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Published: Friday, June 28 2013 1:00 p.m. MDT

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River Falls, WI

RE: LindonMan

I second what others on this board have said... that you can cheer for multiple teams as a matter of in-state pride. I would add that often people (like myself) will post "Go Cougs! and Go Utes!" on these boards, not so much because we're legitimate fans of both teams but as a token of appreciation for fans on the other side of the rivalry being civil (i.e. SteeleUte on this thread). I can't say I'm truly a Ute fan because I only watch a few of their games each fall, rarely read articles about them, and know little about their actual team. However, I love the BYU/Utah rivalry and I do wish the best for the Utes except one game a year (or perhaps two if they play USU). I spent my childhood in Utah and am a college football fan so I have no quals with honestly saying...
Go Cougs!
Go Aggies! (except in one game)
Go Utes! (except in two games)

South Jordan, UT

You know, since BYU went independent and utah not wanting to play the next two years, BYU got a 2 for 1 with utah. Funny....

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


As usual, our friends on the hill get so caught up in labels, that they're blind to the overall picture.

Wins versus teams with winning records

Bronco 25
Kyle 25

Losses versus teams with losing records

Bronco 4
Kyle 6

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Lincoln City, OR

8, that's the number of years that Utah has had a better win loss record than BYU over the last 41 years (that's right, only 8 seasons out of the last 41 seasons has the BCS Utes had a better record than BYU)and they played in the same conference for 39 of those years... I suspect that Taysom will make it 42 seasons with the same number #8 for the Utes...



You need to stop wasting peoples time with bogus stats.

I went as far as the 90s, already wasting too much time as it is, found BYU dominated the WAC with Edwards in the 70s and 80s but since then not so much.

Better win loss records:

In MWC: Utah 7 and BYU 5

WAC in 90s: BYU 5 and Utah 2 (with 2 seasons with identical records)

Overall: BYU 10 and Utah 9

WOW!! Talk about BYU dominance.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


But WOW! Look at BYU’s impressive winning percentage (62%) vs PAC-12 teams in 6 years.

Which indeed is impressive, until you ask “Who they beat, Bo Diddly Techs?”

That’s right folks, of the 8 wins:

A) 6 were over teams with losing records
B) Of which 5 teams had 4 or less wins
C) Of which one team went 0-12 where BYU (the top 25, 10-3, “Quest” team) needed a bad call on the last play to win 28-27 (avg margin of loss for Washington was 25 ppg, offense avg 13 ppg, yet the closest they came to victory was against BYU).

@Solomon Levi

So you're saying Kyle has 2 more loses to bad teams? So what? What's your point?

Kyle also has two more wins over top 10 teams. More importantly he has a #2 team that went undefeated, something Bronco is still has a quest out "Quest" for.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


"So you're saying Kyle has 2 more loses to bad teams? So what? What's your point?"


Both coaches have been good at beating good teams (teams with winning records), but Bronco has been MUCH better at NOT LOSING to bad teams.

While Bronco is undefeated against conference bottom dwellers New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado State, and UNLV, Kyle lost to every one of them, including two UGLY losses to 10-loss UNLV and 10-loss Colorado (at home).

Losses to bad teams explains why Kyle trails Bronco in conference championships, Top 25 finishes, and overall record.

Bottom line:

Bronco - 74-29, FIVE Top 25, THREE Top 15, TWO Conference Championships, EIGHT Bowls
Kyle - 70-32, THREE Top 25, ONE Top 15, ONE Conference Championship, ONE Bowl

Kyle's had one great season, and bad season.
Bronco's had three very good seasons and no bad seasons.

Kyle has lost to as many 10-loss teams in the last six years, as BYU has lost to during BYU's ENTIRE HISTORY!

Even more embarrassing for Kyle; BYU has NEVER lost to a 10-loss team at home.

Advantage: Bronco

Mckinney, TX

It is so funny to read Chris B's comments. He talks like Utah is something. I'm serious when I say people outside little SLC think Utah is a Joke. The future for Utah is sub .500 seasons and a bowl game every five years or so. Standford and Oregon will dominate the PAC12, USC is dropping but only a little. Washington, UCLA, and Arizona are on the fast rise. Cal, Wash St, and Arizona St are Avg. That leave Utah, Col, and Oregon St to bottom feed. Yes, Wash St has pasted Utah. Oh, Utah did have a few good years, but it seems that Gary Anderson was more the reason than Witty. 2013 UTAH 5 AND 7.

Mckinney, TX

Here is a quick fact. Utah has become a losing team (no bowl) since Gary Anderson departed. Sorry to tell you this, WITTY isn't all that!

Salt Lake City, UT

Be leery of giving Taysom Hill too much pre-season praise. He has talent, and may develop into McMahon/Detmer/Beck by his senior year, but as a sophomore he is not there. I've watched Cougar fans and their love/hate relationships with the last few quarterbacks. Heaps and Nelson were heroes in pre-season; reviled in post-season. Cut Hill a break. Give him some time. The Cougars have a tough schedule this year that will provide Hill some great experience.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"But WOW! Look at BYU’s impressive winning percentage (62%) vs PAC-12 teams in 6 years.

Which indeed is impressive, until you ask "Who did they beat...?"

LOL at the delusional spin constantly blowing from the hill!

One might rightly ask, "Who has Utah beaten as a "mighty" weak bcs team?"

Since joining the PAC, the Utes are 7-11 versus PAC opponents, with NOT A SINGLE win against a PAC team with a winning record and TWO LOSSES to PAC teams with LOSING records, including one of the worst teams in the country.

Of Utah's FIVE wins last season, BYU was your ONLY opponent with a winning record and it took a lot of luck at home to win that game.

BYU beat #16/#17 Utah State(11-2), Sun Bowl winner and ACC division champion Georgia Tech(7-7), and MWC tri-champion SDSU(8-5).

Salt Lake City, Utah

Solomon Levi

Obviously a typo - Kyle has taken his team to seven bowls - still one fewer than Bronco.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ...... wonder what he thinks when he sees his former Stanford teammates going to prestigious BCS games, beating teams like Oregon, beating their rival Cal, top 5 rankings.."

Chris B - you can add utah to the aforementioned list getting beat by Stanford. And everyone still knows how much you love your bcs membership.


Steeleute - Frankly I am optimistic to have coach Anae back. Apparently he wasn't able to select his offensive staff last time around and feels a cohesiveness that was lacking. I believe he has acquired additional tools to help this offense. I think our chances of keeping up with the pack of obviously better competition is 50/50 but breaks could improve or diminish that in either direction. I don't see them going undefeated but believe they will become bowl eligible prior to the last game or two. I am pleased we have selected a qb prior to the start of fall ball and believe Hill has the components to have a breakout year barring injury and then the backup has fire in his eye and I believe will become a factor in our winning. I'm no coach and my opinion is based on what I glean from the hype.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Please, lets not talk about bowl games. That horse has been beat to death on other articles this week.

Anyway you spin it, bottom line is Utah played a tougher bowl schedule and went 10-1, BYU played a weaker bowl schedule and went 6-5.

The fact that not a single Ute "Quested" for BYU's BCS accomplishments while 50,000 Cougar fans bought t-shirts on what Utah did twice speaks volumes.

@Solomon Levi: "Both coaches have been good at beating good teams (teams with winning records), but Bronco has been MUCH better at NOT LOSING to bad team."

Nope! Bronco has a losing record against BCS teams. Kyle does not.

@Whoa Nellie

Both Utah and TCU dominated the MWC and have struggled at the next level, neither are BCS teams yet.

Only BYU, according to some fans (poyman and those that liked is analysis), can compete in the BCS tomorrow.

For the rest of us, it takes time to build depth to compete in a BCS conference. I think Utah needs 2 more years, after the first PAC-12 class graduates.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Uteanymous: "One might rightly ask, "Who has Utah beaten as a "mighty" weak bcs team?"

Valid point, and the answer is mostly bad teams as well.

But then again it was poyman (BYU fan) that took bogus stats to show how impressive BYU was by going 8-5 vs PAC-12, not me.

I have always maintained that with our current talent we OWN teams like Wazzu and BYU but we must build depth to compete against the mid-to-upper half of the PAC-12.

"Of Utah's FIVE wins last season, BYU was your ONLY opponent with a winning record and it took a lot of luck at home to win that game."

News flash Utah was a horrible team last year. We were so lucky to win that we NEVER trailed in the game and went into the 4th being up 24-7. BYU almost had their 4th miracle (the penalty against MUSS) in 11 years to negate a blocked field goal.

Your only opponent in the regular season with a winning record was Utah State, so is a 6-3 win at home lucky or a miracle?

Mesa, AZ

JWIV on ESPN2 right now!

Lincoln City, OR



For the past 7 years PAC vs BYU (I picked 7 years because that's the period of time that Utah fans have been beating their chest about their Football program):

2012) BYU 30 WSU 6, BYU 21 Utah 24, BYU 24 OSU 42;
2011) BYU 10 Utah 54, BYU 38 OSU 28;
2010) BYU 23 Washington 17 (Has Utah ever beaten Washington??? Not in the past 40 years that I checked out (0-3 is their record)
2009) BYU 44 OSU 20;
2008) BYU 28 Washington 27, BYU 59 UCLA 0, BYU 21 Arizona 31;
2007) BYU 20 Arizona 7, BYU 17 UCLA 27, and BYU 17 UCLA 16,
2006) BYU 13 Arizona 16, BYU 38 Oregon 8...

A record of 9-6 in 15 games (a 60% win ratio).

Now Utah:

2012) Utah played 9 games against PAC opponents and won 3 (beat Cal,WSU,Colorado).
2011) Utah played 9 games against PAC opponents and won 4(AZ,OSU,UCLA,WSU)...7of 18 (39% win ratio).
2006-2010) 6 games and Utah won 3. Overall 10 of 24 (42% win ratio).

Utah played 9 more games than BYU (60% more)and only one more win. LOL.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Too many stats people... Or should I say "folks" in the current politically correct fashion...

All you need to know about the relative strength of Whit and Bronco... and Utah and BYU... is that Bronco has an overall losing record when he plays the big boys of college football and Whit has a winning record.

Oh... and Whit wins head to head against Bronco...

Oh... and Cougar Nation rejoices with a "big announcement" of a 2 for 1 schedule with USC... while Utah enjoys its perpetual home and home with USC.

Those few facts tell you all you need to know about the place of Utah and BYU in the modern era of college football.

Oh, and it's also of note that BYU has a running back coach that has never coach at the D-1 level... Or any level as near as I can tell.

Mesa, AZ


There's an enormous difference in playing against PAC-12 schools in a week-in, week-out grind than it is to play against them in a "hit-and-miss" scenario where they get sandwiched in-between the bottom-feeders typically constituting 2-Star byu's schedule. The former not only requires a higher level of overall-talent but, more importantly, it requires BCS-level depth. These 2 things are precisely what UTAH's currently addressing in their BCS recruiting-classes as they transition into The PAC-12.

Despite this all-important difference, 2-Star byu can still only beat 2 PAC-12 schools which finished at the very bottom of the conference standings in 2011 OSU and 2012 WAZZU and got absolutely brutally curb-stomped at home by the only 2 PAC-12 schools which finished the season with a winning record, 2011 UTAH and 2012 OSU, to the tune of 96-34!

The 5th-game was yet another loss to UTAH in 2012, making 2-Star byu 0-2 against UTAH!

UTAH has now won 3 straight over 2-Star byu, 4 of 5, 8 of 11 and owns the overall record by miles and miles, 56-34-4!

Mesa, AZ

Somebody mentioned it the other day regarding bm's record against The PAC-10, '05-'10, versus Coach KW's--

bm was 7-4 and Coach KW was 4-3. So, UTAH played in 4 fewer games and lost one fewer game. Yawn.

Here's something interesting to point-out, however--

7 teams 2-Star byu beat had a cumulative overall record of 37-51. UTAH's 4 schools finished 26-24.

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