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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 1:20 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

These recruiting stories do my heart good... It's guys like this that cause Vegas Odds Makers to accurately pick winners and losers... Now speaking of losers, I am pleased to see that the Utes are predicted to only win 3 games this season (Weber State, Colorado and WSU)... It's recruits like these that give these same odds makers confidence in saying that BYU will soundly beat Utah on their way to an 8-4 or 9-3 year... (I personally think it will be a 10 win year.)

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Responding to the theme of some here that Bronco takes 2 star recruits and produces success with them...

Consider the truth that Bronco does well with his 2 star recruits as long as he plays MWC/WAC level competition...

Also consider the truth that when Bronco plays BCS and/or ranked competition he has a losing record.

The truth is that Bronco's success with his 2 star athletes is built on 2nd tier competition... when he plays the big boys he produces mediocre results at best.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Full effort? Great people?

I'm a great person and I give full effort... so do I qualify for a Bronco scholarship?

Korea, AE

Gotta love how uties want to argue on "stars" whether or not a player will be good. then they want to argue that because of the "stars" the team is no good. then they want to argue that because of "stars" a team is part of a conference.

I guess since "stars" are so important, we shouldn't play the games.

What's even funnier is uties claiming that BYU will never beat them again, that they will never beat any ranked team again, and that they will never be in a conference.

Why is that funny?

Because until 2004, utah had done nothing noteworthy in football. ever.

Then they went on a spree of good luck, good football, and good players.

The part that is funny is that now they think that it can't happen to BYU.

That since it happened to them it can't happen to anyone else.

Do you not understand college football at all?

Anyone, at any time can beat someone else. u of all people should know this.

Yet you're arrogant enough to tell BYU fans it won't happen to them.

Strange little world you live in.

Korea, AE

Howard S

I'll consider it if you consider the same logic for utah.

Kyle gets more stars and can't do anything with them in your conference.

When you make an argument make sure it doesn't make you own team look bad too.

If it is good for the goose it is good for the gander.


Ashburn, VA

For too many folks in these comment sections, being a Ute fan boils down to the constant, gnawing fear that somewhere out there someone might be saying nice things about BYU.


I have seen Will play, when our local High School played Laguna it was like watching Kyle Van Noy on the other team! I am excited to see if he can play at that level for BYU.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Will Sedgwick and Earl Mariner both appear to be great young men and will be fine additions to the BYU football program!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Howard S.

"I'm a great person and I give full effort... so do I qualify for a Bronco scholarship?"

Obviously, not even close, since you're not fully invested and you have absolutely no D-1 level football skills.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Howie S.
You may put out great effort in slandering BYU but that does not count in anybody's book, especially the book of life. Get some class and we will talk about a scholarship.

Lincoln City, OR

@Howard... You should know something about losing and low winning percentages... Utah has a 39% win ratio against PAC12 schools over the past 2 years, 42% against PAC12 schools the past 7 years and a 36.6% win ratio against BYU the past 41 years...

BYU however, has a 60% win ratio against PAC member schools the past 7 years and a 63.4% win ratio against the Utes over the past 41 years... (26-15)...
this all includes the Crowton years when BYU lost 4 in a row... Just think what the ratio would have been had Crowton not been our coach for those 4 years???

Farmington, UT

Would you rather be a 3 or 4 star player who signed with Utah, be at the basement in the PAC 12, and go bowling at Orchard Lanes this December.....or.....?

Hank Pym

to Y Grad / Y Dad July 1st

**"Oh, quick, where's my star chart?"**

You're an astrologer?

Wally West

re: Howard S. 7/1 16:30

How else can byu recapture their glory days of being a medium sized fish in a small pond?

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to poyman

"Just think what the ratio would have been had Crowton not been our coach for those 4 years???"

That blade cuts both ways. What would the ratio be if Lavell never coached in Provo?

Oregon Lawyer
Keizer, OR

Sedgwick played in the CIF-SS, one of the most talent-rich areas in the country. The CIF-SS is HUGE (probably includes 20 million or so people), and names a 1st team for each of its 13 regions. Sedgwick was the ONLY sophomore linebacker named 1st team CIF-SS, and one of only 3 sophomore defenders in the ENTIRE CIF-SS named to a 1st team. This means the coaches and media in SoCal think the kid is a FLAT OUT STUD. The kid had 22 tackles in a CIF playoff game against top shelf competition--he's an absolute one-man wrecking crew out there, a 16 year old kid in a grown man's body. Between his obvious talent and desire to live BYU's Honor Code, BYU would have been nuts to not offer this kid.

Kaysville, UT

The kid isnt in Rivals or scouts or ESPN recruiting databases because he is part of the "2015" recruiting class. most, if not all recuiting agencies havent even started analyzing next years recruits. read the article and understand what it says before you start bashing the kid and spouting that BYU always recruits low. I think the trolls on these boards (and we all know what names I am talking about) need to be reclassified as "BYU Haters" instead of supposed "fans" of Utah. all they care about is hating BYU. sad day for collegiate sports when fans become that way.

CO Ute

Well it looks like the posters are back to comparing red vs. blue regardless of the article. Too bad.
Kids that are committing for 2015 typically aren't rated yet so they won't have any stars. Lots of silly posts regarding their rating at this time.
Yes, BYU was only a few points from being 12-1 and a meteor also came close to hitting the earth but in the end; neither happened.
My favorite, however is WildCougar. Yes Utah 'only' has 6 commits for 2014 which says nothing about the program because the 2013 season hasn't even started. Only 1 of the 6 is a 'lowered star' athlete with a 2 star rating. The rest are all 3 and 4 star rated. Since joining the PAC 12 Utah has significantly upgraded their recruiting and been evaluated as having significantly better recruiting classes then BYU. This isn't my opinion but actual facts.

CO Ute

This one is especially for Tators regarding the post that the best team usually wins. Spin it any way you want but here are some facts:

If Utah beats BYU this year it will be their 9th win in the last 12 years or 3 out of every 4.
If the Y finds a way to win it will be their 4th win in the last 12 years or 1 of every 3.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Come on, guys. We all know that once an athlete commits to BYU he loses at least 5 stars. Maybe more. On the other hand, any Ute recruit gains a few stars (or if he has only a few stars, stars suddenly don't matter anymore).

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