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Published: Saturday, June 29 2013 10:25 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

This says a lot about the character of Aaron Sharp.

If he can't be depended on to keep his word as simple as his commitment to a school how can the 2nd school be sure he won't bale on them.

His word is worth NOTHING. He has no character.

Dorothy, you and Kansas can have this dude.

Springville, UT


Does Kansas State have a better 'mass transit' system?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Take it easy owlmaster, he's a high school kid who's making a very important decision.
This does bums me out as I was really hoping Utah would land Sharp. That said, I wish him all the best at KSU.
Go Utes!

Sandy, UT


No, just nicer Big-12 patches and banners.
Tassels and all.


Can we stop judging kids' (whom none of us know) character based off ONE single action they make in their life?


This is too hilarious. Just yesterday this was a huge coup, but now I wonder if Utah fans will diminish his abilities now that he's spurned them.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Check out Gunner Keil from Indy...

He signs with IU...then backs out and goes to LSU...then quits and goes to Notre Dame...then quits and goes to Cincy (if I remember right)...

Oh...he is yet to take an NCAA snap yet...

Sharp better start to grow up, fast...

Highland, UT

LOL at azute. Extremely funny stuff.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"...now I wonder if Utah fans will diminish his abilities now that he's spurned them."

Nope, his abilities remain what they are and this is a tough turn for the Utes. At least we're seeing Utah in the thick of these recruiting battles though. We'll continue to win some recruiting battles and lose a lot of them, such is the game of recruiting.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I did not think the D news would cover this as they did not cover the signing yesterday!

So why the change? Aaron said,"So my parents liked both schools, but my mom really wanted me closer to home so she can see me." "So for the Family to be in agreement and everybody happy, I told my Mom I would switch my choice for her. Because to me it really could have gone either way."

His quote so clearly presents the argument why the Utah should NOT schedule the Y annually! Texas is currently one of out best areas for recruits! We should schedule one game in Texas every year. Perhaps if we were playing Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, etc. Aaron's mom (and other recruit's families) would be able to see their sons play in person (and see all Utah games on national tv) and as a result would support their son's choice!

A home and home with a Texas school every year! BYU and Utah State once every four years. (That would account for 6 of the 12 out of conference games Utah has the ability to schedule!) Make it happen, Utah!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT



Does Kansas State have a better 'mass transit' system?

Ans: I don't know!

However you might read the article in the D-news today entitled "5 reason Salt Lake is great for the young, broke and single" (Do you think football recruits might fall into one, two, or all three of this category?) The first reason listed is "Easy and affordable public transit".

Do you think a college student might appreciate a student pass that gives them access to a vibrant downtown as well as transportation along the Wasatch Front from Ogden to Orem?

Mesa, AZ


"This is too hilarious. Just yesterday this was a huge coup, but now I wonder if Utah fans will diminish his abilities now that he's spurned them."

Nice try! Throwing kids under the bus is exclusive to the 2-Star byu fanbase!

Personally, it was absolutely disappointing, but once I was able to read his explanation, KSU definitely makes more sense from his position!

Fortunately, this has never been a position of need in our 2014 recruiting class and, should we not land one of our specific QB targets, we're still sitting pretty with the depth/abilities of our current core-group! Our previous recruiting efforts have afforded us this luxury of targeting only a select few QB recruits in our 2014 class and streamlining our efforts/resources, accordingly!

Aaron's heart was clearly at UTAH, but practical reasons relative to his mother's ability to attend significantly more of his games overrode his desire/preference to stick with his original UTAH commitment! He'd already postponed his announcement for roughly one day, while vacillating between the 2 schools.!

I suspect he'll feel some amount of regret going forward, but I certainly wish him nothing but success at KSU!

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Once you asked a Ute fan to list one recruiting advantage had over any other PAC-12 member. I listed 10 including Mass Transportation (See Sammyg above). I would recommend the article in todays paper entitled 5 reasons Salt Lake is great for the young, broke & single. Also see the referenced personal finance advice site, Money under 30. It rates Salt Lake City (home of the Utes) as the number 2 city in America. (Seattle Washington is ranked ninth. No other PAC-12 city made the list.) But then again - you're argument seems to be that none of this is important to a football recruit supported by data and irrevocable facts.

Provo, UT

Will Sammy and Ducky ever go troll somewhere else? LOL at the Y fans who continue to come in hoards to Utah boards seeking validation
The BYU meltdown continues.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ouch! That stings!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Can't blame the kid for wanting to play in a better conference and for a team that is not the bottom feeder. Good move. He should do well there.


Just an observation here. In this episode with this Sharp recruit, it ended up being a battle between the University of Utah and Kansas State, two BCS schools. For the BYU fans, it must be frustrating and sad that your school is no longer mentioned in these types of recruiting battles.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

He sounds like a really smart kid. He can be a big star at Kansas State.

Springville, UT

Carson... my favorite follower


Meltdown is term copyrighted and trademarked for Ute athletics. No further explanation needed.

But in case your memory is failing you here's just a few of the Ute athletic highlites since joining your conference.

Going bowl-less, < .500 in football conference games, losing to Colorado, getting beat by USU, basketball, rugby, swimming fiascos.

You're the team that lost this recruit and having a meltdown... not me. I really thought 'mass transit' was the tipping point.

Or maybe this kid is just using his mom as a kind way to dump your program after he dug into Ute athletics a little further.

Who could blame him?

Springville, UT


Why would any BYU fan be frustrated over this? BYU gets plenty of QB talent... period.

As I recall it is U that had a severe shortage of talent recently and lamenting over this loss.

Stick with the story. This guy dumped U for KSU and I'm betting his mommy is not the whole story.

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