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Published: Monday, July 1 2013 10:55 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Of course he is.

He'll have a super bowl ring, and at least one MVP before he hangs up the cleats.

Go Utes!

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

From a BYU homie, here's hoping Alex can live up to those expectations. Personally, I think he can. He just needs a break. Hopefully Kansas City's O-Line can hold up.

Layton, UT

Good luck to Alex, the original BCS Buster.
Thanks for the memories you left with us Ute fans.

Alex has proven himself in the NFL when given opportunities.
Seems things haven't always gone his way.

Go Utes.
Go Denver Broncos.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Easy goes it Chris. I'd like to see Alex accomplish all you seem to think he will, and I'm not saying it's impossible. But Super Bowls and MVPs don't happen without having fantastic supporting casts.
With Andy Reid and some decent talent in KC they certainly have the ability to start turning things around, but we'll need to see that happen first before predicting anything too outrageous.

Ogden, Utah

I get the impression Jamall wants to get more touches on the football.

Highland, UT

LOL at utah "fans" that buy into that rubbish.

Aurora, CO

As much as I love Alex Smith his chances of taking Kansas City to the Super Bowl are zero. The 49ers were his ticket and they did good things. But Kansas City Chiefs are cellar dwellers in any other NFL division and only because of the Raiders are they better than that in the AFC West. Tie the Super Bowl wagon to a different star if you want that for Alex. New coach or not it just isn't going to happen.

Chris B. you are really out in lala land, be real.

Payson, UT

Nobody plays football alone. It's a team sport. When Alex started in the NFL, he basically had no team. Smashed and crushed play after play, he didn't look like the first pick quarterback that he was. How could anyone continue to be a great quarterback, as he was at the U, when the rest of the team doesn't exist, not to mention the lack of coaching?

Then the moment comes, you show your stuff, and you get "stabbed in the back". 49ers, you've lost this fan. Don't know how Alex was such a gentleman when treated like he was by you. Stick it to 'em this season Alex.

Love watching you play. You gave me three years of fun when I stopped following BYU after what they did to Norm Chow.

Sandy, UT


you dont know anything about KC apparently, KC had 6 players go to the pro bowl last season, they have one of the best RB's in the AFC and some talent at WR with Bowe. They added both Smith's from Utah, corner and QB. With a QB like Alex who is very accurate and can run, with Andy Reid at the helm. This team is going to the playoffs this season, no doubt about it. Already had a good LT, and now their #1 pick at RT.

KC will be one of the best defenses in the AFC this year.

Las Vegas, NV

Good luck Alex! Just remember, it took Steve Young a LONG time before he could convince anyone he was any good. And, it took a Ute coach to teach him how to be successful!

Go Alex - Go Utes!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Not sure if they will get to the super bowl but I hope they do well. Alex is a great player and Reed is a great coach. Get a team and you have a good chance to win some games.

Question? Does this make Alex a Utes Chief or the Chief Ute?

BYU Coach and Utah QB = Interesting year. Will be watching the Chiefs. Hope they do well.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA


"Good luck Alex! Just remember, it took Steve Young a LONG time before he could convince anyone he was any good. And, it took a Ute coach to teach him how to be successful!"

Clearly, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Young would have been the #1-pick in the NFL draft if he hadn't opted to play in the USFL. Tampa was an even more inept team than Oakland, and when Young finally landed with the 49ers, he was playing behind a Hall of Fame, Super Bowl winning QB. Even so, Young was good enough to eventually replace San Francisco's star QB. Young's skills were well known long before he became the starting QB for the 49ers.

Alex Smith doesn't even come close to having the skill set that Steve Young possessed.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Just remember, it took Steve Young a LONG time before he could convince anyone he was any good."

Substituting for an injured Montana, early in the first quarter of a 1987 game against the Chicago Bears, Steve Young threw 4 touchdown passes in a 41–0 victory. On October 30, 1988, Young ran through the Minnesota Vikings for a 49-yard, game-winning touchdown run. He started the game out with a 73-yard touchdown pass to John Taylor, after Montana went down with an injury. In 1989, he displayed his potential to become the team's starter in the future. While Montana won the NFL MVP award and led the team to victory in Super Bowl XXIV, Young still had a good season, completing 69% of his passes for 1,001 yards and 8 touchdowns, with only 3 interceptions. On October 22, 1989, he posted a perfect passer rating of 158.3 when he completed 11 of 12 passes for 188 yards and three touchdown passes in a 37–20 victory over the New England Patriots. In his four seasons as a backup, Young had thrown 23 touchdown passes and only six interceptions.

Sandy, UT

@Chris B

All you have is talk.....
It remains to be seen.

This much we do know....
BYU has already produced 2 Super Bowl winning QB's.
Along with Super Bowl and NFL MVP's.

That's what legitimate Legacy Schools with a National Brand do..
Get back to us when the U has actually done something of note.

The BCS is obsolete.
However, Wannabees with False Bravado will live forever.

CO Ute

Smith has proven that he can be a legitimate starting QB in the NFL and can win in the playoffs. Hopefully he can show he is a Super Bowl caliber QB down the road but it isn't going to happen this year or next. The Chiefs have some excellent talent but will need to adjust to a new coach and have some young players develop into stars. I think they can pass the Chargers soon and are already better than the Raiders but not close to having the talent of the Broncos (I'm a transplant to Colorado and Denver is far from my favorite team). Getting to the playoffs this year or next would be a big accomplishment.



You're dreaming if you think BYU is a legitimate "Legacy" school. Utah isn't one either by any means, but BYU is not at all on par with USC, Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, etc.. Its like you have drowned yourself in blue koolaid so much that you are almost the BYU version of Chris B. Chill bro.



BYU, nor it's fans, made the claim that BYU football is a top 25 legacy program. That claim was made by Athlon Sports in an article entitled College Football's Top 25 Greatest Dynasties of the AP Era athlonsports.com /college-football/ college-footballs-top-25-greatest -dynasties-ap-era. If you want to argue, write the editor of Athlon Sports. Sorry, DontMUSSSwUtah. It has to be galling that the rest of the nation considers BYU a national brand and a top 25 legacy program while Utah is on a slow, steady decline back into crushing obscurity.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@PAC man

Clearly you don't follow my 9ers.

In 1991, after 8 years of being a bust or backup, Young replaced a injured Montana. The 9ers were struggling at 4–4... Young got injured ... Bono took over:

* Bono led the 49ers to five consecutive victories, playing so well that coach Seifert decided to keep him in the starting lineup after Young had recovered.

* It wasn't until late in the 15th game of the season, after Bono went down with an injury of his own, that Young got to play again. The 49ers had slipped from a 14–2 to 10–6.... Observers said the 49ers should trade Young and keep Montana and Bono

* In 1992, it appeared that Young's starting job was in serious peril. In addition to having to compete with Bono, Montana appeared to be close to recovering from his elbow tendon surgery.

* The 9ers were going to trade Young to the Raiders, [but] it turned out that Montana would not recover in time to start in the opening game. Montana would not return until the final game of the season.

* In 1993, team was divided and Montana asked to be traded to Kansas

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Your selected anecdotal "evidence" is hysterical.

Despite a knee injury that forced Young to sit out five games in 1991, Young passed for 2,517 yards and 17 touchdowns to post a league high 101.8 passer rating – the first of Steve's four straight NFL passing titles.

Sure doesn't sound like any QB anybody besides you has ever heard of who was on the verge of being replaced.

For his career, Young is tied with legendary Sammy Baugh as the ONLY QBs to win SIX NFL passing titles; he set a then-record 112.8 passer rating in 1994; threw 6 TDs and was named Most Valuable Player for Super Bowl XXIX; his career statistics include 33,124 yards, 232 TDs passing, and 43 TDs rushing; Young was All-Pro four times, NFL MVP twice, and was selected to play in seven Pro Bowls.

And there's this:

On August 7, 2005, Steve Young was enshrined into the National Football League Hall of Fame.

Alex Smith has won what, ONE NFL playoff game?

And now Utah fans are trying to pass him off as being just shy of overtaking Young?

Hysterical, truly, hysterical!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Anecdotal evidence? My bad, I didn't know BYU fans would demand sources.

"Remember where we were in March 1992," Policy says. "The coaches said that Joe was throwing better than he had in years. And the prospect of Steve Young being an unhappy camper would have been a distraction to the team. We did explore the market, and we had some stupid, absurd offers."

One that was not absurd involved the Los Angeles Raiders, who offered a No. 1 draft choice, wide receiver Tim Brown and other considerations. On draft day, however, Raider boss Al Davis scaled back his offer, and Policy cut off talks with the Raiders.

May 31, 1993
Young And The Restless
Peter King

I have NEVER said Steve wasn't great, I said he was bust at Tampa and took 8 years to develop into a Hall of Fame under the 9er dynasty.

Note the comment about being distraction to the team. The team was divided and Montana requested to be traded to Kansas. Alex wasn't a distraction, he was true professional by all accounts.

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