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Published: Saturday, June 29 2013 8:30 p.m. MDT

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Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Did it ever occur to you why some teams falter that should do well in college football? Injuries probably is the largest factor. When a team plays bruisers up front they risk losing games they shouldn't. That is why Utah wants to avoid certain teams. Even when they win the big game, they usually lose two or three games because of the pounding the players take.

Utah State is playing TWO years of great ball. Last year they won the majority of the close games while the year before they couldn't quite get there because of inexperience. I suppose you failed to notice what else was going on in college football past your team getting spanked every week in the PAC12. The main difference between the transitions is that while both Utah and Utah State are relatively the same strength of program currently, Utah does not have enough players to complete a season in the PAC12 while USU does for the MWC.

USU has the experience of winning against supposedly better programs. USU has a chip on their shoulder and are willing to PROVE themselves. I remember when that same thing could be said Utah.

Kaysville, UT

What the article fails to mention is that USU is most often TWICE as efficient as most other FBS programs. USU athletics routinely wins national awards for "doing more with less."

22+ Million in Logan is 44 million quite anywhere else. They have a well run, streamlined system and, unlike other schools I could mention, have very little "waste."

As to the Ute fans, and with all due respect, you really need to look to your own program and its problems. USU will still be in the top half of their conference by a wide margin this year, and may just give BSU a run for their money for both the division and the conference title. BSU at Logan is a going to be a tough win for the Broncos.

I cheer for all schools in this state and, honestly, cannot understand the attitude some are showing towards "little brother." USU is a different program than it was in the past. Saying anything else at this point is just sour grapes and makes you look irrational.

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

This is cool for USU to go into the Mt West. They've become a legitimate program in a short time. I hope they'll keep it up with new coaching change. Go Aggies!!!!

Boise St. shouldn't be in the MWC but should be in the PAC12. They should kick out Washington State and Colorado and put in BSU and even BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT


I never said USU's SOS was great, but the CBS sports list was a pre-season list, right? Teamrankings had USU's SOS at 77. And to be totally fair, some of the teams on USU's schedule turned out to be tougher than expected. LA Tech, San Jose State, and Toledo were all very solid teams in 2012. Besides, SOS is factored into the final BCS rankings, and USU came in at #22 in the BCS. Not too shabby.

Also, as bad as Idaho and NMSU are, Cal, Colorado, Washington State, and N. Colorado certainly aren't any better. In fact, Colorado lost to Sacramento State last season. OUCH.

And the WAC also finished as the top non-AQ conference last season according to ESPN.

Wells has a very experienced and well-rounded staff at USU, much more so than when Gary Started in 2009. It may be premature to say the Aggies will do something similar in 2013 as they did in 2012, but I think it's equally premature to say the Aggies will go back to the CFB cesspool considering where the program is now and what resources they have at their disposal.

Syracuse, UT

I am a proud graduate of the University of Utah and have attended many games over the years. I have become disgusted at the arrogance and attitude of many of the Ute fans out there who throw it in the face of others that the Utes are in the PAC-12. So what my fellow Utes, get over yourselves.It was an exciting day when it was announced that the Utes would join the PAC-12, but it means nothing until the Utes show they belong there. The team doesn't seem to have the arrogant attitude the fans have but there are some real idiot fans out there that are an embarrassment to the rest of the Ute fans and some of them have posted comments here today.
I am excited for the Aggies and I say good for you. I wish you the best and I hope you do well in the MWC.

Mesa, AZ


"I never said USU's SOS was great, but the CBS sports list was a pre-season list, right?"

CBS Sports rankings are current/accurate. usu benefited from double-digit wins, per their final ranking, regardless of opponent. However, stronger SOS/going undefeated would've significantly enhanced their final-ranking, much more [See 2004/2008 UTAH].

"Also, as bad as Idaho and NMSU are, Cal, Colorado, Washington State, and N. Colorado certainly aren't any better. In fact, Colorado lost to Sacramento State last season. OUCH."

N. CO was to us what SUU was to usu. Your point?

To say PAC-12 teams with BCS-level overall-talent aren't any better than 2 teams known nationally to be College Football's unequivocal bottom of the bottom-feeders, ripe w/virtually all 2-Star/NR recruits, is utterly surreal. 1 fluke loss to Sac St in now way even remotely alters this fact. This attempt to equate these teams with each other is mind-boggling, actually. Wow!

If you were attempting to equate usu's/UTAH's SOS, don't bother. Per Sagarin, usu's at #97/UTAH's at #41. No comparison, whatsoever.


Mesa, AZ



"And the WAC also finished as the top non-AQ conference last season according to ESPN."

However, it was so utterly bottom-heavy with the worst of the worst in College Football. Even UTSA's final record deceived greatly, while playing against the #125 SOS. Reference their wins/opponents for yourself.

"It may be premature to say the Aggies will do something similar in 2013 as they did in 2012, but I think it's equally premature to say the Aggies will go back to the CFB cesspool considering where the program is now and what resources they have at their disposal."

Coach GA is unique, to say the very least. Your implication it's not really a big deal to replace his ability to motivate/recruit/fund-raise, among the nations best, is a sure way to set yourself up to endure great disappointment when it all comes crashing back down to reality.

As for "cesspool", I have no idea where you got this, but I haven't seen anybody on here state such a thing. It'd be tough to return to such a depth, but equally tough for a usu to sustain/repeat 2012, beyond.


Mesa, AZ


Finally, my intent is to see perspective maintained. Fact is, usu's best team in history [yet still couldn't manage to go undefeated even once, let alone twice] beat UTAH's worst team in recent memory while needing OT/myriad key-injuries/ejection for UTAH, missed FG to end game in regulation, unforced botched punt leading to gimme 7-PTS for usu, questionable P.I. call during OT, healthy dose of Lady Luck, herself, etc., all the while playing at home, mind you, yet barely pulled it off by game's end, their first such win over UTAH in 13 meetings.

Sometimes teams need quite a bit of Lady Luck, in order to win such a game. It happens and I tipped my hat to usu afterward and I still tip my hat to usu today. Just keep it in perspective and call it for precisely what it was, nothing more.

Salt Lake City, UT


My point in mentioning Colorado, Cal, and Wazzu was to show that the Utes played some spectacularly bad opponents of their own last season. Colorado was EASILY in the bottom five right there with Idaho and NMSU last season. Going 1-11 and losing to an average FCS team is laughable!

The bottom half of the WAC was terrible, but the fact that the conference finished as the top non-AQ conference despite that fact shows how strong the top half was.

Of course it's a big deal replacing GA. But Wells has been there right with him, helping build the program from the bottom up the past few years. If anybody can carry on what Gary started, Wells is a darn good candidate.

You stated USU would soon go back to College football's cesspool in this article: "USU football: Chuckie Keeton and Kyler Fackrell named to College Football Performance Awards Watch Lists."

I don't think the Aggies are world-beaters, but they are contenders! And as for the Utah game, wouldn't it be much easier to just admit the Utes got outplayed and lost for reasons other than some lady luck for the Aggies?

The A Game
Logan, UT

I think I fell asleep there for a bit while reading your excuses AZUTE. In sports there is one winner and one loser. Pretty simple stuff. Utah lost. Utah State won. Guess what....they play again this August. And guess what....one will win and one will lose. While it may make you feel better, excuses don't count. At all. But it is good to know that you're expert at making them. My favorite is the "unforced botched punt." Who knew you could block a punt unforceably?

Las Vegas, NV

I can't wait for 8/29! I will be at the game, and clearly I will be rooting for the Utes - but I hope that will be the Aggie's only loss for the year.

Congratulations on the move up. I wish you all the best, well deserved!!

Go Utes
Go Aggies

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Chris B,

Wow!!! Someboby is puffed up with pride!!! USU knows their place? Remind us all again how Utah has done in their new big boy conference? I would think that getting beat down two years in a row without having to play the best teams would have humbled you at least a little bit but I was way wrong!!! All I can say is Wow I am stunned!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV


How many post does it take to make some very lame excuses for your team losing to an in-state rival? Wow!!! It would be funny if I thought your rant was tongue in cheeck but you believe every word!!!

Go Cougs!!!
Go Utes!!!

Clearfield, UT

I am Aggie fan and thrilled the Ags are in the MWC. Great fit. With that in mind what is with all the negative comments on the Utes. Granted the last two seasons have been disappointing but not total failure. The Utes B-ball team finished strong with a good conference tourney showing. The Utes absolutely made the right move joining the PAC-12. It is a great conference and they are not going to kick anybody out or ever invite BYU. BYU is a conservative religious school. They would never be a good fit in the same conference as Cal-Berkley or U of Washington, bastions of liberalism. Get real

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


BYU is quite happy where it is at with independence.

The animosity about the Utes has been brought on by arrogant posts demeaning USU and BYU and then making it through the censors. Your post is a perfect example of this problem. It begins nice, but then demeans BYU at the end. That animosity hopefully will die down after this year when Utah drops BYU and USU from the schedule. In my opinion, the BYU-Utah rivalry was never a healthy one for the fans. Too many obsessed about it. Too many still obsess about it.

I am a fan of all three teams having followed them since I was little. USU has now been ran.ked twice during that time. This year will be the third. What many of the U fans think is that last year was a fluke. They obviously haven't been following USU. USU, the better team, will beat the Utes who are rebuilding after graduating virtually every marquee player last year. They will play for the MWC championship.

Omaha, NE

"Utah is 83-131-6 against the Pac-12 (.387)."

And the number is decreasing.

For USU, their % will probably stay the same. Some tougher teams, but also some easy teams. With their HC gone, USU will be back to being average. I don't know why people think they have turned corner after only one good season. Remember, Gary had two losing seasons in a very weak conference before going 7-6 and then last year. Gary will really struggle in WI. He never proved he was a great coach. One good season doesn't mean you're a great coach.

Cedar City, Utah


Comment of the Decade my friend. The aggies will hate you for it though. They still believe they can be unbelievable without Andersen.

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