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Published: Friday, June 28 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

@utieology... The team lost starting QB tand started something like 16 freshmen in the bowl game itself... A starting line up that was far different than the one that they lost the SEC Championship with a few weeks earlier... So yes, that doesn't sound like a team that is extremely motivated to me... But hey, you guys won and they were wearing Alabama uniforms... So get as much milage out of it as you can... LOL.

@twomeaslybcswins... Jealous??? Of Utah??? That one made me chuckle.... Sure I am one of the BYU fans that would like to be in a BCS conference... I feel we are far more deserving of it than about 50% to 60% who are currently in one... But we're not, we're Independent and there is alot to be said for Independence... Great travel to some storied football programs and famous Stadiums all over the country...while Utah College fans get to see these programs come to their state... So I'll take it...

Now would I trade trophy cases and our current position with Utah... NEVER... LOL...I love our National Championship, our Heisman, Doak Walker, and Outland Trophies and our dozens of Conference Championships.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"BYU doesn't have to wallow in mediocrity playing elite programs..."

No, the Indy-WACers have to wallow in playing mediocre opponents from midmajorey conferences.

"BYU already has great facilities and amenities, and unlike Utah isn't in the red on budget (so money isn't an issue)."

I've never seen the Indy-WACers financial statements. Have you? If not, then you don't KNOW whether or not your athletic department has been leveraged, and you don't KNOW whether or not money is an issue. And if you don't KNOW...

...then you're just acting out all frantic and emotional, like a typical Indy-WACer.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Trust me on this Howie. 6-7 yrs from now when Utah has been to 1, maybe 2 bottom tier bowls, had 5-6 losing seasons and the honeymoon with the PAC12 has ended while licking your wounds from the beatings U take, independence will look pretty good."

Trust me on this Cougsndawgs, you don't KNOW how things will be looking for your big brother 6-7 yrs from now. Suggesting anything otherwise just makes you sound like another typical bitter, frantic and emotional Indy-WACer. But here's something that I DO know...6-7 yrs down the line, Utah will have a choice: We can choose to stay in the Pac-12, or we can choose to go Independent. What choices will YOU have?

Edge: Utah.

For what it's worth, whether we flop or thrive, Utah I believe the MOST LIKELY scenerio would be Utah stays in the Pac-12. It's better here.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"The team lost starting QB tand started something like 16 freshmen in the bowl game itself..."

Nope. You made that up. How frantic and emotional of you.

John Parker Wilson went 18 of 30 in passing for 177-yds, and rushed for -31 yds on 12 carries in the Sugar Bowl vs. Utah. No other QB attempted a pass in that game, and the only other ball carriers were RBs (G.Coffee & M. Ingram).

The Sugar Bowl opened via a 69-yd kickoff by Utah's Ben Vroman that 'Bama returned to the 28-yd line. The first play from scrimmage was Wilson handing off to Coffee for a 4-yd gain. the second play was Wilson completing a 6-yd pass for a first down. The Tide's LAST possession in the game went like this...

(1) Wilson sacked by Sylvester (-8 yds)
(2) Wilson pass incomplete to Jones.
(3) Wilson pass intercepted by Johnson

Then the Utes ran out the clock to close out the game.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

poyman (cont.):

Wilson was a 3-yr starter for the Tide. His backup, Greg McElroy, went 8 of 11 for 123-yds, and did not play in the SEC Championship or Sugar games.

"A starting line up that was far different than the one that they lost the SEC Championship with a few weeks earlier"

Wilson was the starting QB for both the SEC CCG and the Sugar Bowl.

Coffee and Ingram were the lead RB tandems for both the SEC CCG and the Sugar Bowl.

Jones and Walker were the Tides top wide outs in both the SEC CCG and the Sugar Bowl. Stover caught one pass for 15-yds vs. Utah, but despite playing in the CCG, had 0 receptions vs. Fla.

Arenas ran back both punt and kickoff returns in both games.

Only Ingram and Jones were Freshmen, but they totaled 782 and 924 all purpose yards respectively, so you can't blame their "youth" for "lack of production".

You're dubious claims are proof positive that you're still insanely jealous of your big brother's accomplishments (2 BCS Bowls, Pac-12 invite), so you have to rewrite history to assuage your soul crushing anguish. I love it!

West of I15, UT

@poyman..."If you want to say that your program was better than ours before then, it probably was... But since then, Utah has take a seat towards the back of the bus when comparing the two programs."

LOL...They were definitley better before then thats why you didn't list anything prior. I have no problem saying the Y was better in the 70's and 80's. The U however has been better for the last 20 years we can list head to head for that period if you want.

As far as being jealous you trying to change my screenname from 2bcswins to twomeaslybcswins says it all....LOL!! No other fan in the country would call 2 BCS wins measly but a cougie fan. If it's so measly then tell me why the cougies have 0 BCS wins? Thats like me saying the cougies have a measly Nat title but that would sound ridiculous. Although I think Utah proved more in 2008 I still give the Y credit for winning a Nat title 30 years ago.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA


"The U however has been better for the last 20 years we can list head to head for that period if you want."

Unfortunately for U, head-to-head isn't the sole factor in determining which team was better.

Top 25 Finishes
Utah 6

Top 15 Finishes
Utah 3

Top 10 Finishes
Utah 3

Conference Championships
Utah 5

10+ Win Seasons
Utah 6

National Individual Awards
Utah 0

BYU had a great Cotton Bowl win
Utah had a great Sugar Bowl win and a mediocre Fiesta Bowl win (despite the BCS hype, BYU's dismantling of then #16 Oregon State in the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl was much more impressive)

BYU 1996 beat SEVEN teams with winning records including three Top 25 teams - #16/#15 Washington in Seattle, #22/#22 Wyoming in the WAC CCG, and #17/#17 Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl

Utah 2008 three nail-biting home wins versus ranked teams and a big win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl

Utah 2004 only FOUR wins against teams with winning records including ONE "barely" ranked team - #25/unranked Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl

Advantage - BYU!

Lincoln City, OR

@navel and utieology... I guess it was their outland trophy winner that was suspended and couldn't play... He was Alabama's Mr. Football in 2006 and considered the primary protection for Wilson (their QB) and a highly rated run blocker... He was drafted #6 overall that year and went to the Cincinatti Bengals... His absense left a huge hole in the Offensive line....

Oh and 2measlybowlwins... LOL... playing and winning two bowls is far different than winning a national championship... simply ask reps from a team that has done it... They will tell you there is no comparison. When you guys are good enough to win a NC then you have license to come back and talk about how bad y'all are...
And 2measly, we weren't just better than your team in the 70's and 80's we Dominated you in the same fashion as Sac State dominated your guys on your home floor last year in basketball... You won 2 games in 20 years... 2... LOL... And the 21 year period from 1990 thru 2010 shows BYU winning 10 and Utah winning 11... Hardly a case for dominance (particularly when you consider that 3 of those came during the Crowton years.

Lincoln City, OR

2measly, I have already said this twice in this thread, but here it goes again...

Think of the number 8... That's the number of times your team has had a better record than our team in 41 years... soon to be 42.


Not only was Atuaia a coach before he was a running back at BYU,years ago with Lavell ashis coach so i think he knows a little bit about running backs.


since when did the topic change to utes vs cougars ,this is an article about Taysom Hill,almost every poster on here is off topic, get on topic and stop being disruptive,you are all abusing this thread to spout your hatred and it needs to stop.

Draper, UT

I thought that this article was about Taysom Hill?
Anyway, Ammon Olsen will earn this starting spot by the 3rd game of the 2013 season... Last thing we need is to repeat the same type of a skill set that this position has had the last couple of years... BYU needs to go back to what brought BYU greatness - Emphasize the Passing Game, Good D and now add an Up Tempo O!

We need a QB that can make plays within the context of this O. We need a QB that can read + make decisions via a passing play's progression (let alone understand how to do a presnap read) + is accurate enough to throw past 5-7 yards... Ammon will be the next Great BYU QB.

Wilsonville, OR

We all hope Coach Anae keeps his word about benching Taysom when he fails to protect himself. With a previous coach a few years ago we had a talented running back who seemed to get injured whenever he was tired. At the beginning of the season, they told him to protect himself by taking himself out of the game whenever he got tired. He tried to do that late in a game against Mississippi State. The coach rushed him back into the game next play, and he got injured.

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