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Published: Friday, June 28 2013 12:35 p.m. MDT

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Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

You make a good point about Frank Caliendo. I don't think I have laughed as hard at the dismal Utah season and the chest pounding from Utah fans about how great it is to be in power conference. Believe me, the other members of the conference hardly know Utah is there unless they need a guaranteed win.

Omaha, NE

Dear Duckhunter.

Re-read my post. I answered your question about Chris B and the like. Now pay me the same respect and answer the question I ask of you. As to your additional comments, I take no issue with factual truthful comments, critical or not. I am not ashamed of the U's recent struggles. I think that most Utah fans like myself were expecting our transition into the PAC12 to be a challenge, which it has proven to be. Would I like to see them do better? Of course, I'd be a fool to say otherwise. Are they getting better? Depends on what area you focus on. No please Duckhunter, answer my questions I send your way.


Mesa, AZ

But seriously folks!

Rebuilding would be an understatement. Utah athletics are an embarassment to the state and will continue to be for a few more seasons. Please don;t cast stones at BYU when you know they will just be returned.
Leave the BYU articles and I will leave the Utah articles."

Oh my, I'm totally intimidated! Seriously! Please, please explain to me how/when I'll ever again be able to sleep another wink?

While you're at, please point-out to me precisely where you, yourself, cast stones at me, I just simply don't see any?

Thanks in advance!

Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

Frank Caliendo makes some of the best impressions around but the Utah basketball team makes even a better impression; one on the rise and a power house in the PAC 11+U. It's not real however.
When you cannot even draw 5,000 people to a conference game you have a problem.

Highland, UT

Dear wookie,

You most certainly didn't answer my question about chris b and the other utah "fans" I mentioned, all you said was that you have no control over them, which I agreed with, you do not have control over anyone but yourself. My question was why do you not call them out in the same manner you call me out? You evaded it because the answer I made on your behalf is true, what they post and do does not bother you, all that bothers you is what I post about utah therefor you want it to stop.

Once I see you consistently calling them out in the manner you call me out then I will give some credence to your desires, until that time I will simply point out your hypocrisy and keep on doing my thing.

And in answer to your orginal question, I do what I do because I am the balance, plain and simple. You think it is to make "contention" but all I am doing is continuing the conversation in the manner your contemporaries converse on these boards.

Remember you control yourself, you can choose not to engage in hypocrisy.

Otis Spurlock Returns!
Herriman, UT

What a cool name. Van Brocklin!

Even our players' names are better than BYU.

Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

Gotta say that the video make him look pretty good. We will have to see how he does against a real defense. Utah could use anything at this point, even a walk-on.

Layton, UT

It's funny yet at the same time a little sad how seriously you take this stuff. I was going to ask you to explain how the mighty utes could lose to a team that couldn't even come close to beating USF but I don't want you to lose any more sleep.

Bountiful, UT

Great job Van Brocklin. This is a terrific young man and hard worker. And I'm a Viewmont fan!

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