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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 10:55 a.m. MDT

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Palo Alto, CA


"Clearly you don't follow my 9ers."

Clearly you don't follow MY 49ers.

If any Utah team has a claim to the success of the 49ers, it's clearly BYU:

Steve Young, Tom Holmoe, Bill Ring, Bart Oats - all 49ers Super Bowl winners.

Alex Smith was barely a blip on the 49ers playoff radar. In the NFC Divisional round of the playoffs, Smith led the 49ers to a win over the New Orleans Saints, with a final score of 36-32. That's it. Alex's sole contribution to San Francisco's playoff success - in EIGHT seasons.

Saint George, UT


Your selective anecdotal "evidence" invites some interesting questions/comparisons...

Who played with Young during the time he was in SF?

Who coached Young during the time he was in SF?

IMHO Young's career would have ended earlier given Young the players Alex had surrounding him as well as the coaches Alex had coaching him.

How many Super Bowls did Young play in with Tampa Bay?

How many Hall of Famers did Young have blocking for him, running the ball for him, catching the ball for him in Tampa Bay?

How many Hall of Famers did Young have coaching him in Tampa Bay?

IMHO there is no doubt Young was a superior athlete who benefited greatly from an amazing cast of players and coaches while in SF.

IMHO there is no doubt Young was a superior athlete whose career would have ended prematurely if he had remained in Tampa Bay playing with the players as well as being coached by those coaches.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Anecdotal evidence? It's a called historical fact:

“In 1991, on his way to leading the league in passing, Young was criticized by fans and the Bay Area press [for struggling at 4-4]… When Young suffered a knee injury in the ninth game of the season, Steve Bono stepped in and played splendidly. There was a loud call for Bono to pass Young on the depth chart…

"Remember where we were in March 1992," Policy says. "The coaches said that Joe was throwing better than he had in years. And the prospect of Steve Young being an unhappy camper would have been a distraction to the team. We did explore the market, and we had some [absurd] offers."

One that was not absurd involved the Los Angeles Raiders, who offered a No. 1 draft choice, wide receiver Tim Brown and other considerations. On draft day, however, Raider boss Al Davis scaled back his offer, and Policy cut off talks with the Raiders”

Source: Young And The Restless -- Peter King (May 31, 1993, SI)

Young was a great QB, which Alex will never be. But the fact still remains it took young 8 years.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Call us when your ready to stop using accomplishments of Edwards and Chow players.

Richmond, VA

@Riddles in the Dark,

"...On August 7, 2005, Steve Young was enshrined into the National Football League Hall of Fame.

Alex Smith has won what, ONE NFL playoff game?

And now Utah fans are trying to pass him off as being just shy of overtaking Young?

Hysterical, truly, hysterical!"

Hysterical bro? Are you kidding me? I'm giddy and smiling from ear to ear!

I do wish Alex the best and hope he'll eventually be a Super Bowl winner and MVP. But until then, I think the comparison to Young is a bit premature at this point. Who knows but that with the help of a former BYU cougar like Coach Reid, he just might surprise us surpass Young's achievements as a pro.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

He's ok but he's no Shoemaker or Feterik.

Gilbert, AZ


There wasn't a QB in the league that wouldn't have been a "bust" playing for the Tampa team Young played for.

The team was divided only because of the loyalty some players still had for Montana. As far as playing ability, Young had surpassed Montana and it was obvious to any objective observer that it was time to hand the starter's role to Steve. It's understandable why Montana chose to leave the 49ers as it would have been difficult for him to ride the pine behind Young.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Alex is a true professional. Dunno if KC is the place to get to the promised land when you have to go through Denver, Baltimore, NE, or Pitt, but I wish him luck in his new home anyway.

Las Vegas, NV

WAC man - Young was fighting for a starting position as late as 1992 with Steve Bono. He was a starter in 1991, only because of a Montana injury, but was replaced by Bono. Bono finishe the year as starter with a healthy Young on the bench. So, in 1992, he was fighting with Bono again for the starting position. He won the position, but the 49ers missed the playoffs with him at the realm.

In 1993, he set the record for consecutive passes without an interception, which was broken by Alex last year. Young finally made it to the playoffs in 1993 and lead the niners to the division championship in his 10th season out of college. Smith lead the niners to the division championship in his seventh season out of college. Young also had the greatest receiver ever to play the game - Rice.

Young was also dumped by Tampa for Testaverde. AND, Smith was ACTUALLY the first pick.

Clearly I do know what I'm talking about. But I'm happy to clear up your revisionist history of Young. As great as Young was, he had MANY years collecting splinters.

Go Alex! Go Utes!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@talkinsports: There wasn't a QB in the league that wouldn't have been a "bust" playing for the Tampa team Young played for.

Here's one QB in the league that wouldn't have been labeled a "bust": Joe Montana.


So Alex led the 9ers to a NFC championship game in 8 years, what did Young do over his first 8 years?

Alex Smith did not play on a dynasty, Steve Young did. Steve Young took 8 years to develop under a legend, that is the only point I made.

Most 9er fans wanted Montana, a proven SB winner, not Young. Sorry if that fact hurt your feelings.

Stansbury Park, ut

@Chris B ya And....

Orem, UT


"So Alex led the 9ers to a NFC championship game in 8 years, what did Young do over his first 8 years?"

A selective memory there, as usual.

In his 8th season, Alex led the 49ers to a 5-3 record, only completing 8 passes after the 8th game of the season and not throwing a single pass during the playoffs. Alex completed 153 of 218 passes (70.2%), for 1,737 yds, 13 TDs, 5 ints, for a passer rating of 104.1. Alex is yet to win a single award of any kind, college or pro.

In his 8th season, Young led the 49ers to a 14-2 record and the NFC Championship game. Young completed 319 of 480 passes (66.5% - #1 in the NFL), for 3,880 yds, 29 TDs, 9 ints, and a passer rating of 105.0. Young was named AP MVP, PFWA MVP, Bert Bell Award (Player of the Year), and AP Offensive Player of the Year for 1992.

Las Vegas, NV

Here's my theory: Their is a segment of the byU fan base that is uncomfortable with the state of their program. I liken them to my grandpa talking about the "good-old-days" and refusing to admit that the world has passed him by. They still live in the 80s and 90s. They are fearful because the only decent NFL QB to come out of Utah since Steve Young did not come out of "qb University", he came from big brother on the hill. The fear is that Alex will be successful, and that will deter from their own decades old security blanket. The fact that Smith was the #1 pick is doubly painful.

So, this segment flocks to any story with the mention of Alex, and they belittle his accomplishments and his school in an attempt to keep the security blanket all warm and fuzzy, and smelling good.

Sorry guys - Smith is the present, and your security blanket is moth-eaten and smells like the old wet St. Bernard from next door.

As a Ute fan, I loved Young and MacMahon. But they were then - this is now.

Go Alex Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

Sportsfan: Smith led the niners to the division championship game in his seventh season out of college, which he left after his junior year. Young led the niners to a division championship game in his ninth season out of college, leaving as a senior.

So my question would be - what had Young accomplished at Smith's current age in the NFL? We know he wasn't the #1 pick at that age. We know he had not lead the niners at that age. Young was great, don't get me wrong, and Smith may not ever be as good as Young. But - Young was nothing still in the NFL when he was as old as Smith is currently, he had proven nothing. He was a flop at Tampa with no team around him (sound familiar?). Later, in 1991, he was benched when he got injured and never got the starting job back when he recovered from his injury (sound familiar?). He didn't come into his own until a Ute became his coach. Now a Cougar is Smith's coach, so you never know.

Go Alex! Go Utes!!

Las Vegas, NV

How about a shout-out to Dalton Schultz and Kenyon Frison up at The Opening in Oregon.

Go Land Sharks!!

Orem, UT


"So my question would be - what had Young accomplished at Smith's current age in the NFL?"

Who cares at what age Alex reached his first accomplishment?

Alex was the #1 overall pick in the draft and in 8 seasons as a STARTER he's won ONE playoff game.

Young played behind a Hall of Fame QB for most of his first 7 seasons in the NFL, yet in his first season as a full-time starter for the 49ers, he led San Francisco to the NFC championship game and won several MVP and Player of the Year awards.


"Alex was the #1 overall pick in the draft and in 8 seasons as a STARTER he's won ONE playoff game.

Young played behind a Hall of Fame QB"

Which makes this an apples-to-oranges comparison. Smith's team for 7 years was garbage besides him and a couple other players who were also being highly scrutinized, but are now lauded as stars. Young's team had been champions for years before he even joined them. Young is a HOFer, nobody has argued that. Smith is a good QB with an opportunity now to become better. I don't see what all the posturing is about.

Las Vegas, NV

SportsFan: "Who cares"

Apparently you do! Thanks for proving the point by posting again.

StGtoSLC: "I don't see what all the posturing is about."

See my post above outlining my theory. I think I an spot on!

Go Alex. Go Utes!!

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Weak sauce!

Utah fans have been beating their chests about their #1 draft pick for EIGHT years, but you're full of nothing but whiny excuses when it comes to talking about actual accomplishments.

What's really laughable is the clear double-standard Utah fans have for Jimmer Fredette, who was labeled a bust as soon as he stepped foot on an NBA basketball court by the same BYU-hating bloggers who claim that Alex is a great QB who simply hasn't been given a chance to prove himself.

Las Vegas, NV

Snack WAC - Thanks for trying. We appreciate the effort.

We love and welcome your love for all things Ute!! So does Alex!!

Go Alex! Go Utes! Onward and Upward!!

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