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Published: Sunday, June 30 2013 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Led by Hoffman,the Cougars have one of the best receiver groups in the country. They will be thrown to by Taysom, one of the best QBs in the country.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am in hopes that Friel can also step up and get some good catches this season.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU has one proven receiver, an unproven o-line, an unproven QB, and an o-line coach that has never coached at the D-1 level...

What could possibly go wrong?

BYU sports on TV in Missouri
Lebanon, MO

When you compare the quarterback stats for the past several years one of the most notable differeces is yards per attempt. I see this more as a quarterback issue than a receiver issue. We have some very good receivers. The longest completion Taysom Hill has thrown as a cougar is 28 yards. Hopefully that will change in a big way this year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Are you saying BYu only has one good receiver? Man are you wrong. We've been having top recruiting for years now and the receivers are awesome because of it.

Springville, UT


Don't worry, I'm sure the coaches know what they're doing but your concern is quite touching.

Now on to my concerns in kind about Ute football...

What could go wrong in Uteville?

Fat Cats might not be able to accommodate your whole team for some 'cosmic' bowling late night in December.

Having a season like last year with Stanford and Oregon added makes you want this season to be over before it starts doesn't it? It's going to be a long ol' strugglin' Ute season isn't it? You know it, I know it, everyone that knows anything about the Utes and the PAC10.2 knows it as well.

And when BYU kicks your sorry rear ends back to SLC in September it's going to be even a longer sadder and dismal season for U.

Excuse me while I smile and savor your Ute moments.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Your schtick is getting as old as Mildred's and not nearly as funny, which unfortunately, is really saying something.

Apo still has something to prove, as do the tight ends. Falsev is a proven commodity, Ridley has proven that he is promising. Jamaal Williams will also catch his fair share of passes again.

No one disputes that the o-line is unproven, but that is still a big improvement over last year.

Similar to Ridley, Hill is not unproven. The minimal game experience he had as a freshman was impressive.

Every coach had his first game sometime, and obviously our coach's experience is a lot more impressive than a lot of coaches WITH D-1 experience, more impressive than many coaches with BCS experience.

For example, who is Utah bringing back this year to coach the line? Last year's experience was certainly nothing to brag about.

Aurora, CO

Oh Howard don't be an old fuddy-dud. Everything is unproven until the final gun sounds. Just sit back and enjoy the journey. See the article on Marc Wilson...totally unproven until he stepped onto the Colorado State sod and then 60 minutes later 7 touchdowns and suddenly proven.

St George, Utah

Come on dude,you spend way to much time and effort trying to paint the situation at BYU way worse than it is.

One proven receiver? BYU returns all starters at WR and TE. Hoffman is the only one that has been consistent, but you can chalk that up to the playcalling of Doman. Slants, outs, and bubble screens don't do much for the passing game.

An unproven O-Line? 3 starters are returning for 2013, which is just as many as your utes. Also, the bull rush for JC O-linemen is a good indication that the O-line is top priority to Anae.

An unproven QB? Taysom's efforts in the Boise St. and USU games were phenomenal. Again, Doman's offense smothered most opportunity for Hill to really show his potential. But after watching Anae produce 5 straight top 25 offenses and 2 successful QB's while at BYU, I like Taysom's chances.

Didn't your utes hire a 25yr old OC? Brian Johnson was 5 years old when Garret Tujague started coaching college football. He spent the last 6yrs as Head Coach at College of the Canyons. Not too worried about it.

Thanks for your concern though.

Cinci Man

Me, my son, and granddaughter love to shout A-Po, A-Po. So we are really excited to see if this is a return-to-greatness season for Russ. Go Cougars!

West Columbia, TX

I do hope that sometime early in the season that they come to understand that they do need to start and play a quarterback who can throw the deep ball. Boy it would be so nice to see the best wide-receiver talent, Ros Apo, BYU has ever had become the star he can and should be. If they should ever decide to really use the talent they have the headlines would should read, "Apo and BYU receivers ..."


Woods Cross, UT

Wow - storm clouds brewing - suggest BYU folks check out the manpower both Virginia & Texas will be bringing to BYU's first two games.

Considering you're going to have to navigate those two games before you see the U, you may want to set aside the "kick your butt back to Salt Lake" trash talking & not look thru those first two teams. You might just be swiss cheese by then.

Both teams have speed, size, and high rivals ratings on both sides of the ball. There's enough info on line and with Rivals Virginia & Rivals Texas to make the argument those boys are not going to be pushovers.

Not projecting any outcomes, talk is cheap, but just sayin', you're very fortunate you have the bye week before playing the U on September 21st.

You're going to need it.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"...if BYU is to succeed against its brutal 2013 schedule,..." -- Lafe Peavler

Brutal schedule? It JUST BARELY cracked the Top-50. That could be described as a "solid" schedule, or the "most rigorous schedule in the history of Indy-WAC football", but not "brutal".

Mesa, AZ

NV, you beat me to it! Utterly Hysterical!

"However, if BYU is to succeed against its brutal 2013 schedule, it is going to have to live up to some high expectations."

I suspect not seeing NMSU/Idaho, et al, constituting 50%+ of their schedule and reduced slightly just barely to the other side of 50%, it could sound the alarm bells within the 2-Star byu faithful, causing extreme panic to set in!

Per Phil Steele, 2-Star byu's '13 SOS is just barely ranked inside the nation's top 50% at #49. Time for that collective, "Whew", folks!

By comparison, he ranks UTAH's '13 SOS light years beyond, in fact as one of the nation's absolute toughest, hands-down, precisely at #12!

While Brutal clearly applies to the latter, Brutal equally does NOT apply to the former!

Salt Lake City, UT

Wish BYU had a QB as good as Utah? Ole what's his name.....and the wide outs are so wide at the U, no one knows their names......Yes BYU could never live upto the hype of a Utah team that will once again own the cellar in the PAC12.

Go Cougs, lets kick Utah to the bottom of the State where they belong.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad

Schlick getting old?

If by schtick you mean truth... it can be hard to take sometimes... but it never gets old.

West Point , UT

December Sports Headlines---

BYU making preparations to defend their top 25 ranking and seeking double digit wins in the KFH Bowl.

USU won't rest on laurels as they prepare to go bowling after stellar 8-4 MW debut.

Kyle Whittingham prepares holiday trip to Mexico with family to leave stresses of a 3-9 record and 11th place conference finish behind. Editors note: Utah DID play the #12 SOS so congratulations are in order for that!?

St. George, UT

The Team Up North had a choice of being a big fish in a little pond or being a little fish in a big pond. They chose the little fish concept. Oddsmakers have said they'll have a 5-7 record this year and remain a bottom feeder.

Knowing that they'll likely be a bottom feeder most years, would they make that same choice again?

Glendora, CA

My expectations are not placed on the receivers. My expectations will be placed on the new QB.



Mesa, AZ

NV, you beat me to it! Utterly Hysterical!"

One Ute fan competing with another for status on a BYU comment board...

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