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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 1:20 p.m. MDT

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Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Cougar in Texas (cont.)

And here is what I said about Daniel...

"Rivals lists [Daniel] as having received no other offers, and as a 2-star athlete, Daniel is JUST the sort of player our midmajorey little brother looks for."

Whoops! Looks like I did indeed misspeak there. Rivals listed him as a 0-star athlete. I least I'm the sort of person with enough integrity to admit when I'm wrong. Are YOU?

Oh...and for what it's worth, Rivals listed him as having zero other offers, so that part I DID get right.

"And now, Sedgwick."

And? What about him? Did Rivals rate him at all? I said they didn't. Was I wrong? No? I thought not.

Don't be so frantic and emotional.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Actually, Bronco adopted the policy that it's very gratifying to take low-star players and consistently finish each season with a better record and ranked higher than U with it's supposedly higher-star players.


Supposedly better talent? Go look at the last few NFL drafts. Utah has learning curve in the PAC-12:

"If this were a five-year projection, I think the Utes would be higher. But I also think they need to go through at least a full class cycle before they can really start climbing the Pac-12 hierarchy. Our preseason hype last season was misguided, and the Utes' lack of depth was exposed. It takes time to build not only a starting lineup that can win in the Pac-12, but also the depth behind those starters. The facility upgrades are a good step in the right direction." -- By Kevin Gemmell | ESPN.com (June 21, 2013)

According to DN, Bronco's two main goals are:

Fix the 'Utah' Problem
Win ranked teams

Good thing for BYU fans that he learned not to put goals on t-shirts.

Mcallen, TX

Being the fourth best team in Utah, do the utes rate half a star?

Just Smiling

To BYU Grad/BYU Dad- In 2011 BYU beat 1 PAC-12 School, Oregon State 38-28, Utah beat Oregon State 27-8 and beat BYU 54-10 (OUCH!) In 2012 BYU played 3 PAC-12 schools- They beat Washington State 30-6, Utah beat them 49-6 and beat BYU 24-21. BYU and Utah lost to Oregon State BYU lost 42-24, Utah lost 21-7. In 2013 Utah plays a brutal PAC-12 schedule of Oregon State (better than 2012), Oregon already rated #3 nationally, Stanford already rated #7 nationally, USC, UCLA, Arizona and Arizona State. Meanwhile BYU will play only 1 PAC-12 team this year and it's UTAH. BYU has 6 games with gimme teams- All they have to do is win one other game and again they will be a bowl team but what does that mean? Seems that if BYU played a PAC-12 schedule that rankings and bowl games wouldn't be there at the end of their season either.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Just Smiling:

That's what I've been telling them all along, but they always come back with "spin" talk, and suggest that they'll go bowling because their 41-yr legacy of beating the worst teams in the WAC.

That passes for Indy-WACey logic ya know.

Provo, UT

@Naval Vet

Lol, wow, you just referenced a comment you made almost three months ago. Was that in your "archive" of D News comments that you have on file?


"And? What about him? Did Rivals rate him at all? I said they didn't. Was I wrong? No? I thought not."

Good job, Naval, way to save face. Has Rivals rated ANY 2015 recruit? No? Fascinating. It's a good thing that you KNEW that Sedgwick was a 2015 recruit, which is why Rivals hasn't rated him yet, or else U would have looked pretty silly making that comment about how Rivals doesn't even have him listed.

Whew...you dodged a bullet there.


Go Cougars!


I'm sure all of you brain surgeons know that most kids don't get evaluated until after their junior year. I know, it's just what adults do concerning 15 & 16 year old kids. By the way, UCLA coach Mora commented on a radio show that Sedgwick was an absolute stud.

Lincoln City, OR


LOL... Tell us who you think are the 6 gimmee teams besides Utah NS Maybe Idaho State?

Ae you thinking Virginia and Georgia Tech from the ACC who are both AQ teams? One beat Miami, Penn State and UNC last year and the other won their division in the ACC...

Maybe you are thinking Houston who was a 12-1 power just 2 years ago? Or maybe Middle Tennessee who is expected to have a very good year and win their conference (C-USA)?

And maybe you are talking about Utah State who beat the Ute's last year and is expected to beat both Utah and BYU this year? (last year they only lost to Wisconsin by 2 with a missed field goal at the end, and to BYU (by 3) in Provo.

I know, you're thinking of Nevada who has played in a bowl for each of the last 8 years (losing by 1 point to Arizona last year)... BTW, how did the Utes do against Arizona last year?(Lost by 10 at home).

I'm guessing that you're not taking about Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin, or ND...

So there's our schedule... Who are the "6 gimmees"?

Farmington, UT

I think it would behoove BYU fans to quit referring to the University of Utah all the time. It reminds me of a prospective mate on The Bachelor continually criticizing other propspects rather than concentrating on the task at hand.

Lincoln City, OR


I don't watch the Bachelor, but I think I understand what you are saying..

I'm all for that... All you have to do is to get the Utie fans to stop coming on the Cougar Boards to provoke Cougar fans... Do you think you can get them to do that???

If you can, then we're golden.

Orem, Utah

@ Chris, Naval, Howie, and all the trolls who think the stars by a recruit and how many BCS schools recruit them are evidence at how good that player will be.

How many BCS schools recruited Cody Hoffman of B.Y.U who is rated by Bleacher Report as the 9th best receiver for 2013 season? Answer: none. Further proof that the stars by your name and who recruits you are not that significant. Also Hoffman is joined on this list by players from BCS schools such as Texas and Alabama.

Just Smiling

@POYMAN- First of all live in the present- how are the teams this year, not what they did in the past. Using lol is also outdated. And trash talking Utah after 3 years in a row,,,really? THIS YEAR- Nevada is rebuilding rated #76, Houston is totally rebuilding rated #92 and even at 12-1 2 years ago who did they play to get that 12-1 season?, Mid Tennessee? rated #98! And Idaho State? great move to coast before the Notre Dame game, kind of like having a bye before playing Utah and playing Mid Tennessee before the Utah State game. In my opinion they play 4 PAC-12 like teams- Texas, Boise State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame. I am sure that if they played Utah's PAC-12 schedule they would not be bowl eligible.

Mesa, AZ

Just Smiling--

"And Idaho State? great move to coast before the Notre Dame game, kind of like having a bye before playing Utah and playing Mid Tennessee before the Utah State game."

You forgot, 2-Star byu also scheduled a bye before playing WISC, as well! There's a reason Phil Steele ranks their SOS #49, barely inside the top-half of the nation!

Holladay, UT


You are confused, this is COLLEGE football. It's not a NFL roster. There is no such thing as building or re-building a team, I'm not sure you know this but kids leave in 3-4 years most of the players have 2 good playing seasons, and than what do you do keep building? I don't understand your logic, what are you building?

The utes aren't getting good recruits now, they have been in the pac for 2 years now. Why would you start getting better recruits. You think that would start in effect day 1, but its not. Kids want to go to a bigger branded school, better climate, better tradition. Hate to break it to you but the university of utah is neither. The utes is 10th in the conference because for a reason, it is the 9th or 10th best option for kids in the pac. It will always be that way. There is no rebuilding or building you have nothing to build upon.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"How many BCS schools recruited Cody Hoffman of B.Y.U who is rated by Bleacher Report as the 9th best receiver for 2013 season?"

Hoffman is an extraordinary athlete, but the reason why no BCS school offered him was because he played small ball in high school. Nobody had ever heard of him...including the Y. What got this kid on the Indy-WACers radar was his coach referred him to mendenmidmajor.

Trotting out names like Hoffman and Ansah are nothing more than red herrings. Do a little reseach. Tally up the number of unheralded recruits coming out of high school vs. 3-, 4-, and 5-star recruits who eventually made NFL rosters, and see how they stack up percentage wise.

And then you'll see why "stars" ARE generally a good metric as to how good they'll eventually be.

Holladay, UT

Naval Vet

How do you know Cody played small ball? What is small ball anyway in high school? It is great that he was referred to mendenhall. Where was whittinghispants at when they need a receiver? whittinghispants is happening now because he can't win more than 5 games a year up on the hill. Why can't he win because he can't recruit. All he can do is hire a dinosaur to "help" your useless oc coach. A big reason he can't recruit because nobody cares enough about frutah football and refer their players. So I see it as another win for BYU.

Holladay, UT

Just Smiling

First of all live in the present- how are the teams this year, not what they did in the past.

Who is the one that has a 05 fiesta bowl banner draped all over their stadium? Fiesta Bowl dude. Really?!?! What other team in this country has a bowl game banner hanging huge on their stadium, were not talkin championships we are talking bowl game. Oh wait it's the same team that puts their conference sticker on their car. It's got to be the ONE and ONLY utes.

You think BYU is the only team that holds on to the past, you guys hold on to that bowl game like it was some marvelous achievement.

If it wasn't for you being in the MWC you wouldn't even have had that opportunity because you would have lost half those games, you almost did anyway. I wouldn't toot your horn to loud because nobody is impressed.

Just Smiling

@TrueBlue- what are you talking about? 1. I'm talking about the actual teams byu will be playing this year and their quality this year. I have no clue what caused your rant about bowl banners. But now that you have brought it up....2. Both banners are about undefeated seasons and different than byu 1980's banner they were in this century. 3. Both bowl banners represent major bowls that byu has never qualified for, 4. I'm not sure why you are attacking undefeated in a MWC season, at least it wasn't after a season of WAC teams and 5. take a chill pill, 3 seasons in a row must be very frustrating and upsetting.

Lincoln City, OR

@justsmiling... Had to travel today and just got home... So I didn't get a chance to respond til now... But I've been looking forward to it...

Your statement on difficulty of scheduling tells me that you don't understand how it works...

Chase down any strength of schedule charts and you will find that schedule strength is predicated on the previous season's win-loss records... For instance, Marc Lawrence's College Preview just came out and he rates every college team's schedule for this year... In fact some of your Ute buddies have been on the board boasting about it (that and the number of stars on your 2 and 3 star recruits...)...LOL

Borrow some money and go buy it... You will find that on page 103 the 2013 college schedules are ranked from most to least difficult ... And it's based on two criterion: 1) The win-loss record of each team from last year; and 2)the accumlative win-loss record of all teams on LAST YEARS SCHEDULE.... So your comment regarding past records doesn't seem to carry much validity (at least with theexperts, consistent with other things you've on this board... Oh,and LOL.

Lincoln City, OR


I didn't get to say all that I wanted to say in my last post, so here's more...

You say "live in the present" and not focus on their past...Focus on "how the teams are this year"... LOL... Then you cite some rankings but don't reference them of course...

Just so you know, the polls aren't out yet... There are a few magazines that give power rankings... But if we're going to do power rankings, let's just compare Utah with BYU straight up...

I found two magazines that have power rankings of the college teams 1-125... One of them is Lindy' Sports... They have BYU rated #39 over-all, unfortunately for Utah, it is rated #69 (ouch);... The other one that I found was Phil Steel's Power Poll for the FBS teams 1 through 126... Utah does better in this ranking, they are all the way up to #60, BYU however is #34...

Just seems like you can't catch a break for your arguments here, sorry...

If you would like to share a reference for your ratings of Nevada and Houston, I'd love to check them out... LOL.

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