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Published: Saturday, June 29 2013 10:25 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

"BYU is known is considered one of the premier QB factories in College football"


y "fans" just can't help themselves, as if a run of two-three guys that ended two decades ago is relevant today.

In the Where Are They Now Dept, we have:

Riley Nelson: coaching high school
James Lark: UNK (grad school?)
Jake Hypes: transfer to KU
Max Hall: coaching (and glad his family can avoid RES fans for a while)
JoBeck: looking for work
Matt Berry: who?
Brandon Doman: selling basketball equipment

Yeah, that's a real "premiere" factory, SO much better than any other state school.


From earlier: "That's 5/8 committed players. So just about every commitment, except for the majority of them."

With Mariner, that makes 6/9 now. Not quite the picture you had in your mind or were trying to paint, is it Duck?

Orem, UT


It's a given that a quarterback that wasn't good enough to win a Heisman Trophy, or a Sammy Baugh Trophy, or a Davey O'Brien Award clearly wasn't even the top quarterback or passer in his class:

Steve Sarkisian - 278 of 404 (68.8%), 4,027 yds, 10.0 yds/att, 33 TDs, 12 Ints, 173.6 rating (#1 in nation)

Alex Smith - 214 of 317 (67.5%), 2,952 yds, 9.3 yds/att, 32 TDs, 4 Ints, 176.5 rating (#2 in nation)

Your spin about "bcs era" is laughable and nothing but a convenient Utesie excuse to ignore the painful truth that the Utes did absolutely NOTHING on a national scale before 1994, and precious little after that until 2004.

All the "bcs era" cutoff really means is the Utes have no football history that they consider worth talking about before 2004.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Your spin about "bcs era" is laughable and nothing but a convenient Utesie excuse to ignore the painful truth that the Utes did absolutely NOTHING on a national scale before 1994, and precious little after that until 2004.


CBS Sports disagrees with your assessment, last decade (2000-2009) #10 Utah:

Urban Meyer arrived in 2003 and changed the landscape. His quarterback, Alex Smith, became a No. 1 draft pick. His team became the first non-BCS program to break through in the restrictive system.

Changed the landscape? Notre Dame dallied just a bit in pursuing its former receivers coach and lost Meyer to Florida. Defensive coordinator Kyle Whittingham has kept things chugging with an undefeated season in ’08.

This is meant in the nicest possible way: Utah is the No. 2 football factory west of the Rockies.

Frisco, TX

One more argument for getting rid of verbal commitments. Change national LOI day to any day after a high school student / athlete finishes their junior year. You could even give the athlete a 3 day window to change their mind after they sign their LOI.

But this system of giving verbal commitments is not fair for any university. They think they have a good recruit, so they stop recruiting then the athlete changes their mind and university has lost out to all the athletes they were recruiting and have to start over.

Sharp's is a little different since it was only one day, but let's end the verbal commitments.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Yep, it's really all hype and pie in the sky at this point. A verbal comitment and 75 cents will get you a Desseret News, Newspaper. It doesn't mean squat until they sign a letter of intent. Verbals are far from binding.

Oh well, you win some; you lose some.

Mesa, AZ

It's my understanding, from somebody who sat down and spoke at length with Aaron, that he exhibits no excitement, whatsoever, about his commitment to KSU and made this switch strictly in order to maintain the peace within his own household.

I understand he's still quite young and doesn't yet have a great deal of experience in life nor has he yet to become an adult and begun to establish his own identity, but with such an all-important, life-altering experience his college experience will be for him, personally, it's shameful that he won't be following his heart, as he clearly wishes to be a part of UTE-NATION!

Aaron won't study/play football where he in fact truly wants to, we UTES won't get to experience watching him play for us and KSU gets a player who doesn't even want to be there, in the first place!

However, so long as Mamma Sharp is happy/content and gets HER way, what difference does it all make, correct?

A lot can change between now/National LOI Signing-Day, but right now it's a lose-lose situation, all around!

Tooele, UT

@ Sammy G

So how's that talent working out for you at Kansas?

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

The real reason for his decommit: he didn't want to play defense in 2015.

Las Vegas, NV

I wish nothing but the best for Aaron. Disparaging remarks about his character, etc. are unjust and unwarranted. Show a little more class. The happiness of a mother is a powerful thing. He obviously wanted Utah, but he knew that his mother wanted him closer. His mother's happiness won out and I respect that. I would have hated to have it go down to LOI day and have his mother refuse to sign.

IMHO, it took great moral character for him to rescind his commitment and keep his mother happy. I am disappointed that we did not get the kid, he is a great talent. But, there is nothing wrong with the Kansas State program and I hope he thrives there.

Best of luck to you Aaron.

Go Utes!!


"Boy you are just so well connected in the recruiting world."

High praise from the one who considers 3/9 to be "JUST ABOUT every" one of something.

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Too bad for the Utes, but it is not the end of the world. Just one question: Why Kansas State? It is still a long drive from Houston and they don't play in Texas more then twice in a given year. Texas and Baylor were both options are are much close.

To GoRed
BYU has no trouble attracting good QB talent. Tanner Mangum was an Elite 11 co-MVP and is leaving on a mission soon, while current QB Tayson Hill was a 4* recruit.


Cougar in Texas, there was a lot of talk about several of the schools recruiting Sharp to play him at another position, including UT. I think Baylor was recruiting him as a QB, but may not have sold him on their system and how they'd utilize him like K State and Utah had.

Also, not that it makes much difference, but Taysom Hill was a 3 star recruit in Stanford's 2009 class, but was a much lower-rated prospect than Josh Nunes, the heir-apparent to Andrew Luck. He looked decent in his limited time for BYU last year, but still has a lot to prove.

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