things sometimes that when I look back think that was really stupid. Why did I do or feel that way. But would not go to this extreme. And it does take 2. The victim could have walked away the first time. Or called the police when confronted again. Sounds like other options could have been taken.

Dodge may get some time in jail but worse is he has to go back and confront all in the members at Church. Would be interesting to hear the rest of the story in a few weeks. But guessing we will not and probably not any of our business but I would be curious.

So will Dodge sit in his regular seat next week? Hummmmmm. Guessing no one else will even try.


What can you say but WOW. I thought I had heard and seen it all, but this takes the cake. Way to be an example of the Lord Mr. Dodge and welcoming a guest into your Sacrament meeting. Not sure the guest acted any better.

Salt Lake, UT

All this over a seat. Sadly I have heard of cases where people act like that is their bench, although I have never seen a fight result from it. Watch now we will have a letter from the First Presidency reminding members they do not own a seat at church and to be Christ like and let people sit where they want too. Good grief they people were visiting would it have hurt you to sit somewhere else for one Sunday Mr. Dodge?

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Jazzledazzle, they were there for a baby blessing; not to return "to the fold". Would that have made a difference?
As far as seat saving goes, there's a fine line between doing somebody a solid and being a real jerk. People who arrive on time, whether it's to church or a movie, shouldn't be told repeatedly "taken" "taken" "taken" like some bad scene from Forrest Gump.
Of course if it were me, I would have used it as a good excuse to sit in the foyer and slip out early.

Centerville, UT

Of course if it were me, I would have used it as a good excuse to sit in the foyer and slip out early. Like.

Layton, UT

Someone wasn't paying attention at church. ;)

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Imagination, attitude and perseverance. I can only what life would be like living around people like that. Which attitude needed to be adjusted? both, probably. I always Loved that car-tune, Chip and Dale. After you, no after you no I insist you first ect. Caricatures like these guys keeps life interesting.

Ogden, Utah

Let us oft speak kind words to each other
At home or where’er we may be;

....like get the heck off my bench.


A fight in a Mormon chapel because there aren't enough seats to accommodate everyone…this could only happen in Utah. -___-

Glendora, CA

I remember a short fist fight that broke out between two elderly ordinance workers, in front of the veil, after a session was over. This occurred approximately 35 years ago. We never figured-out what the issue was about. The two men were immediately released from their callings, by the temple president, naturally.
It can get ugly, even in the house of The Lord.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, you see, it's the "principle" of saving seats.... Funny if it weren't so sad. Need to hum a little of "School thy Feelings"... do we?

I feel compassion and sadness for the bishop and other members who have to live with this event and find a way to deal with not only the event but the notoriety.

I thought fights were saved for basketball games.

Logan, UT

Wrong "antodav". I raised my family in So. Calif. and it was common place to not be able to
find a place to sit. In our area though saving seats were a NO NO and should be here as well.
If the rest of the gang can't get there in time, oh well. Empty seat means it's available.
There seems to be some Christ like attitude adjustments needed.

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

I thought fights were limited to the stake basketball game's.

Highland, UT

Ridiculous that this escalated to this degree but the truth is the rude bahvior bagan with the people trying to save all the pews.

I go early to church every week and while I don't sit in the exact same pew every time I sit in more or less the same section of seats. My family usually comes later than I do and then sits with me. But I never try to take up multiple rows of seats for people that are not there yet. My take on it is that if people want a certain block of seats then they need to get there early and actually sit in them. Having one family memeber show up and sit in one row while throwing his sciptures down in another row, his suit coat in another row, a diaper bag in another and then heading out to talk in the hall is incredibly rude.

My guess is this family had one guy trying to save a bunch of rows while the rest of the familt leisurely strolled in 1 minute before the meeting began. Meanwhile others that came early were denied seats.

There's plenty of blame all around this situation.

Highland, UT


If such a letter is sent from the 1st presidency let's hope it also tells people that going in the chapel and throwing your diaper bag in a pew when you arrive for your relief society presidency meeting, then having your family all stroll in 3 minutes before, or in many case 3 minute after, the meeting starts to take the bench is out of order as well. If you are going to come and sit in a pew then that is your pew. If you are just throwing your stuff in it to keep the people that actually show up on time out of it so your family can get it even if they are late is far more rude imo.

I see it every single week.

born in37

How sad. Why does this incident not surprise us? Because we are becoming a society of hot-heads who are void of maturity and character. Road Rage is another indication of how short the fuse really is on some folks. Quite often these are the school bullies who never grew up. It won't be long until we will not be able to make eye contact with anybody we don't know. Shame on them.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

Looks like "church ball" spilled over into the chapel.

Provo, UT

@ Moniker Lewinsky

The article says that the member that sat in the seat was less active. So that is why I said "welcome back to the fold."

Point being, it is not a good impression to fight with anyone over a seat, and if a less active member comes to church and has that experience, they are likely not coming back...

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