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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 1:20 p.m. MDT

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Beck to Harline
Provo, UT

LOL at poyman's post. "In the last 41 years" hahaha seriously? Nothing says "I'm trying to maximize BYU's win percentage" like using the past "41 years" in any situation...

In regards to the article (isn't that what these comments should be about?), it sounds like Sedgwick is a stud. I'll be anxious to see BYU's linebacker group in 4 years or so when he's back from his mission, with Fred Warner, as well (assuming Fred stays committed). Recruiting looks bright at the Y! For Will's sake, I hope he gets 3+ stars when they release scouting star rankings for juniors (they don't give stars for sophomores...) so that the Ute fans will give the kid a chance instead of writing him off as another Bronco recruiting failure.

No matter how many Eric Weddles, Steve Youngs, Ziggy Ansahs...etc. there are, Ute fans love to trash on the low star recruits. I don't (and won't ever) get that.

Go Cougs!
Go Utes! (Except in September of course)

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Naval Vet: Rivals rated Sedgwick as a...um...uh....uh-oh. Rivals never even HEARD of this guy.

As others have pointed out, evaluations for juniors-to-be are not out yet. No 2015 kid has any stars at all.

I actually watched his film. He plays like a senior, and a good one at that. He'll be pushing 4 stars next year. If he was uncommitted, I'd guarantee it.

You have a pretty poor track record when it comes to recruit evaluation, btw.

Lincoln City, OR

@COutie, Earlier it seemed like you were suggesting that perhaps the comments should focus on the kids instead of blue vs red... But then I read your last post where you were talking about winning either 75% or 67% of the last 12 games and it was apparent that you weren't trying to put yourself above the fray but actually right smack dab in the middle of it...

While your numbers are correct, I discount the early part of them as Crowton was our coach then and can be attributed with roughly half of those losses... Take them away and we would each have 4 wins when we beat you this year.

But here's some real numbers to think about: 8... the number of seasons in the past 41 years that the Utes have had a better record than the Cougs; 39... the percentage of Ute wins in the PAC the past 2 years; 42... the percentage of wins against PAC opponents over the past 7 years; 60... the percentage of BYU wins against PAC oponents the past 7 years;and my favorite, 36.6... the percentage of Utah wins over BYU the past 41 years... Less than impressive.

Beck to Harline
Provo, UT


When discussing statistics, don't use such rigged numbers/years...telling a Ute fan that BYU has a 26-15 record against them in the past 41 years is just as valid as saying the Utes have dominated the Y in the past 12 years. If you want to be taken seriously, use legitimate baselines...essentially the AP era and the BCS era. Those would be more valid. I'm with you with the whole BYU against the PAC vs Utah against the PAC (except that a large portion of BYU's wins were against average/bad teams in the PAC, as were Utah's).

The whole national relevance argument has two sides imo. Conference affiliation, and national ranking. Which school is more relevant? Boise State, or Colorado? Because by the Ute fans logic, Colorado would be...although Boise State is clearly the better school (football team. The school's academics are sub-par to put it lightly). The person that convinces the Ute fans that the PAC12 logo is not indicative of national relevance should win the Nobel Prize for Common Sense imo...

Provo, UT

They were sophomores last year. How many stars do sophomores usually have? Watching the video impressed me that Sedgwick knows how to play. Plus, he is 6'2" and 220 pounds at that age. When I went out for my sophomore football team, I was 5'6" 115 pounds. By the time I was in my mid-40s I would have been the right size for tight end (6'4", 220 pounds), except that I was in my mid-40s.

I think both these guys have a lot of potential. We won't know how well they fulfill that for at least six years, though.

Oregon Lawyer
Keizer, OR

I forgot to note that, in addition to BYU, Sedgwick has also been actively recruited by both Harvard and Oregon (multiple visits by Oregon coaches and a commitment to support his LDS mission plans). Yes, THAT Oregon. It's telling that Harvard thinks he's smart enough and Oregon thinks he's good enough. More reason to like the kid.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I think the valid measuring stick is the combined Whit and Bronco era (as head coaches... Sorry, 2004 belongs to another era just as 1984 does).

And when you look at those eras, the coaches stuck up pretty well against each other, albeit the last three years head to head obviously belong to Whit and Utah. But to borrow the expression, "lost the battle, won the war," by the end of the year, BYU won the war in the only meaningful measures for an entire season.

Lincoln City, OR

Oh and one more thing, b2h, LOL... I wouldn't consider wins over Oregon and UCLA in Bowl games wins against weak teams"... I also wouldn't consider a 59-0 win over UCLA insignificant even in bad years for UCLA...

I do agree with you on the Rival Rating system however, so see there, there is one thing that we agree on...

Just Smiling

Same arguments- man they get old..on both sides- BYU always tries to justify themselves by mentioning bowls and rankings while the U fans bring up number of stars a player is rated with. Both arguments are invalid and not a fair comparison. The difference between a 2 and 4 star athlete is minimal. Some 5 star athletes are truly heads above the others, But coming out of high school, attitude and desire quickly separate the value of a player. The bowl argument is ridiculous. BYU talks about an incredible schedule and yet they play only 1 preseason poll team rated in the top 10, while Utah plays 2. Utah plays 3 teams not rated in the top 80 teams- BYU play 5. BYU has 6 "gimme" games. Utah has 3. BYU will have to win 1 "hard" game to be bowl eligible, while Utah will have to win 4. A much harder schedule. At the end of the season "rated" teams and "bowl eligible" teams are not necessarily better teams but have more wins and in the lower tier bowl games because of an easier schedule. Let's just play the game!

Lincoln City, OR

@BecktoHarline...Well then, you need to write towards the objective that you think is important... I will write on what I think is important... The hard truth is that no one will convince the opposing fans that their team is more dominant with better national recognition than the other's team.

Now the periods of time that I chose were based on concrete events... BYU's claim to dominance began with Lavell Edwards promotion to head coach in 1972, thus the 41 years... Which makes 26-15 relevant (or at least it does to me). I even think that the past 11 years (12 if you include this year) mean something as that represents the current trend.

When you begin to instruct people on how they need to analyze and write to be taken "seriously" you have just stepped into deep water... This is an opinion board, people write their opinions based on how they see the issue... If it doesn't convince you don't click "like"...

A couple of my friends and family have read your posts on the topic and find them to be vanilla and without much significance... But good on you... it's your opinion. See how that works?

Just Smiling

One more point- I love the statistical comparison between games won against PAC-12 teams by Utah compared to BYU. Totally irrelevant and grossly skewed. You can't compare the percentage of BYU wins against a few lower level PAC 12 teams to the Utah percentage playing ALL the Pac-12 teams top to bottom. If BYU played USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Washington, etc. it would be way different than playing Oregon State on a bad year and Washington State any year. Play the FULL Pac-12 Schedule and BYU percentages would plummet.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


I've already told you. Your "higher rankings" you're referring to were subjective positionings due to your overall record. And that overall record was due to your weak SOS. Pollsters often don't even watch the games. They just look at who won the game, and adjust their voting accordingly.

The bottom line is -- and you KNOW this -- that the determination as to who was the better team was on the field. And on the field, Utah was the better team for the last 3 consecutive outings, and 8 of the last 11. So no, mendmediocrity is NOT doing more with less. He's just losing with lesser athletes.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"At the end of the season "rated" teams and "bowl eligible" teams are not necessarily better teams but have more wins and in the lower tier bowl games because of an easier schedule. Let's just play the game!"

While I agree that a team ranked #23 may not necessarily be better than a team ranked #24 or #25, they are a better guideline than you give it credit for. Polls consider strength of schedule as well as record. That is why undefeated teams can still be ranked somewhat low in the polls. The point is, when a final ranking shows one team ranked significantly higher than another, overall that team was better, despite strength of schedule.

"Play the FULL Pac-12 Schedule and BYU percentages would plummet."

It's really hard to tell. BYU might do well, or they might not. All we do know is what we've seen in the past, and except for the last few years BYU and Utah had very similar schedules (they were in the same conference) and overall BYU's record has been better than Utah's.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

These guys are going to be totally awesome.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Cougar in Texas:

"You have a pretty poor track record when it comes to recruit evaluation, btw"

No I don't. I'm not the one who evaluates recruits. Rivals is. If those 2 athletes are "5-star" caliber kids, then don't take it up with ME. Take it up with RIVALs! Don't be so frantic and emotional.

West of I15, UT

@Tators..."Usually, the better team wins. And that's exactly what will happen this year. The "stars" are all aligned to allow justice to prevail this year. Wait, watch and see."

Couldn't agree more the better team does win and thats exactly what has happened the last 3 years and 8 of the last 11.

@poywoman...How about this percentage for you over the last 3 years the Utes have won 100% of the time and that was with Bronco not Crowton as if that matters. That was funny though you try to pass off the crowton years as if they dont count....LOL!

I'm glad both of you and alot of cougies on these threads keep saying how the Y will win for sure come September. It's exactly what all of you said the last 3 years. Please keep on perdicting how badly your going to beat the U.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Just Smiling

Utah hasn't played a PAC whatever schedule from top to bottom yet either.

Korea, AE


"Don't be so frantic and emotional."

I love this argument. You come to BYU articles and attack BYU and their fans and when they fight back, you tell them that they are frantic and emotional.


Its like what happened when utah came to play ASU. I was in the bathroom before the game washing my hands. There were 10-15 other ASU fans in the room as well. In walks a 2004 BCS T-shirt wearing utah fan that had already had a few beers in him (at least I hope he was drunk, and not just stupid).

He stands in the middle of the bathroom and yells, "We're going to kick your..."

Now, I am not sure what happened next because I left, but from the amount of commotion that came from the bathroom, ASU fans were not happy.

So let me ask you...

Were the ASU fans frantic and emotional? Yep, probably.

But more so it begs the question...

What are you u fans thinking?

u'r entitled to your opinion...

but don't come here thinking some people aren't going to throw it back at u.

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Naval Vet:

So you DO evaluate recruits? Based on what? You criticize the commitment of Sedgwick, claiming he had no "stars", but failed to realize that no 2015 recruit had yet been evaluated!

You have now made a similar criticism for several of BYU's commits. Here are a few of the gems that you claimed were weak commits:

Fred Warner: Subsequently offered by USC and, yes, Utah! He must not be so bad after all.

Robertson Daniel: No stars? No other offers? Err, well he was a 2011 First-Team JC All American, the same AA team that included Ute lineman Junior Salt. He did not qualify academically in the December time period. BYU only looked at him when our projected DB starter and JC transfer, Trent Trammel, went down in the spring with a torn ACL.

And now, Sedgwick. I recommend you watch his film and ask yourself if he were not a BYU commit and were considering Utah, if you'd think he was a very good prospect, especially for a HS sophomore.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Frantic and Emotional Cougar in Texas:

"So you DO evaluate recruits? Based on what?"

I don't know what you're talking about. Your 11:41 post was replete with strawman arguments. I never said I evaluated recruits. Go back and see for yourself in my 8:07 post. There it says:

"I'm not the one who evaluates recruits. Rivals is. If those 2 athletes are "5-star" caliber kids, then don't take it up with ME. Take it up with RIVALs!"

"You have now made a similar criticism for several of BYU's commits. Here are a few of the gems that you claimed were weak commits...Fred Warner...Robertson Daniel...And now, Sedgwick."

Warner? Another strawman arguments. Here's what I said about Warner...

"Rivals likes this kid as a 3-star recruit...which is typically 1-star too many for a cougar recruit. He might very well be the gem of your 2014 recruiting class." (Apr. 3rd, 3:16 pm)

And HOW is that "criticism"?

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