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Published: Saturday, June 29 2013 11:20 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, Utah

"Even if it's a place they've never been". Is that a joke? The conference is the WAC 2.0. Therefore, they've been there before. Just because the WAC 2.0 has a different name than the WAC 2.0 doesn't mean it's not the same conference they've been in for years. This article is funny and all the aggies will buy into it.

Salt Lake City, UT

The three best words in the English language: Mountain. West. Conference. Should be a fun season with some awesome match-ups. The MWC isn't called the "rivalry league" for nothing.

Go Aggies! Join the climb!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations to Utah State. The MWC is a solid league. You'll fit right in.

Old Navy
Provo, UT

Stang08, you seem really bitter. Bad experience in Cache Valley?

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

The most exciting football and basketball in Utah will be played in Logan.

Clearfield, UT

Stang08. What is with the sour grapes comments. USU is a great fit for the MWC. And yes I am an Aggie and I am buying into it. So what is your point.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I am excited to see what the Aggies can do in the MWC. I hope they can maintain the progress they have been making and be a consistent contender in the conference.

Go Aggies!

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Best wishes to Utah State for all games but one.


I'm a little sad with the change in conferences because I live in Texas and was looking forward to watching them play Texas State this year. I'll just have to head back to Logan to see a game!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congratulations, Aggies! A sound conference. Great rivalries! Boise State, Air Force, Wyoming, and on and on. I say, "Clean house!!!" I hope you take first in football in 2015. But if not - don't fail to take second so you can have a match-up with BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl. And if you do...don't forget how the Y has treated you in the recent past!

Cedar City, Utah

@Old Navy

No bad experience in the valley at all. Now at USU yes. The way the fan's treat everyone who isn't wearing aggie blue. And the way they follow a team who has had one decent season and say they are the best team in the state. Makes me wonder how intelligent they are. But mostly it's the way they treat other non USU supporters.


You just made my point. The WAC 2.0 is just as much of a joke as the original WAC. More so now that USU is in it with a team that won't be half as good as last years. I'm not sour about the fact that I never went to USU. Simply because I never had the desire to go to that school.

@Who Am I Sir

How did the Y treat you? The way I see it the aggie fan's are the most disrespectful fan base in the state. And they love to point fingers to avoid seeing their own immature behavior. I've seen it first hand on many occasions.

Wellsville, UT

BYU fans have Chris B on every BYU article with his negative comments. USU fans have Stang08 on theirs. As they say, there is one in every crowd.
Good Luck to; BYU, USU, and Utah. Hope you all have great years. Its great for the state.

The A Game
Logan, UT


The Aggies were the best team in the state last year. Moving on.

Now we all know that USU will never compare to a prestigious school like SUU (especially in athletics; those thunderbirds are off the hook) but we can hope right? If that day ever comes, my hope is that all Aggie fans will show the intelligence regarding football, and sports in general, that you do.

Salt Lake City, UT

@The A Game

Post of the month right there. I haven't laughed that hard since somebody tried to convince me that Riley Nelson was an amazing quarterback.

On a different note, Phil Steele has projected Fresno State to be the top non-AQ team of 2013. What do you all think of that? They could potentially take down Boise and win the Mountain West.

Here's hoping we have a chance to face them in the inaugural Mountain West title game!

Cedar City, Utah

@The A Game

Very funny pal. USU was good last year. My team in a new conference not so hot. But let's face it, you have to play BSU again. And Utah and BYU. You never beat Bosie, Utah is angry and wants revenge, and BYU just out guns you in every single way. Glad you recognize that I am supirior though. You aggies aren't even up to my level.


Don't encourage him. And what makes you think you have a shot at the title game? You guys need to work on your people skills and your insults. I don't even think they would qaulify as real insults.

O-town, UT

Congrats to USU! It's a big move for them. They did beat UNLV and Colorado State last year, but those games were competitive for three quarters. They weren't the easy wins that most of the WAC provided. They will be in tough games every week. They have a killer schedule this year--especially the front half. Drawing Air Force on the road for week 2 is tough.

I think this is going to be a tough year for every team this year: Utah has Stanford and Oregon on the schedule, BYU is playing their toughest independent schedule, USU is stepping up to the MWC, SUU is starting year two in the Big Sky (power conference of FCS) after losing their QB, and Weber State in addition to trying to rebuild their football team after the John L. mess plays Utah and USU.

Good luck to all the teams--but most importantly, GO WILDCATS!

Loud Loiterer
Sandy, UT

@Stang08 You make it a point to comment on every single Utah State article and make the same "WAC 2.0" comments. But you fail to recognize that the landscape of the Mountain West hasn't changed much since your beloved Cougars were members. Which makes it ironic that you are talking smack on a conference that was perfectly suitable for your team 3 years ago. Since the birth of the Mountain West Conference in 1999, only 3 teams have left (BYU, Utah, & TCU) and Utah State plays both the U and the Y this year. Essentially, this means that Utah State is playing the same games that the U and the Y were playing 3 years ago. Also- I'd like it if you would acknowledge how many WAC teams BYU played last season. For those of you who don't want to look it up, it was 4. Talk about irony, Stang08! You love to talk smack on the WAC and yet you love to schedule those teams every year!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Great comment LL...

Not sure why USU fans get so much of Stangs venom, every stadium/campus I have been to in the state, or even out of the state, the home fans are not too nice to the visitors... that is college sports, good or bad that is what it is.

As far as the new conference goes, it is widely recognized that at least for football the Mtn West the best non bcs/non big 5 conference. So good for the Aggies, definitely a step up!

Cedar City, Utah

@Loud Loiterer

As usual you are mistaken. BYU isn't my team. My team is SUU. I do cheer for anyone who beats USU but make no mistake about it I have one team. And of course you just made my point stronger. Why did BYU and Utah leave the WAC 2.0? Because they needed a stronger schedule with better teams and the WAC 2.0 couldn't provide that.

@Ifel Ofa-Sofa

You are correct that is college football. But in case you don't see it USU takes it to a whole different level. Above and beyone how anyone should treat anyone. Keep living under all your delusions. Including the WAC 2.0 being a step up. It's not and will never be.

Loud Loiterer
Sandy, UT

Okay, Stang... Because Boise State and San Diego State don't make the Mountain West's strength of conference any more impressive than the WAC... Keep living in a fantasy land and enjoy your FCS football (exciting stuff).

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